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The Mahatma Consciousness | Attunement & Message from Gandhi

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It’s July 19th.  I’m at the Vancouver airport.  I’ve been traveling way too early this morning, and still have a full day of traveling yet to go.  Right now, it’s layover time.  My senses long for a meaningful, simple experience of love and connectedness to keep me balanced, which writing is perfect for balancing my energy field.  Writing inspires relaxation, creativity, and spirituality.  When the writing is transformed into a gift of love and healing I can share with the world, it has a way of healing my own heart, or expanding my heart with deeper meaning and gratitude.  Love is a powerful force that is my passion, to share as much of it as I can, in as many different ways as I can share it.

I had a special experience last night, where I chose to receive the gift of attunement to the Mahatma Consciousness, and I want to share it with you as well.  You’ll find this video is not my own, but another YouTuber, sharing a beautiful message of love with the world.  I really enjoyed Pamela Caddy’s smooth, calming voice and the entire experience felt like a vibration of golden light within and around me. The vibrations up and down my spine and around my head were absolutely lovely . . . I’m telling you, it’s good!

I feel so blessed that this world is sharing, sharing, sharing its spiritual love and heart through an accessible free library of content.  If it weren’t for YouTube, I wouldn’t be here, I would still be trying to climb the corporate ladder in a cubicle world, and I’m certain that so many of the lovely souls that are devoting their lives to healing the planet may not be out there on the same level either.  Whether we are healing the planet through a spiritual means or through sharing super wise life hacks or comedic videos, a music library that you can’t access on the radio, art, and so much more, I do feel strongly that YouTube is a gift to the ascension of our human race.  It allows us to access a global community full of diverse and beautiful, amazing souls!

So, in saying this, I would like to channel the Mahatma Consciousness and see what the frequency is like from my own psychic perspective, along with sharing a message of love and healing for you wonderful readers!


Okay, so, relaxing the senses here.  I’m clearing my consciousness from the visual movements and sounds of the airport.  I’m engaging with my heart portal and allowing my vibration to relax.  Sending energies down into the Earth and across the horizon.  I am choosing to be in oneness and at peace.

Tapping into the frequency of the Mahatma Consciousness, I will say, it is beautifully patient.  It reminds me of a gentle breeze, blowing through an open window, with antique lace curtains that ripple in a soft and supple way.  You almost can’t tell the wind is saying Hello on this sunny day, but you are also so wonderfully touched, knowing this soft, natural breeze is kissing the interior of your home.  It is so gentle, so kind, so supple, so real and yet so invisible.

This energy reminds me of being a child, but on a level I don’t recognize exactly.  It’s innocent and childlike, but still different.  I don’t know that a child would naturally or instinctively long for this experience or emanate it, but the frequency is sensitive, a patient type of love, and it’s like an ancient desert, full of beautiful mystery – not a desert experience, devoid of all life, emanating dryness and death . . . it’s like a kind desert.  A childlike desert that wants to tenderly love you and wants you to care about it in return.  To see that there is value to its presence and its place in this world.  To see that it too is beautiful, even if the experience or appearance is like waves of rolling sands that span miles, upon miles, upon miles of lifeless land.

I can’t describe it in any other way, but it’s beauty of the most unexpected kind, and a beauty that you want to uncover a mystery, a tenderness, and a deep touching of the soul.  The desert child now transforms into a wise teacher, and it’s this type of love that creates a small hunger within me to discover something within this enlightened, ancient space of infinite grains of sand.

The desert is speaking to me.  The desert is vast and wise.  I experience the emanation of Mahatma Gandhi, and his energy is patiently levitating over this expansive desert.  He smiles at me.  He doesn’t speak in words or language.  He wants to show me something about this desert, and it’s beautiful, the quiet and calm way he expresses himself, it’s just so beautiful.  Gandhi’s spirit is so beautiful and the desert is so beautiful too.  They are One.

