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The Akashic Records | Experiencing a Vast Inter-Dimensional Library

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It’s 7/11 and we are leading up to Friday the 13th, which is also a New Moon, and now I’m hearing there is some sort of Solar Eclipse as well.  Apparently, it’s a partial and not a full Solar Eclipse, but it’s truly amazing when all of these astrological events fall on the same day as Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling this very heavy energy, and it started around Sunday, almost like the gravity of the Earth has quadrupled and I can’t hardly stand up, let alone keep my eyes open.  I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago, and the last few days, I’ve actually been drinking coffee to keep myself moving through the days at a normal pace.  It’s been surreal, even hard to get out of bed, I just want to keep sleeping.

This morning, as sleepy as I still am, I thought I would do a little blog writing and see what spirit has to share with us.  You can imagine, this Go-Get’ums Abbey will be making a YouTube video and a special Patreon video about Friday the 13th so I’ll be exploring plenty of angles on it all.  Despite how heavy I feel, it still can’t stop my heart from freaking out beneath the surface. I’ve got a super excited vein opening up about all of this news, even if I can’t hardly keep my eyes open.  Damn it, I will conquer this and share, share, share!  It’s my all-out-purpose to be a sharing fool, so let’s get started on my blog sharing for 7/11/2018 and this Friday the 13th, New Moon, Solar Eclipse energy event, YEEAAAHHH!

So, I’m going to do the usual, and we’ll see what comes through.  The usual is, I will be closing my eyes and allowing my psychic senses to begin the FEELINGS process, which is how I receive and translate information.  I’m much like a bat that sends out the sonar and receives returning echoes of information through my feelings.  I can see whole landscapes, interdimensional consciousness, and translate the way they are processing my feelings and expressing their own version of a message.  I’m all about perspective, so perspective gives us the opportunity to decide for ourselves, what it all means.  So, let’s get started!


I’m seeing a vision here of a man.  He’s standing sideways, in a darker space.  It literally looks like an amazing ‘Hall of Records’ type of place. It definitely reminds me of the inter-dimensional library of the Akashic Records. The ceiling is the universe, so you can see these arches of actual physical structure, and then stars and night sky are in between.  It has a real old-school architectural style in here.  As I continue to experience this space, I discover that it is open for miles, in every direction, with shelves and no shelves. Artwork, statues, scrolls, books, orbs, alchemy labs, minerals, and on and on and on.  There are vast dimensional spaces with absolutely breathtaking gardens, fairies, elves, dwarves, dragons, angels, aliens, energy beings, human beings . . . . and on and on and on.  Vast cultures and races of consciousness are exploring countless dimensions of learning, sharing, and exploring with each other.  There is mixture between old magic, advanced sciences, philosophy, art, water skiing, cooking, gardening, and spaces where I have no idea what that is going on in there.  There are so many levels of wisdom and love, all sharing their emanations and experiences.  You can find any classroom here, and any open space that doesn’t look like a classroom, and every space is full of opportunities to learn and discover.

I know it sounds vast, but it is truly a space of anything and everything, ever discovered, experienced, written down on paper or written down in the soul, from insect lifetimes to human lifetimes, to angel lifetimes, to alien lifetimes, you can find it all here.  It’s amazing too because this space can be as tiny as a pinpoint or as vast and 1,000 universes.  This space can be an active incarnation spiral, or the exploration of one.  It can be anything, but today, it is revealing itself to me in this way, where the most vivid parts are simply a man, standing sideways, looking into a book.  There is a white pillar and an arch that curves to the ceiling and down again, and these vast open spaces between these arches are open to the universe and stars.  It’s very beautiful in here, and also quiet.

So, I am walking toward him.  Everything has a ghost-like effect of black and white and somewhat see-through in places.  It’s foggy in the physical elements while still articulately clear, but somehow, softer or foggier too.  I’m getting closer to this man now.  He is so peaceful.  He feels like 10,000 years ago, and when I say that, I’m telling you, he feels like yesterday, and yesterday was the day before that and the day before that.  And what I mean even still is that he feels so insanely patient, I feel like I am already tomorrow, and the next day, and I am 100,000 miles ahead in where I want to go and what I want to experience. You can imagine, if I am Tomorrow, talking to Yesterday, I am also freaking out right now with impatience, where he feels perfectly content in not even acknowledging me yet because he is a super sloth in the slow motion and I am a crazy bunny rabbit with way too many Energizer batteries, you see.

So, I am slowing down my pace, and you can slow down your pace too.  You simply experience what is your heart, go-go-going, and now you turn that energy inside out, and you slow it way down.  You can even visualize your heart hooked up to a monitor and it’s beating out of control, and now you can hear the sound of the monitor almost going straight down to the point where – HOLY SMOKES, it’s a straight BEEEEEEEP, a Flat Line, and You’re Dead!!!!  This is what the experience is like when I do it, I just choose to see my heart monitor going crazy, and now it’s making a straight BEEEEEEEP noise, in order to do the opposite of a crazy beating heart.  I’m quite convinced that playing pretend won’t kill you, but it will effectively slow your heart beat down if you allow it to.

