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2015 Series





Do you ever wonder, if ghosts live on planet Earth and even haunt people into miserable states of being, then ghosts must darn well live on other planets too, and even haunt aliens into miserable states of being, right?  I think the whole phenomena of the existence of ghosts is extremely odd to me.  How in the world would an infinite soul not have the capacity to move on from a physical lifetime?  How would a soul actually become confused and stuck in between worlds and not even know how to let go or move on?  I find it strange, but I also find this to be very explainable, and as odd as it is, a very real thing that can happen.

I will tell you, I have explored the ghost phenomena first hand.  My parents actually live in a house that is haunted.  It’s not even an old house, this home is less than 15 years old, but it was sitting for just under three years without an inhabitant.  I’m concluding the energy of an uninhabited home is what drew the ghost in.  Like attracts like, and the feeling of an uninhabited home, it just gives you that stale feeling, like stale or dead air, and it makes sense that dead energies would be attracted to it.

I didn’t know anything about this ghost until I happened to experience it while I was spending the night.  I have three kids, and in one of their spare bedrooms, the one I happened to occupy, there was a trunk full of toys.  I was probably 26 or 27 when this event took place, so approximately 5 years ago.  It was just me sleeping in that room on this particular night.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night, and I just had this very strange eerie feeling that someone was in the room with me.  I brushed it off, like most eerie feelings I had at that time, and I walked to the bathroom.  That feeling just kept following me.  As I was washing my hands, I suddenly felt extremely cold.  It was an unnatural cold feeling.  It’s not as if the air becomes frigid, it’s more like a bone chilling feeling and there is nothing that prompts it, you just feel ice cold out of nowhere.   I was slightly freaked out, to say the least, but I did my best to ignore it, and I went to bed, still feeling rather on edge.

When I got to bed, and was relaxing and beginning to comfortably fall back to sleep, suddenly I heard a noise from the toy box.  A mechanical toy suddenly turned on, for no explainable reason, and said, ‘Hello,’ to me.  Of course it’s the toy that wants to have a conversation.  Of course that toy that can say, ‘Hello,’ starts talking to me in the middle of the night after I just got freaked out in the bathroom by what felt like eyes staring at me and an extremely bone chilling feeling that scared the living daylights out of me.  As my heart was freaking out in my chest, I felt a relief in the fact that I happen to be wearing one of my most special stones.  It’s a moonstone, so it’s pure white and it has a beautiful, foggy misty white color to it.  It has an energy that I’m very addicted to.  I put my hand around my stone, if only to calm myself down, and then the doll said, ‘Hello,’ again.  It said other things too, like, ‘How are you,’ and, ‘I love you.’

It was very hard to fall asleep, and I remember my dreams were filled with very unusual images and information.  I woke up several times in the night to the same creepy feeling that someone was there staring at me and trying to get my attention.  It was a relief when the sun finally came up.  It’s so strange that the dark can be so good at playing tricks on you, but the light seems to bring peace and comfort to everything.  Humans truly feel safe in what they can see and not in what they can’t see.  I remember that morning, telling my parents this story, which is when I finally got the word that the house was haunted and I last night was just a lovely little introduction to the household ghost.  My Dad piped up about how he had repainted all the walls before they moved in, and the same bone chilling feeling visited him several times while he was there alone.  He never told my Mom, if only not to scare her, and she ended up coming to him and mentioning that she though the house was haunted.  Human communication, I tell you!

When I was much younger, around 4 years old, my parents and my sister and I lived in the basement of my grandparent’s old house, which sat right next to a cemetery.  My Mom could tell you a million and one stories about ghosts she and her brothers saw in the house while growing up.  My sister had an incident where we all heard her just screaming in her bedroom.  She insisted she felt cold hands grab her legs from underneath the bed.  There were many times I felt I was being watched in that house, but nothing ever bothered me, only that feeling of being watched.

I think it’s amazing how many humans can relate to this feeling of being watched, but the thought of life after death, or the thought of a God existing is just down right impossible.  It’s easy to believe in ghosts but not so easy to make sense of what happens after you die.  If there is one thing I know, without even a question of a doubt, it’s that we are all surrounded by and inhabited by the spirit realm.  This Earth, all planets, all stars, all living things in the universe, all living things are possessed by all spiritual things, and all dimensions from lowest physical to highest spiritual, they all existed within and amongst each other.  There really is no separation or distance between realms.  It’s completely odd.  I do get this feeling at times, it’s a very strong and real feeling, that the entire universe, and all living things within it, that every expression of creation, spiritual and physical, that it all exists within my heart.  That everyone exists within my heart and that I exist within everyone else’s heart.  If my soul is part of the whole of ALL souls and ALL souls are a part of my soul, then this is 100% true.  There is nowhere you have to go to find the spirit world, all you have to do is look inside yourself, or there’s always the haunted house idea!



