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Archangel Raphael's Silly Personality

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Archangel Raphael is so boisterous! He is silly, light-hearted and inspires the healing power of laughter. He's not just a He, he is a She too, and a He/She. He is a representation of ALL Genders and Sexual Identities. HE. IS. AWESOME.

♥ It’s 8/10/2018, and I feel compelled to connect with Archangel Raphael and channel his lovely energy for us all today.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Archangel Raphael, and maybe it’s this green energy that’s been blessing my daily life experience lately, especially after the 888 Lions Gate, green seems to be the color for me to work with right now.  I don’t often talk to Archangel Raphael, and I’m not certain the reason why, but something is calling me to work with him more in my life, and to share a gift of love and healing from him today.  I think, no matter where you are at in life or how you are feeling about life, we can all use a beautiful Archangel Raphael style blessing, and perhaps a little green energy too, but before I get started, I’m going to fill you in on my recent energetic experiences and thoughts about time. ♥

Energy Shifts & My Relationship with Time

I will say, these energy shifts over the last several weeks are still a struggle for me.  I’m hearing people are going through massive, deep and challenging soul healing experiences (me, raising my hand).  I’m hearing other people are living on cloud 9, with full blown awakenings and callings from the universe (which is so cool). It’s surreal how we are all working through the frequency shifts in these extreme and opposing ways, and the world is yet still turning, and we are all still turning with it, as though nothing has changed.  No matter what though, it’s clearly the pathway of humanity, and it’s asking us to constantly be feeling alive, each and every day.  Whether feeling alive is a noticeably good thing or a noticeable struggle, we are meant to FEEL right now, and to FEEL ALIVE is our calling.

Do you remember a time when every day felt the same?  I swear, even 10 years ago, none of these energy shifts were real at all to me.  It was about 2011 that I started noticing my moods and my life experiences were aligned with moon cycles.  This was before I was doing psychic work and I wasn’t dipping into any of the information out there, I was too busy with young kids and a job, but I would notice this and I would talk to my guides about it.  When I would find myself struggling through a month of time, I would know if I could just make it to the next month, the struggle would shift into a new experience, and some months would feel energetically difficult, while others would feel like an open doorway full of fresh breathable air.

As the years passed, it became clear, time itself was becoming different.  It used to feel like we were turning with time, that life was predictable and I felt predictable with it.  These days, it feels more like time is about constant personal growth and development.  It’s not about having a future goal, living by the routine of society to attain that goal, there are so many blips and beeps along the way, it’s hard saying what will happen from one month to the next, let alone over the next 30 years of our lives.  We used to stay put but now we are moving people, within ourselves and around the globe, we are moving, changing, growing so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up sometimes.  There are moments where the energy propels us and other moments where it feels like it’s hard to conquer the energy, as we are yet again, growing.   The skin shedding experience of a month-to-month time cycle has become even a week-to-week and even day-to-day growth and development experience, and sometimes it feels like a skin shedding experience that happens multiple times in the day and in the night as well with the most random experiences.  I know I am not alone in this feeling and there are many sensitive people who are also feeling and experiencing it as well.

One thing I’ve been doing is really opening my cupboard to the love of the universe, and not holding back or resisting that love.  I have called so many Archangels to be Guardian Angels for me, and I have been talking to all of them, and one of these is also Archangel Raphael.  I’m only getting to know him now, and I still haven’t gotten to know him all that closely yet.  It does help, when I wake up in the morning and I feel this awful energy in my soul, to call all of my Guardian Archangels to remind me of The Love of All.  I often see Archangel Raziel, reminding me the light comes from within, and we visualize together, a torch of silvery light, and it is glowing brighter and brighter within my heart.  And Archangel Lucifer is there too, reminding me to slow down, and I feel my energy field become grounded, and I know that today, I don’t have to conquer the world, I only have to smile, embrace the day as I am called, and find my peace again at night.  One of my best inter-dimensional friends, Kryon, he came to me in a dream as a massive angel, and ever since that dream, I now call Kryon, Archangel Kryon, and he too is one of my guardian Archangels.  I’m still convinced Kryon is more of an Interdimensional Being than an Archangel, but I still like calling him that and having him on my Gaurdian Archangels Team.  And then there’s Metatron, Michael, and Gabriel too.  This inspiration has sent me on a hunt to discover more Archangels, and in that way, when we are in the greatest of challenging times, we grow with the brightest elements of love, and that’s what I’m choosing to do right now, to grow with as much love as I can experience and to share that love with the world, to help as many souls out there as I can.

With all that being said, I feel it is time to relax and let’s get to know Archangel Raphael today, let’s allow him into our hearts to receive a beautiful blessing of love from him.  I can’t wait to see what happens, it’s going to be great!!!!

