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Crystal Attunement

Align your Spiritual Atmosphere with the unique signature frequencies of a precious gemstone, sacred crystal, cherished mineral, or any other type of Earthen offering that speaks deeply to which you long to understand more clearly from a spiritual perspective. Be it a raw and unworked natural treasure or a piece meticulously crafted with hands of intention, such as an


amulet, time piece, or other heirloom object. Be astounded at all that is discovered when you allow yourself to become attuned with the special piece of your choosing. Find healing properties not only in the reverberating frequencies emitted, but also by the life-changing messages these conscious objects hold for both the tangible 3D Universe and that of the infinite Spirit Realm.

In this Crystal Attunement & Activation session, the collective consciousness of clear quartz crystal comes forward as a Mother Goddess figure, who shares messages of wisdom along with an energetic attunement to the frequency of clear quartz crystal. 

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Where I share weekly videos for Human Ascension. I channel my Higher Self and Spirit Guides, along with a variety of spirit consciousness, including Historical People,

Christ Consciousness Figures, Deities, and Archangels. I explore a variety of Spiritual Topics, Psychic Development Tips, Spiritual Healing Meditations, Full Moon/New Moon Reports, and More! I also delve into Alien and Inter-Dimensional channeling and topics.

Receive Energetic Grounding through this powerful attunement, meditation, and spiritual healing video. A lot of us are struggling with change, and the best way to manage change is with the gift of energetic grounding. To be grounded is to feel firm with your choices, with your position in life, to feel inner peace, to feel patient, to feel collected and solid within and around yourself. To feel grounded is to be in the oneness of a higher vibration. This video will manifest Energetic Grounding for you. This is an attunement video, which means you will be energetically gifted a connection to a very unique frequency of grounded energy. This

grounded energy frequency will become intertwined with your frequency, to help assist you, anytime you need to feel grounded again. You simply recall the images from this video and it will reactivate the energy memory, and condition you again to a grounded frequency. Enjoy! 😊

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