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What is Chakra Removal?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Chakra Removal.  This is the short and the long version of my personal experience and understanding of what Chakra Removal is truly all about.

To Book a Chakra Removal Session, Visit Abbey's Psychic Services and order a Chakra Body Transformation session. I do all types of Chakra work, so just let me know you are interested in Chakra Removal.

This is a live Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, and DNA Activation session.


Chakra Removal is an Ascension Energy gift.  One thing it DOES NOT DO is permanently remove your chakras, like its name suggests.  What it does do is energetically upgrade your Chakra System, to enhance the way your Energy Bodies or Chakra Bodies are processing higher frequency energy flows or Love.  The easiest way to describe what Chakra Removal accomplishes, it allows all of your chakras to integrate into your heart, allowing you the power to be more heart centered and in the flow of Love, with the way you think, feel, speak, etc.  You can either be Human and work with your mind, ego, and the old system of processing all of our experiences through separation, or you can be Spirit, integrating all of your experiences through your heart, working with love and the Oneness of the Infinite Collective.

The greatest gift of Chakra Removal is to experience yourself as your lightest body essence, accessing higher frequency communications of love, understanding, self-empowerment, honesty, forgiveness – pure energy frequencies that will bring your soul pathway into balance on a level it has not yet achieved.  We are all on the pathway toward a higher vibrational connection with Love and Chakra Removal is an energetic alignment that helps boost your ability to access that connection, and it really does help!

One question I get is about Chakra Removal and Energy Blocks.  You will still experience Energy Blocks after a Chakra Removal session, because again, Chakra Removal does not remove your chakras it integrates the way you are energetically processing information into love/heart or fear/mind.  The reality is, Energy Blocks are good things, they are a part of our soul learning.  If your soul is done learning, then you have surely achieved Nirvana and Buddha status. Chakra Removal will release Energy Blocks, but of what variation of Energy Blocks does it release?  Energy Blocks are gifts and are extremely dynamic and span across vast timeliness of incarnations, on Earth and beyond.  They are so infinitely dynamic, you could work on releasing energy blocks for a lifetime, and still need a million more lifetimes to come into perfect harmonic soul balance – which is ascending into your Higher Self state of BEing, and then, even after achieving such a status, your soul will transition into yet another timeline of learning and developing and growing, which means another timeline full of energy blocks, until it reaches yet a NEW version of your Higher Self state of BEing.  The Soul Journey is extraordinary and beyond anything our human minds could fathom.  So again, Energy Blocks teach us how to integrate back into our Hearts again, because they manifest vulnerability that we must overcome and now bring ourselves back into Source.  Chakra Removal influences our energetic processing of life experiences, influencing more heart centered choices, which manifests higher vibrational experiences, and natural abundance.

So again, Chakra Removal is an Ascension Energy gift. It is an Energetic Upgrade of our current Chakra System through the integration of energy processing or ‘life processing’ through the Heart Portal, instead of through Ego, which creates separation, fear, confusion, etc.  And through this massive frequency enhancement, it also interacts with your DNA, and is thus a gift of DNA Activation as well.  In the end, it’s an opportunity to integrate more of ‘All that You Are’ into your Heart Portal.  You will feel lighter, airier, freer to love yourself and love others.  Again, life is a work in progress, and the more we open our hearts to love, the easier life becomes.

If you are interested in exploring a Chakra Removal session, you can do so by clicking the link below, or if you are ready to follow me on a journey through my own life experiences and discovery of what Chakra Removal is, please continue reading, I have a whole long, fun-filled story for you!

♥ Visit Abbey's Psychic Services to Book a Chakra Removal Session. See the Option for Chakra Body Transformation! ♥

This video shares a seriously HONEST, legit perspective on Chakra Removal, with discussion on Energy Blocks, Soul Rebirth Journey sessions, Distance Healing and DNA Activation. You are going to learn A LOT watching this video!


I’m going to start this story by encouraging you to brace yourself.  I’m about to tell you everything I have ever discovered about Chakra Removal.  If you haven’t heard of Chakra Removal, that’s okay, not everybody has.  Chakra Removal is a buzz word in today’s New Age spiritual world, and I had never heard about it either, until Spring of 2016, when I was just getting started with my own professional Psychic and Spiritual Healing business.  About this time, I was asked if I had ever heard of Chakra Removal.  Like anybody else who hadn’t heard of it, I said, ‘No,’ and wondered if this was some kind of silly joke.

