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Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction 2020: What You Need To Know


Hello Everybody! I've gotten requests to look into the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction taking place on the Winter Solstice 2020. I journey into the energies around this astrological event, it really feels as though time is paused in a way, and a circulation of transformation is taking place within ourselves, within our collective. It's hard to define when this wave of time/circulation will break and move forward, but that's a prominent picture of what this energy is providing us - growth/transformation from within. This may create a strange energy pattern, mainly because I can't feel time moving forward, it's circulating within itself. Time is always 'moving forward' but this tells me, again, we have internal work to do and this Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction is helping us with internal growth/transformation.

As we circulate change from within, we will see that circulation taking place externally. You could say this Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction is, itself, a beacon of time that this energy shift will be transitioning back into itself in time for the next Conjunction, 20 years from now. So, internal work for 20 years ... life has always been about internal work, but that's the major pinpoint of these energies, and it feels like inconceivable new things. If our identity is changing, then we can't conceive of ourselves, which means the external reality will reflect the inconceivable new identity of mankind, so an inconceivable future. In a nutshell, we are changing from within, the world is changing, and it feels like unpredictable change.

There's a much louder secondary message, it may seem a little complicated. This message talks about how we try to control our circumstances, but we have no ability to conceive of our reality or even ourselves enough to know how to control the circumstances and the inconceivable changes taking place as our lives continue to unfold. We aren't Gods, able to look into the jar of our reality, we are humans, more like ants on an Earth trying to conceive of concepts like, 'Who am I and Why do I Exist?' An ant follows through on its instinctive calling, it doesn't ask itself why it exists, however, the human does and has been for thousands and thousands of years. It's almost as if this is a part of our identity, to not know our identity.

So, you may THINK you know yourself, you don't. On one level, to know yourself is to base your identity upon consistency that you think will never change, that you will never become a different side of yourself. We are becoming new. Now, in thinking you know yourself and what's best, you will think your way into controlling the way life has to be to make it right for you and others (based on conceivable reality, not inconceivable reality). We are moving into an inconceivable reality, embrace it through more of a hands-off than a hands-on approach.

The major recommendation is to keep flowing with the gravity of our life situations, allowing ourselves to roll into the next direction in a natural way. Again, this message is telling us, we can't conceive of what happens next. If we try to control our circumstances, we are WAY OFF on the higher guidance of our divine place/time. We won't realize we are going against the grains of what comes next, trying to control what comes next. Again, go with the flow. It will make these energy shifts more fluid and easy-going.

These two messages are a reflection of my experience with the energies and inspirations the higher realms wanted to share with all of us. This is also the best way I can define it all in the constructs of language. In a nutshell, the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction is majorly about identity, as something to be discovered and never truly known. This conjunction is circulating an internal transformation through a window of undefined time. The future is inconceivable due to the massive changes and transformation going on within the individual sense of self. The Human is Changing from Within. Do not control life or the way life needs to be. Go with the flow, be as hands off as you can. Just allow life to unfold before you.

I hope this wisdom helps and I thank you all so much for the recommendation to journey into the energies of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction!

❤️ Here are a few more videos to make you think with support for your energy balance. Enjoy! ❤️

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