Gandhi shows me something.  He shows me that this expression, this Mahatma Consciousness and Gandhi himself, they are perfectly at peace.  Whether I were to say No to him or say Yes to him, he is perfectly at peace with all choices.  Gandhi tells me, “Yes choices can lead to No experiences and sometimes No choices can lead to Yes experiences.  We chose to say No to the things we find distasteful, where if we were to say Yes to those experiences, we might just discover something more beautiful about ourselves and more beautiful about a world worth living in.  Sometimes we say Yes to things in this world that become an imprisonment of the experience, and sometimes we don’t have the courage to say No, so we say Yes, and find ourselves in suffering.”  Gandhi’s spirit is at peace with Yes and with No.

Ghandi, when he smiles, he is like the hot desert sun itself, but he is also like a welcoming breeze.  I don’t experience any sand blowing in my eyes.  I am relaxed, at peace, and I can see with clarity, for miles.  I experience this desert as a welcoming, mysterious, beautiful place, especially with this Sun God that is the emanation of Gandhi’s spirit, and the Mahatma Consciousness.  I never expected to see Gandhi like a Sun God, but he is so patient, like the sun.  The sun is at peace with its process of movement and its place in the universe.

Gandhi asks me, “Have you ever felt at peace with your place in the universe?”  After a good long pause, he asks me another question, “Have you ever explored what exists in between the choices of Yes and No?”

I can’t explain the feelings that are welling within me.  I feel so emotional from these simple questions.  I feel I have an honest good answer or perspective on them, but I can’t seem to respond.  My heart is so moved, so touched.  I get down on my knees, and I kneel as a gift, as a gesture of reverence for this beautiful soul, and for this beautiful expanded consciousness of love, this Mahatma Consciousness.  From within my soul I say, “I am just so honored by your presence.  I am just so thankful for it, for this moment, for even the opportunity to hear you speak these words to me, Gandhi, to share your heart and soul with my heart and soul.  It is almost more than I can express in words.  Thank You.”

I actually am so touched, I don’t feel a need for any further interaction at this time.  I tell, Gandhi, that I want to sit here in the desert for a while, and experience this desert energy and the mystery that I feel emanating from this space.  He smiles at me, and I don’t feel he necessarily leaves, but lingers in the sunlight.

It’s just so full of light here, and the light seems to reflect off the sand as well, and I feel I am surrounded by the light of Heaven, but it’s a different kind of Heavenly light and energy.  It’s like gold itself, not golden rays of light, but gold itself, transformed into a liquid, transformed into a fire, transformed into an air, transformed into a soil, transformed into a spirit … it’s like the spirit of gold becomes all the elements of nature, all transformed into gold in their own unique expression, all around me.  I can’t even describe how richly abundant this energy is to experience, it feels dense and physical, while spiritual too.  It’s not something you would feel, just walking down the street, it’s something you receive within your heart, within your soul.  The only way to receive an experience like this is to welcome it into your heart, welcome it to surround you within and around your sacred and divine essence.  The only way to receive an experience like this is to choose to receive it and then to BE it, within a moment of infinite time.  It is here within you, it is around you, it IS you.  I am the Mahatma Consciousness.

I close my eyes and take some time to breath, to relax, to allow myself to experience, receive, and BE in this moment of golden energy and the presence of Gandhi’s beautiful soul.  The Mahatma Consciousness IS Gandhi, and the frequency of Gandhi’s spiritual emanation in the form of a collective love.  A collective love that we are all a part of, and we can be that reflection of love if we choose to be.  And we can work with this collective, loving consciousness if we choose to.  We don’t have to choose to experience or be a reflection of this type of love.  It is a Yes or a No moment in our lives.  I love, Love, and I love exploring, feeling, experiencing, and being all the reflections that love can be in this world, on a level where love heals, touches, and speaks to the heart of our collective souls.

I open my eyes and I discover I am still in meditation within the desert.  It feels like a great long time has passed, longer than I expected, what feels like several thousand years, in fact.

I tell Gandhi, “I am ready to wake up now.  I am ready to enter into this world, a profit, a voice of God, a healer, a spirit of love.  I am ready.”

