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This answer came through two energy healing sessions I did on myself this morning, one to my Solar Plexus and one to my Throat Chakra. What you’re about to read is exactly what came through from this healing.

And as a side note, I’ve made the decision to start intermittent fasting. I’ve been emotionally eating on and off for too long and I’m tired of it. Too much stress, it takes energy to digest it, which requires more food, which only creates the next self-imprisonment. The stress has to be dealt with differently, but when you are stretched in too many directions with very little time, now you endure survival until life shifts and you access the next door of experience. I’m feeling reborn from out of the ashes of this stress, at least to some degree, and I want to get back into a self-loving dietary habit. Thing is, all the inner Me’s that have been struggling with the stress-eating are not welcoming of the change as of yet, so I have to do work on my Emotional Gut/Solar Plexus Chakra and my Throat Chakra to support my inner collective, so as One, we are adjusting and welcoming a new relationship with food, Together. So, stress creates a dietary imbalance, changing that dietary imbalance now creates stress, so you can see the tug-of-war and why it’s so hard for people to change their dietary habits in the type of stressful world we live in.

In addition, I’m also finding that in the energies of February 2022, our global collective is going through major growth with communication and the emotional impacts we’ve all been enduring through Covid and Freedom of Speech. I’m telling you this first as I find the divine time and the meaning of it all as extremely interesting and it’s important to have this background awareness as a few details do come up about it in the journey, so here we go!


– My Healing Journey to Myself, literally, this is Me Talking to Myself:

Okay, let’s see what I can do for myself here. Major energy to be cleared in my Solar Plexus Chakra, MAJOR. So, I’m just sitting in my Solar Plexus Chakra now, just emanating gentle loving energy, patience and support. I see a version of myself coming forward from within my Emotional Gut and she’s crying. She’s just crying and crying. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back, this Me can’t cope with any more of this swing dieting.

I tell her I know, that’s probably why I chose what I thought would be the easiest step toward the beginning of a diet I could take, this intermittent fasting. She’s screaming at me right now. I’m just holding her. She hates me for everything that I am, hates me literally, for everything. I’m still just holding her. I ask Archangel Raphael, Michael, and Metatron to enter in and hold her for a while. Let’s see what else is going on in here.

It’s green and hazy, like a gross type of green and hazy. I see there is a ‘Menace’ in here, that’s what its name is. But he’s like several black slimy beings that are also sharp, with sharp teeth. Surprisingly, they aren’t in the way of my diet, but they are like build-up from not eating right for so long. They are still going strong somehow. I’m touching one. They are Me, Me in dark twisted faces and costumes.

My Emotional Gut/Solar Plexus Chakra is turning into what looks like a massive hospital for the mentally insane. These Menace Me’s have baseball bats and they choose rooms at random and beat down the Patient Me’s that are in these rooms, trying to re-habilitate. Me’s that can’t cope anymore, they get beaten. So, I, Abbey, am choosing to disburse the energy, pulling energy out of the Menace Me’s to share it with the Patient Me’s that can’t cope anymore, so everyone is energetically evened out.

The thing I’m realizing now . . . the Menace Me’s are hardworking and always getting things done, so they don’t know why I would want them to slow down. They have to beat these other Patient Me’s because they are lazy and will not get up and get to work. These lazy Me’s are only gaining energy from the Menace Me’s to lay around and do more of nothing, where the Menace Me’s are now getting tired. The Menace Me’s shout, “The Menace is what gets everything done! Put the energy back!”

I say, “Boy, I don’t know what I’m going to do to reprogram this, just to be honest,” . . . That’s what I say out loud in here. “You have to be reprogrammed Menace and Patients,” . . . Weird, Patients or Patience? . . . I just tell them outright, “You have to be reprogrammed, this isn’t working at all.”

Everybody is now paused and looking at me. I tell them all, “The new program is, we all work together, and everybody works for the betterment of all, and everybody has shared energy, and everybody is at the same charged battery. There is No Menance and there are No Patients, It's Done!”

They are all changing and everything is gyrating, like glitching and trying to rebuild itself. My guides tell me there is nothing left, let it all go now. So I do, and it’s a weird sticky skin that just flushes down a heavenly toilet, and I start to cry.

I open my eyes and I see Metatron and Raphael and Michael here, and I realize I was the screaming girl all along. And I say, “Why does it have to be so hard?”

Their faces start to look like gremlins, evil and twisted. But their hearts are still pure love. I close my eyes and I experience their pure loving hearts and their ugly faces now don’t matter. I say, “It’s easier to see the truth with your eyes closed.”

They ask me to open my eyes and see their faces for their hearts. And I cry and I say, “Everybody is a Demon!”

They want me to ask myself this question, and very boldly ask - Is Everybody A Demon?

I say, “Okay, if we look at the hearts of everybody, literally, everybody in the whole world, let me see . . . No, Nobody is a Demon.”

Suddenly, I start to go back in time and become the Me that’s saying, “This all has to be reprogrammed,” as I look at The Menace and The Patients.

