Channeling Jesus | Jesus Speaks About the End of the World

This is a channeled message with Jesus.  This message was entirely inspired a few days ago, when I woke up feeling kind of crummy and irritable for no real explainable reason.  Seeing as the value of my life is all about harmony and inner peace, I decided on channeling Jesus as a method for re-balancing my energy field.  I didn’t have any expectations for what Jesus might share, I just allowed the wisdom to flow, and when I allow the wisdom to flow, it often comes out like a story, full of images and emotional reactions, all for the purpose of the higher learning of myself and others.

So as the wisdom flowed, I was surprised to discover this channeling with Jesus was all about the topic of The End of the World, which was not my intention at all.  I’m not particularly big on the whole concept of The End of the World, which seems to saturate the hearts of many on this planet.  If you are a scientific type, you are surely seeing the harmony of the Human Race vs Planet Earth and it seems inevitable, the complete annihilation of our species will take place within the next 10 years.  Perhaps you are a New Age Spiritual type, you are probably envisioning the Reptilian Race, enslaving all of humanity, also happening within the next 10 years.  Or maybe you are Christian, we all know the Rapture is coming any day now.

I’m simply not on this band wagon, and even if the end of the world were just around the corner, I’m here to live my life.  My heart is big and full of love and that’s all I know about living.  I choose to make a difference on this Earth by sharing higher frequency perspective that manifests healing and inner power inspirations in mankind.  That is how I choose to change the world, but I feel very strongly within my depths, that Human Ascension is the variable that nobody notices, but what exactly is Human Ascension?

Human Ascension is ascending from a fear-based frequency into a love-based frequency.  It’s choosing support and interconnected groups instead of individualism as the only way to live life.  The world is becoming divided between those who are choosing open-mindedness, love, and connection, and those who are still holding onto the painful emotions, choosing to feel singled out, all alone, angry, hurt, not choosing healing, loving connects, but choosing to descend into lower frequency choices of self-destruction as love.  Those who are free to choose love and help others choose love, these are the ascended human beings, and eventually, we will all start to heal our inner hurts and start working together to heal ourselves and thus the planet, and I do see this as our future and I do see this as the only truth that is lingering just around the corner, because I see this happening already today.

So what do you see?