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Pleiadian Woman

I am still developing an awareness and understanding of our connection.  My relationship with her is extremely recent, as of January of 2016.  It is clear that I will be channeling greater wisdom from her as time progresses.  For right now, I created the image below to showcase her appearance, and I discussed her briefly in a YouTube video that you can view below.  More to come, and thank you for visiting my site!

I just did this last night with sharpie markers.  It was very imperative that I showcase her as a perfectly natural form of feminine beauty, and this woman is a voice from the Pleiades Star system. Their night sky include stars, just like us, and space crafts can be seen in the night sky, which is not an unusual feature, and she shows that they too have a moon. It was a very peaceful, serene experience, creating this image, and that too is the experience from where she lives. There is love and joy and peacefulness, no sensations of fear, only the gift of life and the love of being a physical creation, enjoying the physical world, but also a deep connectedness with the Oneness, which is spiritual and physical and also sexually blissful. She is an extremely happy expression of creation and she sends her gift of love to our planet, to heal mankind that we too may experience and know joy as she does.

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