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From Hole to Whole

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Thank you for being a part of this day, 121. How are you doing? Are you doing better than ever or struggling to get by? It’s always interesting to see the teeter-totter of life in action, where one person is now on top of the world who was once crawling through a dingy alley way of life challenges, now flip-flops to the one who was on top of the world is now facing the impossible struggle. It goes to show we are all in a wave of movement that rises and falls, just like day and night. There’s no getting out of it, seriously, only enjoying the comfort of the gentle rocking of the boat, even when it feels like the most terrible storm of all time. Again, the glorious illusions!

I recently did a session with a client where the word ‘Hole’ comes up and the word ‘Whole’ comes up. In one viewpoint, we see laundry hung up to dry on a line outside on sunny day, but the sheets are all full of holes and useless. This is a reflection of the internal struggle. Then along comes a friend that laughs light-heartedly and pulls the sheets off, commenting what wonderful ghost costumes these will make come Halloween. So you see how one’s viewpoint of Holes turns into another’s opportunity to create Wholeness. I think there is something to learn here, about how we view our reality and how others can view it through another lens to help us see the beauty inside of who we are.

Thank you for being a part of planet Earth with me, have a bright and beautiful day! 🌞

Love, Abbey

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