So, I’m slowing my heart beat down even more, and I experience my frequency going WAY down . . . Way . . . way . . . . way . . . way . . . down.  Super slowing down.

I’m breathing, relaxing, slowing . . . way . . . down.

Slowing. Down.

Almost there.

Still, slowing. down.  Frequency is still slowing down, but I’m getting close to the experience of yesterday, so that I can enjoy a communication with this consciousness, this energy being here in the vast space we can define as, ‘The Hall of Records.’

Okay, I’m there now.  Deep Breath.  Let’s see what he has to say.

I’m standing by him now.  I’m looking at the book he is holding in his hand.  He appears like he is made out of chalk and everything in here is a chalk board that has become a dimensional space.  The chalk then is softer in some places where it has smeared or smudged.  It’s amazing in here!  I’m in a chalkboard space in the Hall of Records, how phenomenal!

I look at this chalk man, which he is made up of white and black, and again, I look at this book in his hands.  I’m so delighted right now, I feel I am speeding up again, but I am trying very hard to stay patient and slow.  I am slowing down now.  Slowing down again.  Let’s see what happens next.

I take the book out of his hands.  He is standing so still, he isn’t moving.  Everything is almost too still, but I am in motion.  I take the book and I flip through the pages.  I actually flip through every single page in this book, which is a small book that is very thick with pages.  There is nothing to see on the pages, they look like smeared chalk on a chalkboard.  When I close the book, it goes POOF into chalk dust and disappears.  I see this man has almost disappeared too.

I feel very alone in here now.  It is starting to feel colder and I feel alone in a vast chalkboard space.  I see these chalkboard shelves are full of books of all different sizes, shapes, and ages.  They even look older and some newer.  The more empty of life it becomes in here, the colder I feel.  My heart longs for warmth.  I long for meaning.

There is a strange message coming to me about what we discover in a physical library vs what we discover through live interactions with each other, as in, real human interactions and experiences.  They show me a library full of books and there is one, discovering this vast wisdom, all alone, in this one’s own little world. 

Now the spirit realm shows me what is like a boisterous Thanksgiving Dinner with anything yummy you can imagine, all homemade, and lots of family members here.  And I am experiencing this moment as a little girl who had lost her family and has been afraid, sad and alone.  But this other family has taken me in and I am enjoying a moment of warmth, love and connection with so many people I am just meeting.  There is so much meaning to this Thanksgiving experience.  But there is also so much meaning to this individual one, reading books in the library.  I can feel the heart beating in both scenes and I can feel so much vast meaning to it all.  It's so much warmer when you go into the stories themselves, than when you just read them from the pages.  You have to go INTO the memories, into the experiences, into the moments.  If you take in this world from the outside or from the surface of the chalkboard, but never venture INTO the experience of living itself, it will be a long and empty road of only skimming the surface of what CREATION has to offer.

The message here is to really embrace your body, embrace your life, your quiet moments to yourself, your times with family members, all your vast libraries of situations, your chaos, your joys, your fresh baked bread on a Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee and fresh fruit, while the sun shines into your eyes, and you have to fix the blinds so you can read your newspaper and experience peace.  These are the moments worth truly experiencing.  It’s so important.  It’s so, so important we start LIVING for TODAY!!!!  Not for Yesterday and Not for Tomorrow either, but for TODAY!

That is the message I have to share for 7/11/2018.  I bow before you all with gratitude and humility for each and every one of you beautiful souls that I share this incarnation with.  Thank you for all you do for me. In the most inconspicuous ways we transform each other’s lives, even across the globe, we are all connected. 


All of these videos I did in writing. They are some of the first videos I ever made on YouTube. Please allow yourself to get carried away by the music, the images and the wisdom.

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my life!

This is an excellent introduction to reincarnation and past lives. I've been exploring the subject since I was little, but primarily from the age of 19 on, I've been a dedicated student, and learning as much as possible. This video shares my personal experience and development. I'm certain you will find it enjoyable and enlightening!

This is a short, quick video to provide understanding of how the physical and spiritual realms blend together. This isn't just a physical universe we live in, it's a spiritual universe. These physical bodies we experience, while they appear to be physical, they are just as energetic as spiritual bodies, the density is what makes the difference. I hope you enjoy the video, and please share your thoughts. Thank you for watching!

There is so much negativity against the existence of Dark Souls. Did you know that Dark Souls love negativity? The only way to disconnect their energy vibration from our own is to love and appreciate them. Their greatest disruption comes in the form of harmony and the song of Love, which is the whole point of this video. To help human beings find a reason to smile, even in the face of Darkness. And to remind all human beings that without Darkness, none of us would be able to fully appreciate the gifts of Light. It's only through difficult times that we can fully appreciate the good times!

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