That was my initial reaction to Chakra Removal, but seeing as I’m open minded, I decided to think outside the box and explore what this phenomenon meant to me, so I took several weeks to contemplate it.  You see, I take into consideration everything that comes my way, even what I would deem to be a total misinformation on the energetic biology of the human race.  Anything called Chakra Removal would surely undermine thousands of years of extremely wise Western Cultural practices, where even the idea of Chakras first came from.  So now, you have New Age Spiritual fanatics with no real deep grounded roots in energy balance, piping up that Chakras can be removed, now how can that be?

So, I spent some time, contemplating this idea based on all basic logic of the history of Chakras and the energetic biology of the human body.  How could the human body possibly function without Chakras?  Don’t we need Chakras in order to maintain a healthy energetic balance, like grounding, higher clarity, the gift of self-expression, sexuality, emotional digestion, the very Heart Portal for the inhalation and exhalation of love itself?!

Yes, my thoughts mulled around on this for several weeks, trying to make sense of how Chakra Removal could be feasibly possible.  How could anyone even survive without Chakras?  It kept coming back to my logical human mind that none of this made any sense and seeing as I was getting nowhere with my human mind on this subject, it became clear it was time for me to stop being so human and get some real higher perspective on this Chakra Removal phenomenon.  So, alas, I got my Spirit Guides involved.

Now, perhaps it’s my inventive nature and obsession with seeing the world from an angle that nobody else has ever explored it before, that inspired me to not give up on the possibility of human beings living in harmonic balance through the use of an alternative energy flow – an energy flow without Chakras.  And perhaps nobody on the planet until NOW, during this monumental ascension energy experience, has been able to access this out-side-the-box kind of thinking.  Perhaps it’s worth congratulating this extreme idea, and now see for myself, whether or not I can remove my own Chakras.

This was the energy speak and influence I received from my Spirit Guides in the higher dimensional realms.  They are always extremely encouraging of ‘self-discovery’ living without giving me any answers.  They lovingly encourage me to discover the answer for myself as well as all of humanity.  We have to start actively discovering the answers, not just thinking and speculating about them.  We have to stop living in the logical mind, making sense of what can only make sense, but choosing to explore through the eyes an adventurer, an Alice-in-Wonderland type of seeing, the alternative side of what is possible.  Now, we turn impossible inside out and we discover possibility, you see?

Now, this is the part of the story where I stopped thinking about Chakra Removal and decided to acknowledge that I am an amazing spiritual healer, and if Chakra Removal is possible, then I will try this out on myself and see what happens, and only then will I truly know the answer to this question.

These acknowledgements were flowing through me as I sat down at my computer, my web camera on.  I often do energy work on myself in the same manner that I do energy work on others, sitting at my computer, eyes closed, and speaking on record, all the images and feelings I am experiencing.  And now, here I’m doing it for my own personal Chakra Removal session, how weird it felt!  And I will not lie, I was slightly afraid to conduct such a session as this on myself.  I worried that I might actually die from this experience, and I had no idea what was going to happen.  All I could do was trust that my guides would not lead me to my death over the exploration of Chakra Removal, but that I would learn something extraordinary from this endeavor, if only to prove that Chakra Removal was NOT possible.


So, I took a deep breath.  I put my intentions out into the universe, that ‘I, Abbey, am choosing now to remove my Chakras.’  I paused, balanced my energy field, and allowed the images and higher directions to flow . . .

This was two years ago that I did my first Chakra Removal session, so looking back now, the memory is foggy on all the specific details, but I will tell you what happened as best I can remember.  I do recall it lasted about 10, maybe 15 minutes.  I recall that I started to feel extremely HOT all over my body, and so much lighter, and full of magnificent rainbow flowing energy.  I recall that it was oddly easy, and I was certain anyone could simply ask the universe to have their Chakras Removed and it would be done.  I still know this is true inside my heart, and if you are wanting a Chakra Removal experience, you don’t have to ask me, all you have to do is ask Heaven for it.  I am now providing this Chakra Removal experience as a Psychic Service, but I am still a huge advocate for self-empowerment.  If you are wanting to see what you are capable of, and you are wanting to discover what it is like to remove your own Chakras, all you have to do is tell the Universe, and the Universe will then manifest that gift into your life.  But do you believe you hold the power in a single request?  You should.

So as the story continues, as I’m sure you are still skeptical, as I would be reading this.  I still haven’t told you enough of the deeper details for it to all make sense yet.  We are still like Alice in Wonderland, asking how this could be possible, and then following up with the obvious retort, but are you sure? . . .

After this initial Chakra Removal experience was completed on myself, I was a bit dumbfounded.  I was confused.  I was certainly surprised.  I contacted my friend Joseph Bradley, who is also a Spiritual Healer and Teacher, and I told him all about my experience.  I asked if he would like me to try this out on him, just to see what would happen.  He was encouraging me to give it a go, so I did another Chakra Removal session, this time on my friend.

