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One Who Speaks With Love | A Short Spirit Story

Love is communicating, with bright cheerful eyes, with confidence and enlightenment.  The energy is compelling, and I feel my eyes are wide open, soaking up this message through sight, through sound, through my heart felt emotions.  This One speaks with their hands, with their smile, with their sparkling eyes.  I feel almost entranced.  My heart is beating, the breath of life is alive within me.  I feel the development of appreciation, admiration, and inspiration.  How courageous and fluid the experience of this message.  How truly miraculous, this One, this beautiful speaker of love.

So, what is this One speaking about?  We know what this One’s message inspires within our feelings and our experience of the message itself, but what are the words of this message, do you know?  If we do not know the words of this message, how can we be transformed by it?  Can simply feeling the message be enough to transform us all?  Is the human race so desperate for answers, that the feeling of love is not so important as the exact words that are spoken?

The question is now for you, my readers.  Connect with your hearts.  Close your eyes.  Ask your heart, what is this One’s message?  Wait a moment, wait 30 seconds, wait 60 seconds if you must.  Allow your heart to translate this message of love.  Now, when you are ready, tell me, what is this One’s message?

Does it matter if each human being who connects with this writing, experiences a uniquely different message?  Does it mean the message is wrong, incorrect, that we will never truly know what was being spoken?  Or perhaps the message is unique to your heart and must be spoken differently to you than to someone else, and therefore, the only one who truly knows what this One is speaking, is you?  Perhaps it is you that is speaking, emanating this message of love through your kind smile and sparkling eyes, as you express yourself from your heart?  Perhaps this One is you, all along?  What is it that you are sharing from your heart, will you tell me?  Will you tell the world?


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