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Journey into the Physical/Etheric Brain + Removal of Etheric Crystals

I had an amazing experience today, I went into the physical brain to share light and love, to transmute any negative energies. I wasn’t expecting to interact with a little male consciousness, associated with the physical brain and a version of the etheric brain as well. This little consciousness was not an aspect of my own soul, but was its own energetic consciousness, an aspect of my biology.

When I visited with him, he showed me ego and where it comes from. The brain sits at the top of the tower, overseeing all aspects of the body. It's the most essential body. He indicated you can tell because it is housed in a highly protective shell, to ensure it never gets damaged. This little man was showing me that while the physical brain carries these natural attributes of being elevated above all the rest of the body parts, it feels separated as well. It experiences a natural energetic separation from the lower organs, where it wants to feel a relationship with the heart, the emotional gut, and the sacral chakra/divine sexual organs. I felt this experience the little consciousness shared with me. He wasn’t into himself like ego naturally is, he was feeling separation, like ego also creates, a sense of false elevation and separation from the source.

I continued to share light and love with the physical brain, continuing to transmute any negative energies. The brain began to shine bright, and the little man felt inspired to reveal some mysteries. These mysteries were in the form of two major etheric crystals. One etheric crystal was an emerald. Its purpose was complete and he was bringing this crystal up and out of a very deep place between the physical brain, the etheric brain, and the third eye. I felt this emerald had served a purpose, it was beautiful to look at but no longer held a vibration. When this emerald was released, there was movement and an energetic release from within the solar plexus and the heart chakra.

The next etheric crystal was a massive chunk of ruby. This ruby was located between the physical and etheric sexual organs and the sacral chakra. It was quite a process to remove this large ruby. It was in the shape of a rectangular prism, about 1 foot long and 6 inches tall. This ruby was fascinating to experience as it was placed there by other beings in the universe. The purpose was to share information from the stars with the physical and etheric body. This download was taking place over the course of years, and while the downloads were being absorb, there were also uploads taking place simultaneously. The purpose of this ruby was complete and after its removal, it was sent back to the star beings who had placed it there, in order for them to now receive the information uploaded into the crystal.

This little man of the physical and etheric brain also encouraged a release of emotions from the solar plexus, an echo of memories that he was struggling to let go of. He told me that he longs to comprehend the other aspects of the body but struggles to feel the connection as a flowing and continual experience. He remembers these memories that are stored in the emotions and within the heart, and he likes these memories very much. He knows it is time that they be released. It’s not necessarily the memories that are disappearing now, but the attachment to old identities of self. As these memories were let go of, so was a release of a dark black energy oil with really bright orange colors intermixed. These were releasing from the solar plexus chakra.

It was a really amazing and unexpected experience I had with the physical brain today. I hope you enjoyed reading this little story. I wish you a beautiful day and thank you for visiting my website!

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