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Ipaygus: The Rockman Alien

Ipaygus is an alien friend I discovered several months ago, this year.  I was just having a normal day at work, and then suddenly I saw a large, dark rock creature, living in what is like a barren rock land.  I was immediately on defense.  I don’t need any pests in my life, alien or spirit, and I didn’t like the look of him.  But he didn’t react to me, he only sat there and observed me while I tried to make sense of him.  He was very patient, not moving or making any real interaction, except for a strange scratching noise, which came from his voice box.  The longer I looked at him, the less fearful I was and the more I felt my heart fill with joy and happiness, as though I had just discovered a long lost friend.

Needless to say, it was very difficult to stay focused at work that day, as I was getting to know this strange rock man.  He showed me a spectrum of light from dark to pure white and in between, all the colors of the rainbow.  He told me he is all of these colors.  During the day, I practiced exploring his appearance, I sensed what he meant to my soul, and I sensed what his expression was like.  He seemed like he could live for 50,000 years and time had no presence to him, which was unfathomable, the sensation of an experience without time.He seemed extremely wise, like an elder, like a leader,  but none of these things had any meaning because there is no such thing as ‘leader’ or ‘wise man’ or anything of that kind 


where he exists.  I could only describe it as though he was exactly his soul expression within the body of an extraordinary man, made out of, or at least what looks like rock. 

He was fascinating, his patience was unimaginable.  What would feel like, he could sit in the same position for an entire year and not even be phased by that.  Although he doesn’t sit in the same position, he does move, but this is an example of the type of patience he has in a world of timelessness – the patience he has would be insane to us.  But the whole day, he hardly moved, he just let me inspect him and learn about him throughout the day as he showed me things here and there.  It was extremely exciting the day I met Ipaygus and the days that followed, getting to know a long lost soul friend. He really means a lot to me.

So here I’ve created an oil painting of him.  He definitely lives on a planet that would be difficult to survive on.  His body is literally made out of what is like rock or a very thick, hard shell, like a beetle.  It’s got sharp edges.  He’s extremely tall, like 8 feet tall.  Whenever I connect with him, I sense how strong his body is, and I can feel how fragile my body is in comparison.  My body is literally like an egg without a shell that could easily be squashed, where his is so tough and protected by his outer bone structure, it feels indestructible.  I asked him if I could live on his planet, and he told me, ‘No,’ and that I would be crushed by the atmosphere.  He showed me my body literally being instantly crushed.  He told me he lives on a planet with Dense Atmospheric Pressure.  I couldn’t possibly tell you what that means, but I get the impression it’s not inhabitable by human beings.  So this is my alien friend, Ipaygus.

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