He slides a green curtain to the side, to open up a space between worlds, between a bright golden desert and a dark stage.  The golden light is muted with the shadow of darkness, and this heavy hunter green curtain, dusty, old, and hanging down from above, along the side of these two worlds, it feels cooler and more silent than the golden space where I have been meditating and experiencing love.

Gandhi encourages me to walk forward.

I tell Gandhi again, “I am ready.”

I take a deep breath, and I step forward onto the stage of darkness.  A tear streams down my cheek as I feel full of empowerment and love to do the unthinkable, to share a message, an expression, a way of being that impacts humanity, where the volume is turned up on full blast, and no one can deny the meaning of this movement.  In my heart, I know this one soul is enough to change the world.

I bow before darkness itself, before all the souls within this darkness, who watch me emanate my own spiritual light, in my own spiritual way.  I share reverence and gratitude to all of these souls.  I can feel the thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of souls, their eyes are all upon me, and I kneel now and say, “Thank You.  From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.  Your actions, your choices, your presence, your fears, your dreams, your shortcomings, your emotional struggles, your weaknesses, your courage, your success.  Thank You.  Thank you for being here with me, that I don’t have to be here alone, on this stage, all by myself.  We are not so different, are we?  We are not so different, while we are yet so diverse.  Do we not have two arms from which to hug each other?  Two eyes to see each other, to admire each other, to love each other?  One mouth to smile, to deliver a precious kiss upon the forehead of another?  Do we not have a voice to say, ‘Thank You?’  Let us love one another.  Let us care about each other.  The moment we all choose to realize the oneness of our fears, of our dreams, of all that we are . . . the moment we discover we are all afraid and we all long to be loved, to be held, to be cured, to be carried, to have a voice, that we can speak from our heart . . . the moment we can all discover our oneness, now we are living in a world full of appreciation, hugs, tenderness, kindness . . . It’s okay to be vulnerable.  It’s okay to cry.  It’s okay to feel ashamed.  It’s okay to feel embarrassed.  It’s okay to feel afraid.  You are not alone.  I am not alone.  We have each other.  We have the whole world, in our hands.  We have the whole wide world, in our hands.  We have Heart.  We have Love.”

I stop speaking.  I tremble.  I take a deep breath.  I know I speak words of truth, and they make my heart ache to say them.  The ache is the meaning of love within my soul to be here in this moment, as another soul, trying the best I can to change the world, to touch the heart of another soul, as best I know how.  All I can do is try.

I take another deep breath.  There is no applause.  There are no souls running to hug me.  There is no response.  I wonder if I was only talking to myself, but I know that I wasn’t.  I know there is a lot of silence in this world, but that souls do receive the message of love that I share.

I feel myself, very skinny.  Old.  I’m still standing on my own two feet.  I feel though I am weak and falling to the ground.  I never hit the ground.  From within my soul, I say, “I am always standing strong.  I am Mahatma Gandhi, and I am still standing strong!”


I talk about the amazing learning experiences I’ve had with Kryon and Albert Einstein, and I share a powerful spiritual healing gift with all who watch. Enjoy!

This video will bless you with an appreciation for reincarnation and a joy for the gift of human consciousness and the human experience. In this video, I explore one viewer's questions about reincarnation, which are questions we can all relate too. I discuss this topic from so many angles to bring a wider understanding about the gift of experiencing lifetime after lifetime. Reincarnation is a blessing, not imprisonment. We explore the purpose of life. We explore how souls choose the next pathway, the energetic gift souls receive lifetime after lifetime, and how souls feel about reincarnation themselves vs how human beings feel about it vs how alien beings feel about it, helping you to get a wider perspective on the possibilities of a lifetime and the experience of reincarnation from different viewpoints. We explore a conversation as to why it’s a blessing to NOT remember your past lives. You will feel way more positive about being a human being by the end of this message, and it will help you feel closer to the souls you know and do not know around you.

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