All that being said in Part I, I will tell you a little bit more on this subject and this little bit more was one of my very own past lives where I became a ghost.  I found this ghost phenomenon to be so strange and so weird, I had to know whether I have been a ghost or not in a past life, if only to understand how it could be possible.  I did discover a past life, it’s far too profound and I have contemplated not sharing it, but what the hay, seems like now is as good a time as any.  I will briefly describe the events, but I will also share the full caliber past life reading for your enjoyment (gauging no later than 8/1/2015, I’ll have it edited).

So in this past life, I was one of several daughters to a ruling power.  We lived in South America.  This was thousands of years ago, when truly magical and unbelievable things were extremely normal.  There was a temple where sacrifices took place.  Nobody was harmed, only their souls were removed from their bodies through a very sacred ritual.  In this lifetime, I was able to move spirits from human bodies and place them into physical statues.  These were clay objects I made myself, and these statues then became animated with a soul and they became infinite, immortal beings.  This lifetime is extremely profound in what took place and it sure points a very disappointing finger at the ability of the human mind today to make sense of the historical past.  We are pathetic in what we understand of the mysteries of the ancient world.  Because humans don’t want to believe in mysticism or an infinite universe, then everything has to be limited to human science, which fits us snuggly inside the confines of a Tupperware container.

At the end of this life, there was a dual between myself and my sister, in who was most powerful and would then become the next ruler.  A very unpredictable event then took place, unpredictable, even to our very souls and to destiny itself.  We were all destroyed, myself, my sister, and our father, in a very catastrophic event.  There was a sudden volcanic eruption, the temple and the entire village were smothered in ash, we were ALL suffocated, not just us three, but the entire civilization.  In that temple, the souls of myself, my sister, and my father, we were trapped and we suffered a great misery as ghosts in what would be like an infinite dark prison.  Eventually angels came and released us.

So now were are at our conscious human awareness of the present time, where in my soul, to this very day, I still don’t feel like I’ve ever left that temple.  I still feel like I’m a part of it still.  Before I discovered this lifetime, I had a habit of becoming very sensitive over news of sacred temples that get vandalized, looted, people just destroying the sacred grounds, and particularly temples in Mexico, Central America, and South America.  I have always had this strange feeling like my soul was inside of one of those temples and it made me very angry how people show their respects to our ancient ones.  Now that I can make sense of this, I feel a sense of freedom from that lifetime, but I do long to find that temple, which is still buried under volcanic ash, somewhere in South America. I have such a strong attachment to this whole thing, specifically the key words ‘sacred temple’ and location being ‘South America,’ I feel almost certain if I took a journey there I would somehow find it again.  Sometimes I do feel strongly I will run into this lifetime again, somewhere down the road.  It will collide again with my life today, if only to pay homage to who and what I once was.  Sometimes you need this in life.  It’s like an event taking place in today’s lifetime and somehow a part of that event circles back to you some years later, if only for you to reassess your feelings or relationship with something that had profound meaning to you in the past.

Anyway, possessed dolls, entirely real.  I know this because I one placed souls inside of statues at one time in ancient history.  Being stuck in between physical and spiritual worlds, entirely real, only because I too was once a ghost.  It has to do with a profound death event and the confusion of the event itself.  I know this isn’t the only explanation to ghosts, but it’s one explanation.  And people who, ‘Exorcise the Demon.’  People who help these ghosts, ‘Find the Light.’  There is no coincidence that human beings who play these roles today, their souls are actually driven to helping souls find the other side again.  There’s a lot of reason to be thankful for that.

Anyway, Part I and II read together just feel like a bunch of hodge-podge ghost stories, but all of this I tell you is true.  Even today though, I still find it to be an extremely odd phenomena, but I do know that this is a very real phenomena.  It’s just more proof in the existence of a soul, and the existence of other realms, the physical and spiritual, and clearly some realm there in between.

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