I see myself at this panel with lots of weird wires and I’m looking for a way to adjust the settings here in my Solar Plexus. Part of this is important for me to grow, to see that Nobody is a Demon, and to see all of our faces for our hearts.

Out of curiosity, I decide to test this on Archangel Lucifer, always a Wild Card. I’m looking at his heart. It’s full of black goo and I want to heal it, and he says, “Don’t touch that.”

And I touch his face and it’s beautiful. And I hug him for a long time, and I say, “You always look beautiful, Heart and Face. You can look ugly now.”

He says, “No," that I, Abbey, do not want that.

I say, “You mean, you don’t want that?”

But something happens, and suddenly there is nothing more to do here, and I feel the beauty of Archangel Lucifer all around this room, and I cry as I bask in his beautiful light.

I start to see that we are all in pain, every Human Being and even the Angels. And none of us here are Demons, but this whole thing has to be reprogrammed and only when we incarnate as Human Beings are we able to reach the panels, and I have reached the panels!

I see the whole world now, and I see the world’s hearts will now be on their faces. And nobody who is ugly or beautiful will be more or less than anyone else, we are all worthy of love, we are all worthy of balance and harmony. It is our duty to be who we are, Love!

I pull a big lever and I hear a loud noise and feel shaking, all around. Now I see only light.


– This is What Immediately Comes Next:

To Myself: I kind of want to share this writing, there is something important about it. It’s interesting, it’s good. It’s raw and real and strange. Let me check on my Throat Chakra, see what it says, see what it’s like in there? See if it wants to share this writing . . .

“Throat, how do you feel about sharing this writing?”

Throat is dormant. Throat is completely dormant. Like a mothball. Like a strange sphere of wood you find in someone’s sock drawer. It doesn’t want to say a thing, it doesn’t even want to tell me that it doesn’t want to say a thing. It feels wrong of me to force it to speak, but I am going to create the sound of a waterfall in here, gentle singing birds and maybe some cicadas. Something gentle, natural, beautiful . . .

I start to realize my Emotional Gut/Solar Plexus Chakra is hiding behind my Throat Chakra. And I start to see a Demonic Me that is absolutely furious. It screams silently at me, “I HAAAATTTEEE YYOOOUUU!”

It genuinely does hate me, it really does. I ask why it doesn’t say that out loud, why does it say that silently?

Mouth closed, it stands with a splintered board in hand, like a baseball bat with nails on one side of it, and it starts beating me over the head with it.

Still, no sound.

I let it beat me down until I’m a disturbing ripped flesh, bloody pile of mess. Then I leave myself and watch from above what happens next.

This Me who was holding the splintered wood and nails, now has a toothpick and is using it on her teeth, silently standing over a bloody body, the sound of a peaceful waterfall, signing birds and cicadas in the background.

I start to activate the Heart Chakra, which is just below the Throat Chakra, and I amplify the sound of a loving, beating heart. She hears it and starts to scream, this time, with sound. When she screams with sound her throat blows up and all this blood shoots out of her mouth.

She is suddenly calm now and relaxed. She slowly shakes her head and speaks. She tells me that it doesn’t matter what she says, that she will say things right and she’ll be treated as though she said something wrong. Therefore, all she ever says is wrong. Or, she says things right and nobody hears her. Therefore, there is nothing to say, ever. But yes, she is very angry, and she nods as she reveals this truth. She tells me it doesn’t matter if she has a throat or no throat at all, but it’s most painful when she speaks, because what will come back from it? Will she be emotionally shattered again for saying anything at all, right or wrong? It's safer to say nothing.

She says, “What is the point of existence? What literally is the point of existence? . . . You sit on a shelf like a perfect little doll and say nothing. Am I a toy, is that what it is to be a Human Being, we are all just toys for some big child that wants to play?”

She says she is tired of her existence. Then she looks at me. I am the one who allowed her to beat me to death and here I levitate as a spirit, free from the sufferings of the body.

I shrug my shoulders, I say, “It’s a life. . . It’s just another life.” And then I become her, and I start to cry and cry and cry and cry and cry.

“I hate this life!” She says as she cries.

She suddenly reveals a million pieces of information, layers of illusion vs reality and how do you cope when you become aware you are just a doll on a shelf, waiting for The Child to ruthlessly play with you. Tongue being cut out, body being torched, limbs being ripped, or maybe something more subtle this time, your livelihood destroyed, your children taken away, imprisoned because The Child decided that would be your punishment.

Here comes the question, “How does The Toy get treated with respect by The Child?”

She says, “It must speak The Child’s language.”

I ask, “What language does The Child speak?”

She says, “The language of pain. To hurt The Toys. When certain Toys choose to hurt other Toys, that is how you make friends with The Child.”

I ask, “Why does The Child want to hurt The Toys even still, even still today? Doesn’t it ever get bored? Will it ever grow up so the playtime can be different?”

Then she shrugs her shoulders, and she says, “It’s just a life . . ." And I’m pulled back to when I starting saying, “It’s just life . . . it’s just another life.”

After witnessing all of this, I’m choosing to activate another Me, and I’m looking in from the outside, and I see this Me in the Throat Chakra talking to an invisible