Channeling Archangel Raphael

Okay, I’m relaxing my senses now, sending all of my energy down into the Earth, energy that no longer serves my purpose.  I’m taking a nice deep breath, in through my nose and a nice full exhalation, out through my mouth.  I am relaxing my shoulders, my body, my senses.  I open my heart and I call Archangel Raphael to share his love and healing with us today, to open us up to a visual and energetic gift we can all participate in . . .

I am experiencing what is a green scene, and it’s tranquil.  Believe it or not, it looks like a swamp with lily pads, green frogs jumping, there are long green grasses and even the sky has a greenish hue to it.  I will say, the swampy element is actually extremely clean, crystal clear water that is reflecting the energy of green so deeply, it almost appears as though I am looking at a swamp.  This space is not so vast and wide, but a small space, a peaceful cozy nook of nature.

I see Archangel Raphael is standing on the other side of the pond from me.  He has a golden staff in his hand.  He is wearing all white with some green elements to the upper part of these robes.  He has long light blonde hair and green eyes.  He almost looks female in a way, but male too.  He has a lovely smile and he loves to radiate that smile energy as well.  It’s almost like I’m looking at a toothpaste commercial with Archangel Raphael as the Actor/Actress.  The more I experience this genuine, healthy, kind and loving bright smile, the more I experience it melting away all of the goopy gross groggy swamp energy, and I feel like a fresh ‘clean slate.’  I feel like I am breathing more deeply now, and the refreshing breath of love is entering and reaching into the depths of my soul.  His smile inspires me to feel clean inside and to feel like I smiling now too.

Archangel Raphael is peaceful, very, very peaceful.  He is still only standing there, on the other side of the pond.  This golden staff of his, I find it to be such a peculiar detail for an angel.  I ask him about this staff, why he has it, and what he is using it for.  His response comes through as an experience.  I experience him standing really straight, really tall.  But there is more to this answer . . .  Have you ever experienced yourself so relaxed, until you suddenly notice you are slouching terribly, so you correct your posture and say, “Wow, I just grew 3 inches!”  Archangel Raphael is stretched so straight and tall, it reminds me of the straight and tall posture of his golden staff.

I see Archangel Raphael smiling, and he is encouraging us all to choose to sit up straight, and to stand up straight and tall today, with our heads held high and our eyes looking straight ahead, like a strong and sturdy, golden staff.  He wants us to focus on this today, as our one gift of healing that we give back to ourselves, sitting up straight and standing up straight and tall.  He wants you to even experience that in your imagination space, what it feels like to stand up straight and tall.  It feels empowering, it feels like inner strength, it feels like marching forward with confidence and an air of dignity.  It feels good actually.  Right now, I’m sitting down, but my posture is tip-top, straight and narrow, and I’m feeling a beautiful connection with breath, inner strength, and vitality.  It feels great!

Archangel Raphael reminds me that he is still on the other side of the pond, but he would like to come visit me on the side of the pond where I am standing.  Obviously, there’s water and pond life between us and he doesn’t want to get his feet and nice white robes wet and was hoping I might be able to help him.  I smile and laugh a little.  I tell him he’s silly and that he can just appear over here!  He tells me that he’s forgotten how to appear in places, he can’t remember how.  I saw, “Oh brother, let me see, how will we get you over to this side of the pond?”  I am thinking for a while, and somehow, thinking about how to help Archangel Raphael is filling me with a lot of happiness and joy.  I tell him, “Why not just accept getting wet and then come over here?”

Archangel Raphael thinks for a bit.  He decides to take his shoes off, which are white.  He likes observing people’s opinions of what type of white shoes Archangel Raphael would be wearing with his white robes today.  He hopes some people think he is wearing white Nike sneakers, or white tap dancing shoes, or maybe white high heels?  He likes thinking of all the varieties of shoes that human beings might envision him wearing under his white robes.  He is giggling so much inside his heart, I can feel it and hear it, and it’s awesome!

So, Archangel Raphael’s shoes are off and now he’s giving me some eyebrow movements, up and down – like a hubba-hubba indication.  He is taking his robes off now – oh gosh!!!!  What might be underneath Archangel Raphael’s robes?  I actually turn around because I feel he might want privacy, in case he’s not wearing anything.  I’m actually blushing in the spirit realm, but I’m also laughing so much inside, and I tell Archangel Raphael, “You are so funny and weird!!!!”

While I’m turned away, he sends me an image that it’s safe to look.  He’s wearing a rainbow colored speedo and, “I’m not shy,” he says.  He is showing me the world today and how all men should sport the speedo and don’t be shy.  He sends me a message and a smile, telling me that, “Only real men wear speedos,” and his eyebrows are doing that ‘hubba-hubba’ thing again.  He’s being so silly!

