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Channeling Brahman & The Vedas

It’s 9/28/2018.  I’m in the air right now, literally, I’m flying on an airplane.  I thought I could use this time to write something special today.  As usual, I have no idea what it will be about, I don’t have a topic chosen as of yet, but something is sure tugging at my heart strings.  I get so many requests to channel all different types of consciousness, and one of the consciousness I have been asked to channel is, Brahman.  It feels pretty clear that Brahman is the consciousness I am to channel today, it just feels right while I’m flying in the air.  How delightful!

So let's see, before I get channeling, the best I can tell you about the consciousness of Brahman is that it is interconnected with Hinduism and The Vedas.  Now what can I tell you about The Vedas?  Is it an ancient text, an ancient ritual or multitude of rituals?  I’ve heard of The Vedas before, and I honestly can’t remember, I think it’s a mix of all of those things.  So as you can see, I'm not exactly a historical guru, but what I can tell you and will tell you, is what is going to come through a meditation, where I relax and experience the energy consciousness of Brahman and the energy consciousness of The Vedas as it chooses to flow through me as one expression of love, not as I am capable of reading Wikipedia and regurgitating someone else’s historical perspective on the topic.  I choose to share my experience as it comes through my very own heart, in my very own unique way.

My experience of energy consciousness is a psychic feelings-based experience, and through this clairsentience, I receive messages that we can all relate to within our hearts.  I’m a huge heart advocate.  Heart energy is not only healing, it is wise, and it is so deeply connected with the soul.  I always encourage anyone and everyone, please, get heart-centered.  Go deep within yourself.  Love yourself from within your soul.  The divine choices of your life are beautiful.  Give thanks to yourself and give thanks to others.  There is no need for forgiveness, not when you are a reflection of divine choice, and not when we are all a reflection of divine choice.  You are expansion, which is learning in progress, within all time and space, which you are infinitely connected to.  You are the greatest, most beautiful blessing of this infinite universe.  We are all part of love, all a part of an extraordinary journey of a collective consciousness.  Be who you are, be your heart, be your soul, be love.


I’m going to relax now and get connected with the consciousness of Brahman, interconnecting with the consciousness of The Vedas.  Everything has consciousness, you know. EVERYTHING does.  The bible has consciousness, the city of Jerusalem has consciousness, the Earth and Sun have consciousness, that tree over there, that squirrel, spider, and spider web, all have consciousness, the very brand upon your clothing, it is all consciousness.  When I welcome the consciousness of Brahman to come forward, and the consciousness of The Vedas, I do so from within my heart and I say, “I welcome you to share a beautiful message of love with us all today.  Enlighten us with your wisdom.  We are ready!”

The first thing I experience, there is a vulnerable shake to the ground, much like a rumbling earthquake, but not too intense, not too loud.  I am still able to hold my balance.  The spiritual space I see is brown in color.  It’s hard to define its location.  It feels like it is beneath the surface of the Earth, below ground, in an inter-dimensional energy space.  It is quiet here.  I feel there is long forgotten wisdom buried within this space.  I can tell there is a wise keeper.  He is green in color, and also a silvery grey and white.  These colors are all mixed together.  The energy of the colors is very light, not bold and brash, but light.

I see this man, with these blended colors.  He is sitting on a large brown chair, built into this underground space.  The chair is part of the walls and floor, and is carved from the Earthy materials.  This man is sitting, but his posture is relaxed forward, looking down, not sitting up straight and tall.  It feels like a very, very long time.

I say, “Hello,” to him.

This energy consciousness, this keeper of the space, does not look up at me.  He continues to look downward.  There is something small he is holding in both of his hands.  His posture, his style, it reminds me of a high school student, waiting to enter into the principal’s office.  It’s not as if he has done anything wrong, he simply emanates being young and waiting to be called by someone of a higher directive, and while he waits, he is mindlessly adrift, disconnected from the world, almost to the effect of not caring while still caring.  He’s just been waiting a very long time.  He happens to have a piece of paper in his hands that he is pulling apart into smaller pieces while he waits. There is no anxiety this male emanation is expressing, only the experience of waiting, and waiting a long, long time, and participating in this simple entertainment while the act of waiting continues, while he waits to be called by someone of a higher directive.

I’m still standing here, and from within my soul I say, “I am present.”