This second session was very similar to the first, with massive waves of rainbow colored energy, infinitely flowing, and it was like seeing an infinite Chakra System – so no definitive portals, just one flowing energy stream, infinitely surrounding the body.  It was like watching an old computer, with old storage compartments, and it’s running really slow, now upgraded to a modern computer that you don’t even need to defragment these days, it just functions so much more miraculously than the old computer.  I saw what was the body working with rainbow harmony and the colors were everywhere, and I saw what was the expansion of love, breathing in and out of the heart portal area.  I saw so much positive, bright energy, just swirling and whirling around and it felt so infinite.  Again, this only took me about 10-15 minutes and was way too easy to be real.

I was still dumbfounded, and still confused how this could be possible, but there was so much positive encouragement, so much positive energy flow, so much unbelievability in the experience that was so loud and clear and amazing, but what was I to make of this?  I had to take some time to catch up with this unexpected and beautiful turn of events.  There was no doubt, I would need to remain open minded on this Chakra Removal idea, and I made a point to honor anyone’s request for Chakra Removal, from this day forward.

I did this for over a year until I decided to make my own session option for it.  I will tell you, my experience with Chakra Removal has shifted and changed over the last two years of my experience, between the Spring of 2016 and the Spring of 2018.  I have never been able to do a Chakra Removal session within 10-15 minutes, in fact, they can take 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or up to 60 minutes, depending on your energy balance and the direction of my Spirit Guides and Higher Self.  I also don’t get to witness the infinite flowing rainbow like I had seen the first two times.  The Spirit Realm is so dynamic, nothing ever stays consistent or the same, because the only true way to learn is to keep learning from new angles and perspectives, and I want to tell you about one of these learning lessons that taught me even more about Chakra Removal.


During this first year of doing Chakra Removal sessions, I received an extraordinary gift, which came in the form of a question from a client who emailed me some weeks after a Chakra Removal session.  I had a client come back and ask me, "Now that I have my Chakras Removed, how do I maintain energetic balance without Chakras?"

I thought this was one hell of an awesome question and I didn’t know how to answer it right away.  How does one have energetic balance without Chakras?  Initially, it made sense that the energy balance was infinitely there, so there was no such thing as maintaining it, as it was just infinitely flowing.

As I spent time contemplating this, I actually decided to make two spiritual healing videos for YouTube, one for people wanting balance for their Chakras – as in, an energy balancing video for people who didn’t want to experience Chakra Removal, but wanted to just balance their Chakras as they are – and then a second video for anyone who had Chakra Removal who wanted to experience a refresh of the energy flows. But still, something didn’t feel right, something didn’t feel fully understood within me, so I had to set this question aside, while I allowed my own spiritual atmosphere to digest it and notify me when the answer was received.  So, alas, I didn’t have an immediate and specific answer.

It took about 6 months before any type of answer would begin to formulate for me.  This was a bit tough, as the answer I was digesting was making me wonder what Chakra Removal was truly all about.  I started to discover that Chakra Removal is not necessarily removing Chakras, like the terminology suggests, but is more like a Chakra Enhancement, enhancing the way Chakras are processing higher frequency energy flows.  So, you can imagine it as the breakdown of an old energy processing system and the upgrade to a totally new energy processing system.

With the development of my own psychic sensitivities, I was noticing this key detail after the completion of a Chakra Removal session, how extraordinarily harmonized all the energy flows felt, and yet I could still feel Chakras.  I could still feel a Mental Body, Emotional Body, Sexual Body, Heart Portal, etc., but I could feel them all as far lighter, far more harmonized, more balanced in their energetic communication of each other.  This was also a bit dumbfounding, as I had truly thought I was removing Chakras when I was first conducting these sessions, but what I was doing, was creating a lighter body energy processing system, that still works like a Chakra System, but it’s just far lighter in its essence.  I actually wasn’t skilled enough yet to feel how much lighter the Chakra System had become, so it felt like they had been removed, when they were still there all along, just transformed into a higher frequency.

