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5 Steps: Negative Entity & Energy Parasite Removal

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This advice is for those who can already feel the attachment. If you can feel the entity, that means your working with your psychic senses. Now, believe in yourself and what you are capable of doing because, YES, you can definitely remove this attachment all by yourself. You will work with your energy senses, your heart, patience, and pure love. All the steps for success are below. If you need any help, please book a session!

Step 1: Close your eyes and relax, feel where the entity is.

Step 2: Touch the entity with your energy hands, as in, submerge your energy hands into it. This isn't to remove it, this is to understand the entity itself. Your energy hands absorb information which is then sent into your heart. Simply removing an entity doesn't resolve the problem, understanding the entity is key to removing it and coming full circle with the relationship (and yes, you are in a relationship with your entity attachment).

Step 3: Take a moment to feel inside your heart and ask your inner wisdom, "Why do I have this entity attachment?" Your energy hands have already sent the answer into your heart, so pause for about 30 seconds and wait for the answer to rise up from deep down inside yourself. Go slow, no rushing here, you've got nothing but time. Now ask the entity, "Why are you here?" Ask with neutrality, no anger when you ask this question. Again, pause, it can take 30 seconds before an answer will come from you, and it will rise up from deep down inside yourself. Be at peace with the answer.

Step 4: As mentioned in Step 2, removing an entity isn't the act of taking it off and throwing it away, it's the act of bringing a balance to the relationship. Experience the beautiful energy of pure love welling inside your heart and feel completely neutral to the fact that you have an attachment. Don't feel angry or desperate or grossed out or anything ... just neutral, no big deal whether you have this entity or not. Continue to let the love just well up inside yourself, the love for life, for creation, for energy parasites, negative entities, for your Mom and Dad, for your pets, for the human race, for the stars, for all the love in the universe. Feel the truth welling up inside your heart, the truth that love is the only thing that is real.

Step 5: Now, after you've touched the entity with your energy hands, after you've absorbed information inside yourself and have taken some time to ask yourself and the entity questions about your relationship, and after you've filled your heart up with so much love the tears start to stream down ... Now send this pure unconditional love through your energy hands and into the heart of the entity. Tell the entity, from the bottom of your heart, "I love you. Thank you for being a teacher for me. I am complete in our relationship and I am letting you go." Continue to send love until you feel a movement in your heart of completeness.

Know that all it takes is belief in the power of yourself and putting that power into action with pure love and patience. This combo will set you free from any entity attachment.

Have an amazing day!

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