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Channeling Jesus | Jesus Speaks About the End of the World

This is a channeled message with Jesus.  This message was entirely inspired a few days ago, when I woke up feeling kind of crummy and irritable for no real explainable reason.  Seeing as the value of my life is all about harmony and inner peace, I decided on channeling Jesus as a method for re-balancing my energy field.  I didn’t have any expectations for what Jesus might share, I just allowed the wisdom to flow, and when I allow the wisdom to flow, it often comes out like a story, full of images and emotional reactions, all for the purpose of the higher learning of myself and others.

So as the wisdom flowed, I was surprised to discover this channeling with Jesus was all about the topic of The End of the World, which was not my intention at all.  I’m not particularly big on the whole concept of The End of the World, which seems to saturate the hearts of many on this planet.  If you are a scientific type, you are surely seeing the harmony of the Human Race vs Planet Earth and it seems inevitable, the complete annihilation of our species will take place within the next 10 years.  Perhaps you are a New Age Spiritual type, you are probably envisioning the Reptilian Race, enslaving all of humanity, also happening within the next 10 years.  Or maybe you are Christian, we all know the Rapture is coming any day now.

I’m simply not on this band wagon, and even if the end of the world were just around the corner, I’m here to live my life.  My heart is big and full of love and that’s all I know about living.  I choose to make a difference on this Earth by sharing higher frequency perspective that manifests healing and inner power inspirations in mankind.  That is how I choose to change the world, but I feel very strongly within my depths, that Human Ascension is the variable that nobody notices, but what exactly is Human Ascension?

Human Ascension is ascending from a fear-based frequency into a love-based frequency.  It’s choosing support and interconnected groups instead of individualism as the only way to live life.  The world is becoming divided between those who are choosing open-mindedness, love, and connection, and those who are still holding onto the painful emotions, choosing to feel singled out, all alone, angry, hurt, not choosing healing, loving connects, but choosing to descend into lower frequency choices of self-destruction as love.  Those who are free to choose love and help others choose love, these are the ascended human beings, and eventually, we will all start to heal our inner hurts and start working together to heal ourselves and thus the planet, and I do see this as our future and I do see this as the only truth that is lingering just around the corner, because I see this happening already today.

So what do you see?  Do you still see us all living in a self-destructive world, where there is nothing but hopelessness and The End of the World as truly the only inevitable experience left?  Maybe a part of you wants to see the world come to an end already because you feel the pain and suffering of this world, which is also lingering within yourself, and you simply can’t bare it anymore?  Is this deeper longing there because you yourself are resisting the frequencies of Human Ascension, which is asking you to let go of fear and choose love and support?  . . . Is this why a deeper part of you, a deeper part of the human race longs, for The End of the World, because living is just simply too hard?

Again, Human Ascension is happening whether you resist it or not, and choices to do things differently are happening, right under our noses.  We are finding a choice to connect with each other, with love, and it’s happening faster than anyone can imagine.  One thing I’ve noticed about our human race, you would see distinct changes over the course of thousand year increments, which then started to speed up, and we began to see changes over the course of a hundred year increments, then 10 year increments, and now 1 year increments, and it almost feels like monthly and daily we are dealing with changes and it’s hard.  But these changes are ascending us into a love-based reality, believe it or not, and this is why I do not choose to believe in The End of the World, because it is Old Earth Thinking, it is fear-based, humanity-giving-up style thinking, and I’m not into that.

Now back to the story, channeling Jesus, I was surprised that this topic of The End of the World came up, but I found this story to be extremely relaxing for me to experience and it did put me into a higher frequency mood.  I don’t think anyone can deny, Jesus is an awesome consciousness of extraordinary love, and he is a symbol of resurrection, which to me is also about our human race, resurrecting from fear into love.  Jesus helps us all find the love within ourselves and a choice to choose love for the world.  That is Jesus to me.  Jesus is Love, and Humanity is Love too.

I hope you enjoy this story, thank you for reading!


I’m being shown movements of people, and they move in cross sections, so many people. It amazes me how they don’t bump into each other, it’s all fluid motion. I’m extremely high up looking down a very long ways, and the people look like large volumes of moving dots going in horizontal, diagonal and vertical directions, but nobody bumps into each other.

The scene is changing. There is a massive eagle that comes down from the sky. It has brown feathers.  It’s easily 10 or 20 times larger than any Eagle I’ve ever seen. All the while, there is a terrible energetic tidal wave that is about to crash down on tall buildings, the Eagle, and the many people walking down below.

“So, what do we make of all of this?” Jesus asks.

There is a pause, and the scene slows to a stop.  Jesus touches the image of the large brown Eagle. He has me look at it from the front now instead of the side, where I had seen it before.

This Eagle appears to be free, it appears to be free to go wherever he pleases. What we don’t see is inside his heart there is a terrible suffering. An agony. His heart is even much too small for his size. The Eagle is resisting and fighting back our loving observation of him. He feels anger when love approaches and he resists it with all his might. He feels ashamed and embarrassed about his heart. He feels angry that we have told him about his imprisonment over his freedom to fly wherever he pleases. This eagle just keeps getting angrier and angrier. It’s like he is so big because he is also so full of anger inside.

