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Why Donate?

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It has not been in the nature of my soul to charge for spiritual awareness.  It is very hard for me to comprehend how to be in balance with our society, how to live in a world where money exists.  I am a spiritual person and to live as a spiritual person, I can only understand that spiritual gifts should be given as freely as a tree provides for us the apple.  When human beings use money to satisfy the value of all things in this world, suddenly, the value alters itself to be a reflection of money and not a reflection of unconditional love. Money is not alive, unconditional love is alive.


I ask that if you feel inspired to provide a donation to what I share, it would be truly an honor and a blessing to me, and a gift that I receive as unconditional love. 


Any donation helps me in my life, financially, and thus too, it allows for doorways to open for me to share even more profound wisdom.  


I thank you for your consideration.  Together, we can truly change the world!  

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