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Star Guy is a super profound, loving being of energetic dark light and sound vibrations.  He is one of my best friends in the universe, and one who I have only recently met in October of 2015.  I have an oil painting I made of him below, and a little description I wrote on Google+.  There has been some development in determining whether he is spirit or alien, but I feel confident he is of such a light density, he feels almost spirit, but he is of an incarnate expression, so he then is not spirit, but alien.  Please explore what I have shared in the link below, and do expect more to come from Star Guy.I did this oil painting last night. I ‘posterized’ it to enhance the colors and clarity more, its still wet. But this is an oil painting of one of the spiritual entities I connect with. He is a super, high vibrational entity of light. From his energy come all the colors, and he is also the creation of ‘spiral’ which is creation itself. He is one of all the creative lights in the universe. All lights are needed to create a universe and he is one of those lights. He is a pure expression of love. His form is dark light. Just as there are white humans and black humans, so too are there spirits that are all the colors of the rainbow, and that doesn’t make them expressions of evil to be dark. It is the vibration of the expression that creates its nature, which is a nature that is creation or destruction. As there is birth, so too is there death, and we need both to live in an infinite universe.  


Star Guy - Being of Light

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