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Avery the Human Alien


This is Avery the Human Alien.  He is definitely my best friend, he’s been with me through thick and thin.  I trust him 100%, even if I don’t like what he tells me.  Avery is invisible, but I can still see him in my mind’s eye, but I can also feel his presence like a real person, standing next to me, but invisible.  He’s been my best friend for longer than I was aware, and he’s definitely the first alien I’ve come to know in this lifetime.  He has helped me in a lot of ways, but he does come with his own challenges.

 first discovered him in college, but I didn’t realize he was more than a ghost until several years later.  Because his invisible presence can seem almost real, I really did think I had a ghost following me, even from apartments and then towns.  He has a very distinctive presence, and it’s energetically overwhelming, which challenges me emotionally and I will tell you about that, but first I’ll at least tell you the basics about his physical appearance.  Avery is definitely a very handsome man.  He’s also very tall, what feels like 7 feet tall.  He has pale skin, deep blue eyes, and blonde hair.  

That’s the basic part of him, then there’s his presence which feels like extremely powerful love energy.  It’s so potent that I have an immediate and disagreeable reaction toward it.  It can make me feel ashamed, ugly, like I want to hide under a rock.  I hated this ghost for a long time, because he wouldn’t leave me alone, and as I started to discover he wasn’t a ghost haunting me, I started to be able to make sense of my physical reaction toward him.  My physical form doesn’t know love of this extreme and pure kind and it’s extremely hard to digest it and tolerate it.  I can feel so happy to see him come to visit me in my mind, and then if he feels too close, it goes south, within seconds, and I suddenly feel like crying, and then I get angry, spiteful, and I want him to go away.  I literally have tried to not react this way, for years now, and I can’t seem to stop this instinctive reaction.

Avery has come to visit me in other versions of himself, which seem to be more emotionally tolerable.  I’ve seen him visit me in forms that were him in other lifetimes when we were together, so I recognize the alien appearance and the past life memories somehow allows me to tolerate his presence better, just in a different expression.  He’s visited me as a Praying Mantis Man and Emerald the Horseman.  It’s odd because I recognize Avery in them, but these visitors also seem like their own identity, and not the same identity as Avery, although they are also Avery.

You can wonder why I would call him my best friend with so many obstacles, but it’s not always so difficult.  At a distance, when he is what feels like miles away, we can talk, and Avery doesn’t sleep ever, so he’s awake what feels like all the time, so I can talk to him about anything, whenever I feel like it.  This can feel one-sided at times, which is when I try to make deeper connections, to let him share more with me, but they always end with me feeling terrible, severe grief and even anger, because I can’t process his natural continence of Love.  It’s severely intolerable to me.  But it is what it is, all I can do is acknowledge the reaction and try to make improvements, which I am making improvements.  It’s like with the Blue Men, I have to find new ways of allowing my heart to fill with love so I can tolerate more meaningful connections, and I have learned an amazing great deal from Avery, even amidst all of this.

So all that being said, Avery’s primary messages are about love and sacredness.  He is helping me undo all the conditioning of this unnatural world, and helping me to see what a natural human being is like.  The hardest lesson is me acknowledging that I am deserving of love.  Why this is so hard is ridiculous, but it is, and I know this is hard for all human beings, not just me.   It really is something we all need to work on, realizing that we all deserve to feel love, and extreme love – pure, extreme, and unconditional love … and for ridiculous reasons, it’s the most terrifying love of all kind, but that just goes to show how low on the totem pole we are vibrating.  Where we feel cozy in a polluted, disgusting, disturbed, messed up world.  Avery is also helping me to see through the lens of love, to see the beauty and connection in everything, and that also includes nature and discovering my soul, as well as his soul.  He’s really trying to share love and beauty with my life, so I’m trying hard to embrace that.

As for the oil painting, I did this last year.  It’s the first oil painting I’d ever done.  I don’t have a lot of explanation for the way it was made, only that it’s the way my heart made it.

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