I see myself as a tall woman, with a pure white garment draped down past my feet.  I look Egyptian in a way, with straight, jet black hair and tan skin.  There is something about my appearance the reminds me of ancient Egypt.  I have no gold upon my body and this white garment is simple, there is no embroidery.  The pure white color, it almost glows against my dark skin.  My eyes have dark eye liner.  I have an exotic appearance.  There is silence.  Inner silence.  I feel it within myself, and I feel it within this space.  I find myself becoming taller, more energetically expanded within and around.  My posture is straight, tall, confident.  I am not afraid.  I am ready.

The part of myself that is, Abbey, writing this message to you, I will say, this Earthy brown space is a consciousness of enlightenment.  I am inhaling it, breathing it within myself.  The simple choice to be here is enough to say, “I am ready now for enlightenment.  I am ready for expansion.”  I experience this.  It’s not the man, this gatekeeper who is waiting, that is the value of this story, it’s this inter-dimensional space.  The man who is waiting, is more like a distraction, the perception of a gatekeeper, but the true gatekeeper is Me, and it is within my intentions, within my heart, within this inter-dimensional space, within all things that I experience the enlightenment and the deepest and wisest truth.  The truth is, I am The Gatekeeper, and as soon as this man wakes up to his own divine truth, only then will he be able to identify himself as, The Gatekeeper, as well.

I experience a silent messenger, showing me a longing within our human race, a longing to know the true and complete meaning of life, meaning of self, meaning of ALL, but not from within the self, but through the messages of someone else.  This is the ultimate distraction, a part of the illusion.  The truth is, YOU are the gatekeeper.  YOU possess the meaning.  This silent messenger tells me, “One must be patient when one is ready to discover the meaning, the value of one’s own consciousness, and in a place of unsuspecting value.  The most valuable, most precious treasures are oftentimes unseen.  The only way to true discovery, is from within One’s Own Self.”

I turn away now from this man on the chair.  I look all around me, but not with my human eyes, I choose to see through the wise eyes of my heart.  I feel and experience the emanation of all that is around me.  I smile, and I say, “Hello Brahman.  How tricky you are.  How lovely you are.  Thank you for your presence.  I do not have to see you to know you are there.  I love you, deeply.  Thank you for BEing.”

Brahman smiles back at me, from thin air, from within this man, from the chair made out of the Earthy materials, from the walls themselves, from the color brown.  Brahman smiles at me from within everything, even from within myself.  I experience something silly and meaningful to me.  Myself as Abbey, I love to draw happy hearts in the energy world, and in the physical world.  It’s amazing how powerfully healing a happy heart drawing can be, in all dimensions.  Brahman shows me, from within myself, he is smiling.  He is the happy heart within my very own chest.  This message is precious and meaningful for me to experience.  It’s loving and kind.

As I take the time to experience Brahman, I can tell you, he loves to be interconnected to ALL creation.  Not simply one individual consciousness, but ALL consciousness.  He loves to be a part of everything.  He shows me the conversation I was having earlier, about how all things have consciousness, even the label upon your clothes is also a part of Brahman’s spirit.  He is so, so lovely, his energy is breathtaking to feel.  He also really likes the color brown.  There is something about the unsuspecting value.  We all are looking for a golden enrichment, the bright and colorful rainbow, but we forget to cherish the unsuspecting brown.  He is the unsuspecting brown that is so, so precious, the value of his heart, his meaning, his love.

I love that he likes to ‘hide’ inside of all things.  You have to discover him.  He isn’t just going to appear and say, “Hello.”  And if you chose to appear and say, “Hello,” to him, then be prepared for a treasure hunt, but remember, Brahman is within ALL things.  He keeps echoing how much he enjoys mystery and the excitement of discovery, and he echoes it again how much he loves treasure hunts.  I experience Brahman say, “Discovery is so joyful, empowering, exciting, challenging … So many emotions in the act of discovery that help to mold and shape the meaning of your essence.”

I am talking to Brahman right now, about the meaning of an individual essence.  I’m showing him how I experience him.  I show him how he doesn’t appear as an individual essence, but as a reflection of ALL things, and yet, I can discover his frequency, specifically, as an individual essence, existing within ALL things, as one and as many, and I ask Brahman, “Am I like this too?  Am I also like you, Brahman, a part of every single thing?  And if I choose to explore the essence of every single thing with more fine tuning then, like you, I will discover myself, Abbey, as a unique essence, also found in ALL things, but also a reflection of ALL things.”  The feeling of this experience, of Brahman, of this conversation, I feel it as so precious, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he responds to my message of images, thoughts, and emotions.

