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Jesus & Archangel Lucifer Wisdom

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It’s 11:11 on 7/27/2018.  I’m going to close my eyes and go into a journey state to share a message with humanity.  My intentions for this writing are open to the universe.  My vibration is exploring the concept of human ascension, and welcoming help for the souls struggling through these energy shifts.  I am welcoming the essence of Jesus to enter into this message, to speak with us today.  It’s a powerful day on our journey of human ascension, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes.


I am taking a deep breath now, relaxing my senses, and I see my heart as a gateway to love and higher wisdom.  I experience my soul gravitating upward, toward a space of peacefulness, rest and rejuvenation of the senses.  I can experience the sunlight is warm.  There are Mother Earth energies all around me, in the plants, and in the sounds of birds chirping happily.  There are butterflies, bumble bees, and all sorts of other flying insects about.  I see a tranquil flowing brook.  I see Jesus sitting on a rock by this brook of softly flowing water.

Something abruptly shifts, and I feel my heart is being yanked on.  I’m being thrust down a very long ways, very fast.  Almost like God’s hand has swatted me like a fly and I am falling so quickly, down into a pit of Hell.  I don’t feel in sorrow about this, in fact, I feel at peace with it.  I accept my place in this world has transitioned into a dark space where the glow of light is now a deep red hue amidst the shadows of darkness.  I feel I am at peace with this place, and even find the discovery of myself is more vibrant on the pathway of chaos than through the tunnel of serenity.  Only through challenge can I truly know myself.  Only through peacefulness will I stay in the same place.

I look up and speak to God.  My speech to God is a reflection of my soul’s journey, which is difficult, but beautiful and reverent.  I am a fallen angel.  But not because I am evil, but because I longed to deeply understand myself, to deeply know myself.  Is it selfish to separate from serenity in order to discover who and what I am?  Is it not Jesus who spoke these powerful words, ‘Know thyself?’  If to know myself is through separation, then it is separation I choose.  Blessed be these choices, these sacrifices, these gifts to the expansion of God, to the expansion of all souls.

A very long time has passed, and I feel I have been resting, in a dark trance, in a deep sleep, and I have been lost in the darkness for so long.  The soft touch of the petals and the glow of color, the sunlight, the insects in their peaceful movements, busying themselves in the day, it all feels so distant and obscure.  Who am I?  Am I the deep red glow and the shadow of this dark place?  Or am I that which I long to experience once more, the tranquility of the soft flowing brook?  The peaceful serenity of the presence of Jesus?

I take a long moment to rest my thoughts, my experience of contemplation.  I allow my heart to open a doorway.  Perhaps I’ve been in one place, in one continual experience for too long, that I feel anything beyond this space of darkness, this Hell, is no longer for me, is not who I am.  When Hell is my peace and feels like all that I am, it is now time to grow again, beyond myself.  I must move on from this darkness.  I must now enter into the light, to return to my home of serenity and new learning.

I stand up, with massive wings, and I know it is time for me to leave this space, to leave this darkness behind.  I open this gateway within my heart and I say to God, ‘I am ready now to return to the sunlight and the softness of Love’s gentle glow.’

I experience a large smile upon the face of the sky.  In another dimension of experience, this request has been heard.  This request was heard within the heart of All, a soul that longs to come Home was heard and experienced by all souls, by God’s love.  I see a light that shines down upon this Dark Angel, and the angel welcomes the gentle light, as a portal to the realm of love, a portal to Home.

The experience of this light, of this love, it’s so kind, so generous.  It doesn’t hesitate to share itself with any soul who opens up to it.  Even souls in darkness can return to the light at any time.  And souls of the light can leave the light and venture into darkness at any time.  The soul is given the freewill to choose, and that freewill is the greatest blessing of love, and that freewill choice is the greatest gift of love, the freedom for the soul to choose to find itself in any direction, any space, any time.  It is the blessing of All that souls follow their own inner guidance into their own realms of experience, without persecution, without reason for hesitation.  And when those experiences come to a completion and the soul calls out for Home, Home responds.  It opens the doorway and it welcomes the soul to enter.

I am now experiencing a shift, a massive alteration in the movement and flow of energy.  At one time, this fallen angel felt alone, separated, cut-off.  It felt at peace within its own space of separation.  When the learning became stagnant, it was time to explore a new pathway of experiences.  This transition is like floating in waves of energetic water.  I feel sounds of welcoming energies, arms outstretched, the frequencies of love are getting louder and there are so many frequencies of love.  I feel I am in a pool of many spirits.  We are all healing in these waters and we are all accessing the frequencies of each other.  We are all the souls who have called out to Home, welcoming Home to open the gateway for us to flow with new energetic currents to new experiences, so vast and unimaginable.

I see there are so many souls in this pool of energy and we are interconnecting our dreams together and our ideas of what we want to explore beyond this essence of time.  Some of us in this collective pool feel inspired to drift toward totally new galaxies, while others long to stay within this realm, but working with new tones of learning.  There is so much positive energy here and so much love that is shared between all the souls.  All the souls feel so blessed by each other, and all the deeds, all the choices that each soul has made, no matter how terrible or how wonderful, all the souls are in reverence of each other, and even hug and hold each other in this gentle pool of energetic water.

I experience the God essence, smiling at this pool of souls.  So many gifts of learning have been shared between this collective.  They are all in the water like new born babies, ready to be born into new experiences.  The time these souls were in separation, it feels like only one human lifespan of time, although it’s been a full incarnation cycle of thousands of lifetimes of learning.  All the souls, they are all so happy, so at peace, so fulfilled and ready for the next extraordinary discoveries.


I experience, The Dark One, still standing in darkness.  I experience, The Light One, still sitting peacefully on the rock.  I experience there is no separation between the dark and the light, that they were always working together in oneness.  The love is all there is, was, and ever will be.  No matter where you choose to find love, love will always be there.


I channel Archangel Lucifer who shares powerful wisdom on the journey of mankind. Enjoy!

Jesus shares a powerful message, helping us to comprehend his spiritual essence and his experience as a human being on Earth. Jesus has a presence in our world, and he is here to help us through our life challenges, and to help us find the courage to choose love in every experience of our life.

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