Blue Aliens of the Blue Men Group

This is an oil painting of my ‘Friends,’ they are what I call, ‘The Little Blue Men Group.’  They have proven to be nothing more than friendly and helpful toward me.  I do get a defensive reaction toward them at times, only because I associate them with The Grey aliens, as they look almost identical, but these blue aliens seem to be friendly and caring, truly harmless.  My first experience with them was startling, much like Ipaygus.  It was the evening, almost bed time.  I felt a very intense and instant relaxation sensation, and I had to very quickly go sit down and then lay down.  Then I saw them in my mind’s eye, a group of little blue men aliens.  I was astonished and then very energetically defensive, and threatening them if they did anything harmful toward me.  There was no reaction, there was nothing but a long pause.  Then I felt this sensation of superior loving energy just flowing into this whole group of little men from my very own heart, and then I saw my spirit, dancing around them and showering them with extraordinary healing energy.  The whole thing was startling and unexpected, but I could only go with it, so I fully connected with sharing healing energy with them.   Since then, they have been regular visitors to my mind’s eye, and possibly in more physical ways, but I don’t recall.


I want to tell you about what they are like, because that information came through while I was painting, although I have discovered this prior to the oil painting too.  They are not individuals, they truly do work as one unit, one mind, although they have individual minds within the one mind.  It’s kind of like the Spiders in The Hobbit, how they seem to be one connected mind but still individual minds within the One.  This was shown to me as the picture started out by drawing lots and lots of circles with eyes and the circles became connected and there were so many.  These visitors come to me in what is a small group of men, but there are hundreds of them and they are all still associated with the whole, but the whole can be divided into units and then individuals, but always still connected to the one mind.  It’s very strange to describe this.  But after I had drawn all of these circles with eyes, then I created the head over top of them, and it truly did represent, One Mind.  The odd thing is, they told me I was one of these faces, and that I was also part of this whole.  It honestly translated as though I was also a little blue alien man, that I was also one of them – not a message in the sense that we are all connected, but that I was literally one of them.  Perhaps I have a dual incarnation as a little blue man?  Souls are capable of incarnating in several bodies at the same time, so this is possible.

Anyway, I really enjoyed making this picture, and I’m working on letting my defenses down toward them, because they really do seem to want to help me.  There are two focuses, one that keeps cropping up is the same one that keeps cropping up all the time with me, to focus is allowing myself to receive love from the outside world, it’s as if I don’t feel like I deserve it.  I can give love but I’m not very good at receiving it so that puts me out of balance.  The universe can’t give back to me if I’m not willing to receive anything.  This goes in conjunction with the other focus, which is helping me with my memory and I can tell you more about that.  I’ll hear them talking in their weird way in my mind, what is like voices all happening at once, but separately too.  They interact with the same words but different sentence structures.  Like one would say, ‘She is remembering.’  While simultaneously, I hear another say, ‘She doesn’t remember.’  While simultaneously I hear another say, ‘She will remember.’  And they are all talking what feels like within seconds of each other, and over top of each other, but I can experience each individual voice and tell it came from three different people.  They are often talking about me and my memory, and I too am trying hard to find ways to remember, because I know there is more taking place than my human memory will allow, but I am making progress on this.  I know part of remembering is allowing my vibration to increase through love.  Me being defensive of these beings will not help me remember anything, only through opening my heart and allowing love into my heart, only then will I raise my vibration above the dark clouds where I will be able to remember through the sunlight.  And this goes for all human beings.  Only through love can you reach the light, and only in the light can you find truth.