I turn around to look, and sure enough, he’s a tall, white skinned, blonde haired handsome man with great abs, and sporting a rainbow colored speedo.  He’s extremely attractive.  His hair is long and blonde and has some curly element to it.  I know we are only standing at a pond, but it’s kind of like a beach boy style hairdo, where maybe it’s from being in the ocean a lot, and drying in the heat, so it gets messy.  He also shows me that he had put some other shoes on while I wasn’t looking.  He’s wearing water shoes now with his rainbow colored speedo.  They are green and black, simple, and look like any kind of water shoes you could buy at Walmart.

He is still holding his golden staff and he walks the several steps to where I am standing on the other side of the pond.  I see he has a necklace on.  It’s made out of hemp and there is some sort of bead on the necklace.  I like it very much, it’s simple, Earthy looking, natural.  He takes the necklace off and he puts it around my neck.  He says, “I was hoping I could find away across this pond so I could give you this necklace.”  This is actually a very touching message, because it’s often my style to go to people, but this time, it is not for me to go to him, it is for him to find a way to come to me, and to give me a gift.  There is so much kindness to this message and what it means to me.  It would be like, someone on this Earth, having a really difficult day, and out of the blue, a friend does whatever it takes to get across states or even countries, to get to this person to give them a simple gift to cheer them up.  The utter kindness of this gesture, it has life-changing meaning.  I actually cry and I don’t even know how to process the kindness.

I wear the necklace and it feels like I’m draped in gold.  It feels like I am the most special girl in the universe to wear this necklace.  It is a symbol of friendship and love.  It is a symbol of even more than that to me.  When I experience this necklace, I experience the power of the human race, to go to each other, to share gifts with each other, to help each other.  How can we find a way to do this?

There is a story that came up in the news, it’s all a faint memory, but I’m certain it was within the last 5 years that I heard this story.  There were several old women, and I believe it was Christmas time, but these women would buy a lot of cards, and they would flip through the phone book and pick out random names and addresses.  Then they would write a kind message in the card and send them to the addresses.  I’m almost certain they had done some knitting as well and they would include that as a little surprise Christmas present.  Again, it’s all very faint, but I remember being so touched to hear this story on the news.  There are so many people in this world that could use such a surprise present, so many people.

I feel strongly that we are waiting for our governments to bring us all together, but we, The Human Race, WE can bring us together.  We can choose to do kind acts like these and heal each other across the globe.  How can we participate in a gift exchange like Archangel Raphael?

Hmn . . . I realize I’ve been in deep thought and totally blanked out what I was doing, visualizing the world giving gifts all across the globe, that there was no more poverty, no more suffering, sadness, or sorrow, not for any age group or gender, male, female, or child, and the whole world was smiling radiantly, as if we are all from a toothpaste commercial.  It felt beautiful, clean, healthy, and happy.

At this point, I feel complete with the message from Archangel Raphael.  I want you to all know, it’s not just me standing on the other side of the pond, it’s you too, and it’s you too that Archangel Raphael has come to you to share this simple, yet meaningful gift, and you too are wearing the necklace, just as I am. It’s not just the gift itself, it’s the process of getting that gift to you that is also a precious part of the meaning.

I want to thank you all for your love and support!


I did this channeling with Archangel Raphael, which was such an unexpected experience and so touching at the same time. The unexpected part was how deep the message took me into my emotions. I felt deeply sad as we explored silence, loss and grief. Archangel Raphael usually has a way of making me laugh hysterically, but this time, we were exploring the opposite of laughter, in order to see how truly important laughter is in our world.

In this video, I channel Archangel Raphael. You'll see he is such a tease. He’s really funny, and also very smooth in how he presents his message. His focus is on emphasizing many different variations of ‘green’ messages and some are even shared through the eyes of farm animals. You’ll find his message entertaining and enlightening!

This was the 3rd video I ever shared on YouTube. I feel it is Archangel Raphael inspired as the intense green is so mesmerizing and healing. It is a powerful video. Below is what I originally wrote about it:

My soul is connected to a secret that has been revealed to me only recently. This secret is powerful and healing. Not only is it a color, but it is a living organism in the universe. Like the living organism of Love, it too is part of the creation of all things, and it too exists in all matter and non-matter. This secret I can only describe as a healing emerald mist.

Be prepared, the last section is for opening your heart and allowing the hidden memories of my soul to merge with your soul. This gift will enhance your connection with this healing organism so that you too may use it and share it in your life.

Allow yourself to absorb into the green images. Allow yourself to feel my voice. Allow yourself to become one with the gift I share. Freeing yourself from the mind, trust, and openness will always reward you. You will find yourself altered and changed.

**PART II is not meant to be, I made this video several years ago, and have not been able to return to the time and effort needed to create Part 2. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy this experience!

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