Brahman is thinking right now, let’s see what he says back.

I experience Brahman, talking to me about the individual soul, and he is talking to me about all of creation.  He is showing me the two ideas separately and intertwined – the individual soul and the individual soul as it exists within all of creation.  And now he is showing me ALL of creation, as all there is, was, and ever will be – as though there is no individuality, only creation, only oneness, only consciousness – one consciousness.  He is talking to me about dimensional layers of identity of the one consciousness.  The one consciousness, you could define it as the blending of all the ingredients, all the souls, blended into one.  The One has dimension, so it’s not just One, but infinitely dimensional, in time and space.  He is showing me dimensions where The One is individualized, and explores an identity in uncountable numbers of identities, like we experience every single individual creation on Earth, and Earth now as a whole space of many individual creations that make up ALL of creation on Earth.  In this dimensional plane of The One, this Earth plane of consciousness, we experience separation and individualism.  As we venture into higher dimensions, also interconnected with the Earth experience, also interconnected with The One, we become more connected with the experience of The One Consciousness.  You could define is as, the higher we raise our vibration, the more connected to the experience of The One Consciousness we become and the further we are from the experience of individuality and separation.

Brahman asks me, “Abbey, do you want to feel, The One Consciousness, or do you want to be an individual, separate soul from all the other souls?  Do you want to be, only one soul, the one and only soul that is yourself, that is Abbey.  Do you want to be the ONLY consciousness of your kind?  OR, do you want to know, The One Consciousness?”

I am exploring my feelings for a moment.

I tell him, “I’m okay with, The One Consciousness, Brahman.  At one time, it scared me to think about no longer having an individual identity.  I liked being my own person, my own soul.  But, the older I have gotten, the more expanded and aware I have become.  I no longer need to be just one soul, just Abbey, just a single, individual consciousness.  I like the idea of a collective love, and I even like the idea of merging with, The One Consciousness, and just BEing.”

I tell Brahman, “Attachments to this Earth plane, I am aware of the value of letting these go.  My choice then is to let go of attachments so that I am free.  I choose then to accept pain as a process of learning, accepting too the memories of my life, good and bad.  It’s okay to appreciate these memories for what they were, are, and ever will be, but I do not have to be attached to those memories as, MY EXISTENCE.  The memories were, and will forever be a part of, The One Consciousness, as I am, as we all are, now blended.”

I tell him, “I guess you could say, I am happy, Brahman.  It’s a beautiful feeling to know that you came here to Earth to experience separation, individualism, to be challenged, but to develop such an expanded awareness, and that I can be at peace with blending my identity with, The One Consciousness, and just BE, The One Consciousness.  To know that I Am God, or I Am Brahman, or I Am The Vedas, or I Am The Bible, I am Jerusalem, I am the Sun, the Earth, the tree, the squirrel, the spider, the spider web, as well as being a part of even the brand upon your clothes …  I am ALL things, just like You are ALL things.  It feels special to be ALL things, not just one thing, but ALL things.”

Brahman shares a very precious feeling with me, a feeling that is also a message.  First thing he says is that, “Raising your vibration, helps you to be at peace with all aspects of your human life, your life as ‘the individual soul,’ as ‘separated.’  The higher you raise your vibration, the more at peace you become with ALL things.  The idea of karma, the idea of reincarnation, the idea of pain and suffering, these are all a divine blessing, the idea of ‘bad choices’ as the result of bad parenting or the idea of being a bad seed, the idea of ‘bad’ that tells you that there can be bad, and whatever is not bad is the only thing that is good.  You find yourself discovering that you are a divine chooser of the experience and that is the blessing.  There is no right or wrong, bad or good choice, there is only a divine choice, a divine experience as the student and the teacher, as God.  You always and ever will be, The One Consciousness, and as, The One Consciousness, you experience ALL as ALL, and the bliss and beauty of that space is the true Heaven.  The only way to True Heaven is discovering you are already one with God Consciousness.  You Are The One God Consciousness.”

Brahman askes me, “Abbey, if you are, The One God Consciousness, then how can each person on this Earth and each creation in the stars, also be, The One God Consciousness, do you know?”

This question is not meant to be answered, but to merely be contemplated.  Brahman is asking you to think about how you are, The One God Consciousness, and how there could possibly be more than one, One God Consciousness.  So, if I, Abbey, am, The One God Consciousness, how can You simultaneously be, also, The One God Consciousness?