So, the answer to the question was discovered.  How you create energy balance is still no different for someone who has had a Chakra Removal session as it is for someone who has not.  Balance is all about inner peace, self-empowerment, unconditional love, forgiveness of self, release of shame, etc.  The most harmonic energy fields I have ever stepped into are among people who are really high frequency in the way they speak with love toward others and toward self, the way they choose their life experiences as self-healing instead of self-harming.  Chakra balance, whether you have had Chakra Removal or not, it still works with the exact same rules about the harmony of your choices with the harmony of unconditional love.  Love that can be tough because it is honest too, but love that can also be generous when generosity is the harmonic balance. Sometimes generosity is spoiling and not teaching.  It’s all about feeling out the balance of our choices with the balance of the world, but always choosing a higher, ascended version of love than this world has ever connected with before.  And that again is what Chakra Removal provides.  The ability to experience the light body essence, the higher frequency essence that creates a peaceful, easy transition into choosing higher frequency vibrations than ones that keep you feeling bogged down and in a grim world full of fear.  Chakra Removal is not about fear, it’s about releasing fear, and that I learned the day I did my first Chakra Removal session.


So now it’s the Spring of 2018, and I have a lot of Chakra Removal experience under my belt.  These days, sessions are more dynamic, intricate in the way they feel, full of wisdom and transformation.  Sessions can take me anywhere from 30 minutes, to 45 minutes, to 60 minutes even.  It all depends on your energy balance at the start of the session.  If I have a lot of energy mud to get through, it’s going to take a lot longer.  I always find it’s a more refreshing experience if there has been a little energetic pre-work before a Chakra Removal session, as there is less energy clutter to get through in order to break down the old energy layers.

Breaking these energy layers down allows me to bring out the lightest body essence of all that you are, which is the whole Charka Removal or Chakra Restructure process.  This is one part of the journey experience I have when I do Chakra Removal sessions, I find myself breaking down old energy structures, based on how the Chakras are processing energetically imprinted ideas from society, from a client’s soul journey, from past, present, and future – from the totality of a client’s soul in relation to the human form.  I break down these old energy structures, which can feel like breaking clay pots around you, or breaking egg shell, upon egg shell, upon egg shell, where your lightest essence is hidden deep down inside, or I can see you living inside of an energetic coffin, inside a coffin, inside a coffin … the energy structures can vary in what my humanness translates them into looking like, but it’s still a layer, upon a layer, upon a layer with your lightest body essence deep down inside these layers.  I break these layers down and I find I am resurrecting the energy field and bringing to the surface, the lightest body essence of All that You Are.

Chakra Removal can also take me into extremely dense spaces, very, very dense spaces.  So dense it’s hard to experience them almost, so I have to be patient as I trudge through them.  There aren’t always images with these dense spaces, just the extreme feeling of walking through density.  I find this density is what I’m cracking down in order to manifest the experience of the lightest body frequency, which is also ascending you into working with higher frequency waves, which is also indicating that Chakra Removal is a Human Ascension energy gift.   It’s a gift that is aligned with the ascension of our human, energetic evolution.

I’m here to make you feel lighter, and Chakra Removal will definitely accomplish that.  In the end, you will still be working with energy flows through the Third Eye, the Throat, Heart, Emotional Gut, Sexual Body, in front, in back, above and below, in all sacred directions, your energy flows will process, and you will still have life experiences that will challenge you and these experiences will intertwine with your energy portals, which are also called Chakras.  Chakra Removal will not prevent you from having life experiences that you will have to conquer and overcome.  Chakra Removal will not remove all energy blocks, and the reason why, is because energy block are what help us learn.  If you want to be energy block free, you will then be dead or you would be Buddha.  There is no such thing as having NO energy blocks, unless you are ascended into Nirvana and no longer imprisoned to your human form, because you are entirely one with your higher self and now have become an inter-dimensional being.

Chakra Removal will manifest the experience of BEing your lightest body essence, working with higher frequencies, and attracting higher frequencies into your life.  After Chakra Removal, it’s your choice how you want to live your life.  You can still choose to be sad and self-destructive, angry, spiteful, jealous, greedy, sexually abusive, etc.  You can always choose your own life experiences.  Chakra Removal will not make you choose to be a better person, but it will manifest the essence of higher clarity, self-love, peacefulness, enlightenment, and all these higher frequency harmonies that manifest more self-loving choice and world-loving choices.  You will feel the powerful essence of love working with you more clearly that you were able to access it before.  The reason why is because Chakra Removal, again, it manifests a higher frequency experience for your soul journey.  It does not remove Chakras, per say, but it enhances the way our Chakra’s intercommunicate and translate higher frequencies.  It does a beautiful number on the heart portal and manifests the essence of feeling so much lighter.

If you are interested in a Chakra Removal session, you can get yourself booked into my calendar by clicking on the link below. Just scroll down a few service options and you’ll see an option for Chakra Body Transformation. I do all types of Chakra Body work, just let me know you are interested in Chakra Removal so I know what we're focusing on for the session.

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