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Channeling Archangel Raziel | The Revolving Door of Life, Soulmates, & Love

It’s Friday the 13th, officially.  I’m under the influence of the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse energy.  I’m writing today with Archangel Raziel, who has become a meaningful Archangel friend in my life.  I had never heard of Archangel Raziel until an email showed up in my inbox with a story to tell.  I was so curious about this Archangel Raziel, I felt compelled to get to know him on a deeper level.  I have since made two YouTube videos (One Public video and one SECRET, Unlisted video, which I’ve shared links to both videos in this writing), and apart from these two YouTube videos, I talk to Archangel Raziel on a regular basis, pretty much every day now.  So here I am, today, and I wanted to write a message with Archangel Raziel, and just see what he would like to share with myself and with the world.


I am relaxing my senses now.  I actually have a cup of coffee next to my laptop.  I’m taking a nice hot sip, and now I am just going to let my senses get taken away into a meaningful, and powerful message to humanity . . .

I speak from my heart, out into the Universe:  Archangel Raziel, I would really like to connect with you now.  You mean a lot to me and my life, and I am so glad I have met you.  Thank you for all you have shared with me thus far.  If there is a beautiful message you would like to share with all of us, I am ready to receive that message now.

The first experience I have, I feel relaxed.  I feel deep.  I even feel a bit of sorrow, but I can’t say that it is sadness, but only depth that brings meaning and tears to my emotional senses.  There is a deeper root of what love means to me and where love exists in this world.  I find myself, reminiscing on the wonder of Love.

I think there are so many humans in this world, who do not feel loved, and who wonder where Love exists.  If we do not feel loved, then what are we?  We are alone, we are withdrawn, we are in a state of longing and sorrow.

Archangel Raziel shows me the image of a tall and rough looking man.  This man is covered in a white ash.  He is rugged and stands on a rocky hillside.  It’s dark and there is an enormous full moon.  It takes up almost the entire horizon, this moon is absolutely massive.  I am watching this man from behind.  This man looks rough around the edges.  He pulls a cigarette out, and he lights it.  I see him leaning against a pole, although the pole appears to be invisible, he is definitely comfortably leaning.  He leans, and he smokes his cigarette, and he continues to look into the vast horizon, filled with this enormous full moon.

The man speaks.  He tells me, “It doesn’t matter if I choose to inhale this poisonous smoke or if I choose to inhale this dark air.”  He looks straight ahead, although it appears he has eyes in the back of his head, watching me clearly.

I look down at the ground.  I ask him, why did you take me here, Archangel Raziel?  He says, “I took you here because, I love you.”

I take a moment to pause, and to explore what this message means to me, what this space means to me, what his image means to me.  I feel compelled to tell this man, who is also emanating a reflection of Archangel Raziel, that I do not choose to smoke a cigarette, but I will come stand by you, so we can look at this grand horizon together.

There is something about this statement, “I took you here because, I love you.”  As it echoes in my heart, it reminds me of what love is, love that is shared between two souls, two companions, two devoted lovers.  Such soulmates are more powerful when they stand side-by-side, when they walk the pathway together, than when one lover stands in front and one behind.  It’s important for lovers to walk side-by-side, with body, heart, mind, and spirit.

I see Archangel Raziel’s emanation, as this rough man, covered in white ash, is now transforming into the spirit and the body of someone that I love very much.  A human being that is familiar to me.  One that I love standing next to, and I love daydreaming about us gazing into such a beautiful, surreal scene, as we stand there together and experience such a magical moment together.

I feel my heart is opening and full of love inside.  There is still something about this symbolic cigarette though, that keeps echoing.  It’s a symbol of a version of myself that I once was.  Making self-destructive choices because I only wanted to feel loved, and if couldn’t feel loved, then I only wanted to die, and if I could choose a harder life, my death will come sooner, and the suffering now will end.  But life is like a revolving door, and we are asked to make changes.  We either choose to love ourselves or we choose to destroy ourselves, and often times, it is all a longing for love or an experience of being embraced by love that gives us the strength or the deterioration of our pathway.

I stand here, next to this man that I love so much, a real human being on this Earth that I cherish within my heart, within my soul.  And we gaze at this grand full moon together.  I am filled with what love means to me, and the past of my revolving door.  It seems like it was only a transition into something more beautiful than I could ever know.  And the best that I can know it, this moment of deep, pure, meaningful connection, I can only know it as best as a human being can know what love is.

I see Archangel Raziel is watching us from above, like a man who is also a large star, and his form moves in waves across the night sky. These waves of Archangel Raziel’s love flow down from above us, and this large moon is now transforming into a large orange sun.  It is so warm and beautiful here, as the rays of the sun touch the ground, and touch the hearts of these two soulmates, who are still standing side-by-side, taking in the beauty of life and of this Earth, together.


I channel Archangel Raziel on the topic of Sacred Geometry. This is such a complex message as it explores a diverse array of topics, more than just Sacred Geometry. I talk about my first channeled experienced with him, which I recorded but decided to keep as a Mysterious Hidden video on YouTube for anyone who may want to explore Archangel Raziel a step deeper. I share the link in the comments section, where I pinned a message at the top. There is also an attunement to the frequency of Sacred Geometry, along with tips on how you can effectively use this Sacred Geometry frequency as a healing tool in your own life. Enjoy!

This is my SECRET Archangel Raziel Video, only accessible for those who choose to discover it. I kept this video secret, mainly because it was my first channeling with Archangel Raziel, and it was not what I expected. It made me sad and confused, and I needed more time to prepare for the wisdom of this amazing Archangel. Enjoy!

I want to share Joseph's experience with Archangel Raziel. Below is what he had to say about the video content:

I channel Archangel Raziel, where we explore an alien city and talk about the value of love between people, animals, and even buildings. We explore how harmonic societies value all versions of creation in a way our human world is still developing. Archangel Raziel talks about how angels send messages of love to humanity, and we can either choose to participate in those messages or not. He also shares a message about dolphins and whales.

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