Brahman smiles and says, “You are not as individual and separate as you may feel you are.  Even working within the human Earth realm, you have never left, The One God Consciousness.  You only appear to have left it, and appear to be exploring your identity as a unique fractal of God.”

I hear this echo, “A unique fractal of God, a unique fractal of God, a unique fractal of God …”  Brahman asks me, “How can God have unique fractals of, The One God Consciousness, if it is only ONE Consciousness and that is all.  One infinite love, how can one infinite love have fractals within itself, when all the fractals are blended in the One Infinite Love?”

Brahaman asks me, “How do you experience the One Infinite Love in your human life experience?  The One Infinite Love is your true identity.”  He tells me, “You must look around you, and discover that you are a part of ALL of Creation.”

Brahman shows me this underground world, this brown place.  He shows me this man, oblivious to the conversation, looking at his hands, fidgeting with a piece of paper.  Brahman shows me how precious ‘space’ is.  The exploration of ‘space’ itself.  The idea that there are individual ‘things’ that exist – as in, a house, a building, a car, a rock, a person, a dog, a grain of sand.  Space is so important.  The idea that we are one part of a space full of infinite numbers of parts, but not knowing how to be the infinite parts all blended into, The One God Consciousness.  This is so valuable, the experience of space and what space manifests for your human conscious awareness of ‘Your Self’ as an individual.  It is very, very important, space is.  The idea that you are just one part of an infinite space full of parts.  That is your consciousness, Abbey, your identity as a human being, your instinct.  The idea of just being one part of a space full of infinite parts, it also provides the gift of fear, of not being enough, of not knowing how you fit in, of not knowing what the other parts mean to you or to themselves, of not understanding or feeling one with the ‘bigger picture’ – that which is, The One God Consciousness.”

Brahman’s energy is getting so full of glee and joy to talk about this with me.  He is getting so excited.  Human emotions excite him so much, and the human identity that is based on being ‘Only One’ and how that manifests the experience itself, the separation, the fear.  He tells me, “It’s all so very, very precious, this gift that is, BEing human.”

I can feel Brahman’s heart beating so loudly, so proudly, as he even comes forward as just One Soul, to give me a hug, as I am, One Soul.  And we hug each other for a long time and there is an exchange of love between his heart and my own heart.  I see Brahman ‘waking up’ the man on the chair.  The man looks confused for a moment, and then disappears.  The brown, underground space disappears.  Now it is only Brahman and myself, and we are in a vast universe, with a black background and pure white stars.

He shows me, we are two individual souls, in a vast space of accumulations of ‘one thing.’  Many, many ‘one things.’  Brahman asks me, “How many stars can you count, Abbey?”  He smiles so big as he asks me, and as I contemplate this question, he is echoing back to me another question, “How many of ‘one thing’ is there that is ALL of Creation?”  He is encouraging me to blend myself into all the stars, the fabric between the stars, as well as himself, as well as myself, and inter-dimensionally, back into ‘what was’ the brown space from the past, this current space in the present, and the future of my developing consciousness.

Brahman is smiling even bigger now.  He is so excited that I am thinking about the idea of ‘the future.’  He loves this so much.  What the idea of ‘the future’ looks like to a human being.  It is the most glorious thing for him, to experience my human consciousness trying to make sense of what the future looks like, and even the idea of a future existing in the first place and where the idea of future even comes from.

I feel Brahman’s heart is so big, and it is bursting with joy and love and excitement.  He calms down his vibrations and smiles at me now.  He relaxes me.  He says, “Abbey, we don’t have to have it all figured out in one day.”  He says, “You have the rest of your life to discover who you are, what it all means, the value of space, the experience of time and the existence of ‘the future.’”

He bows before me, and he fills my heart with a big, bright-red, happy face heart.  Brahman tells me, “You are loved.”  Then he disappears.  Even though I do not see, Brahman, with my eyes, my senses tell me he is in all things, all around me, everywhere I go.  That I too am Him, as I am ALL of Creation.  That I too am exploring the gift of the individual, separate soul experience, while simultaneously, I am, The One God Consciousness, as you are, as we all are, One.


Hello Everybody! I channel Sri Krishna who has a beautiful, peaceful message to share, along with a gift of energetic rebalancing to slow down our frequencies and allow us access to enlightenment through peace and meditation. Sri Krishna also discusses the value of astral travel, and we explore a conversation about the body, the soul, and the higher self. Enjoy!

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