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How to Conquer a Demon in Your Life!

spiritual demon or inner demon
Face Your Spiritual Demons and Inner Demons with Love!

I'm writing this to support anyone with a spiritual demon, but I do reference in this writing, parallels to the way spiritual demon's and inner demons behave, they all want you to remain in the dark, powerless and even afraid.

Step One to conquering a Demon . . .


Remember, you are in control, no demon out there or within yourself controls you!

It's important you understand that being afraid, it causes your heart to get small. When your heart becomes small, you will no longer be true to your own light. This is called, 'Giving Your Power Away.' This is exactly what a demon wants you to do.

Your fear actually causes you to energetically dim your own light, meaning, you are now unintentionally hiding in the dark with the very demon who makes their home in the dark.

When you are afraid, you can't hide in the dark, you can only hide in the light, which isn't hiding at all. Demons who have adapted to the shadow, it hurts their senses to be exposed to light. A demon will encourage you to become afraid so you'll stop shining your light because your light is painfully felt within a demon's broken heart!

It's like a happy person in the office space, hanging around a negative Nancy. Unhappy people struggle to be around happy people, and that's why happy people need to NOT dim their happy light to make room for dark, unhappy people. Same for demons!

So what creates light? Light and Love are the same thing. When you feel compassion for an unhappy person, that's being caring. Being a caring person creates light because it is an offering of love, empathy, patience, etc.

You'll find, happy people want to make unhappy people, happy again. It's an offering of caring, of love and light, to help them. Be careful, because unhappy people may be influenced by their own inner demons who will reject all love and light, and will reject you too. You may not be able to make an unhappy person happy, but you can always try. Just don't dim your light for an unhappy person, keep being bright. Same for demons, keep being relentlessly bright around a demon. A demon in the face of love and light, it will either run away, or you will be able to heal it!

When it comes to a demon, when you are safe and secure in your heart, you naturally vibrate from a place of love and light, and when you choose to care about the well-being of a demon, you express an even brighter light through the gift of caring.

Demon's stay away from that beautiful energy as it provides them with access to the cosmic mirror and the painful memories that guided the demon to become a broken soul in the first place.

In case you didn't catch that, demons are broken souls, and the cool news is, if you've discovered a demon in your life, you can now heal this soul with the light, the love and caring that you emanate, just by being you!

The main point in all of this, there is never any reason to be afraid of a demon. When you understand that demons are merely broken souls, you now understand your position of power, not weakness. You wouldn't be afraid of an unhappy person, but unhappy people can influence your life in negative ways. You have to know who you are and decide what your choices will be with your love and light. You are the one in control of your life, not a demon!

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