Jesus asks me what we should do next. Some terrible wave overcomes me and I feel so angry myself. I am inspired to tell Jesus, “We should just let this world go to destruction. I feel like I hate this world and I want to see it all come to an end already. Everyone is in suffering here and there is no hope of changing it. Let the wave crash down and destroy everything and everyone!”

Jesus says, “Okay.” He snaps his fingers and the wave crashes down on the Eagle, the Eagle goes to the ground, along with the buildings and all the people are crushed. Their Day of Reckoning Has Arrived! I hear these words said in a very malicious voice, intermixed with some evil professor of Christian biblical truth. Our Day of Reckoning is when EVERYBODY DIES! Followed by terrible laughter.

Now, silence.

We return to the original scene. I am looking down from a very high place, and I see Jesus is here. There is a massive Eagle, lots of people down below, tall buildings, and this very large tidal wave, just waiting for its calling. Jesus asks me, “Do you truly want the world to come to an end, or maybe there is some deeper hurt within you, and it is this hurt that you want to come to an end instead?”

Jesus says, “Thorns hurt.”  He says, “When people are in pain, they hurt emotionally too.” Jesus asks me, “How many people on this Earth do you think are in pain?”

I tell Jesus, “I don’t think any soul comes here without expecting to know what some version of pain feels like, even if it’s the pain of labor, or the pain of falling down and scraping your knee, or the pain of loneliness, or the pain of a loved one passing away, or your dog getting hit by a car. I tell Jesus we all experience pain here.”

Jesus slows the energy frequencies way down. Jesus slows the energy frequencies even further down, and creates a very slow, meditative, relaxed frequency. A harmony. It reminds me of being an innocent child, and only wanting a simple hug. That’s all I would need, for only a moment, to feel fully recharged and ready to live life again.  A hug.

Jesus asks me what I think about the healing a child needs to feel rebalanced, verse the healing an adult needs to feel rebalanced?

I tell Jesus, “I feel like, we as adults, can get so lost over decades of life experiences and painful confusing moments. Sometimes, it feels like we need more than just a hug to heal some of these deeper wounds, or to remove these thorns.”

There is a pause.

Jesus then asks me, “Do the prophecies of this world come from children, with simple needs, or do they come from adults, enduring great twists and pains, great hardships that we are ashamed of, embarrassed of, while refusing to admit to any shortcomings. We lose our tempers, we argue for hours longer than is necessary, we fall victim to sorrow, depression, grief. We persecute, we blame and judge others, and in the end, we want to die.  We choose drugs, alcohol, overtime shifts, porn addictions, and pain killers.”  Jesus says again, “Do the prophecies of this world come from children or do they come from adults?”

Jesus shows me so many scenes of our emotional adult experience, our many choices based on our deeper wounds, and then Jesus shows me these same adults are proclaiming The End of the World. These adults are choosing, are wanting, are longing for The End of the World.  But why?

Jesus shows me again how thorns hurt, how thorns create reactions that are out of balance with the harmony of love. Love creates love, it inspires love, it breaths love, it is warm, healing, nurturing, passionate, creative, sensual, kind, helpful, joyful, fun … love is alive and creates life itself.

Jesus asks me, “How do we remove the thorns from humanity, so they can feel the harmony of love again, and the harmony of love then transforms all we know about this world, about the balance of all things, about the purpose of life itself.  How do we remove the thorns, Abbey?”

I think for a moment.  Then I go to the massive Eagle, and I patiently wait for it to get all of its ego reactions out of the way, it’s shame, its anger, its suffering about imprisonment verse freedom, its many reactions related to its pain. When the Eagle is tired from all of these reactions, I tell the Eagle, “I love you. I love you for all that you are, inside and out. And if your heart is too tiny, I still love you anyway. And if you are imprisoned and not yet free, I still love you.  I will always love you, for all that you are, no matter how this pain inspires you to react, I love you, Eagle.”

The Eagle receives this message in the form of energy. The energy goes into the Eagle’s heart and the Eagle feels different for a moment. It feels freer for a moment. It actually flies even higher into the sky, and it swoops way down to the people far below, and then it decides it will leave the city now and find itself.

The Eagle begins to discover a vast world full of new experiences, beyond anything it ever knew. All along, it was living in a city full of calamity that felt like a tidal wave of chaos hitting him every day, but he never realized it until he left all the noise and the business of this life experience. The Eagle finds himself in a vast natural world with different looking creatures, which all happen to be animals, so many animals, and so many trees, and greenery and tall ledges, cliffs and mountains, lakes and rivers.

The Eagle wonders why it was living so far out of balance with what was most natural for him to be in harmony, to be happy, to be free?

I return to the city, and from way up high, I look down and I see lots of people walking in all different directions. I notice these people are numb in their senses of each other. They aren’t looking into each other’s eyes. They are distracted, living in alternative reality bubbles. They are taken by cellphone games, Facebook, and superficial conversations about money, jobs, and relationships.

These do create dreams and ideas for themselves, but even still, their senses are numb and these people don’t even know it.  They are oblivious.

I am shown a timeline where the wave crashes down on these numb, oblivious people. They all cry and scream for a few minutes before the sound goes completely silent. It feels like nothing ever happened. As if there were no people to begin with. They weren’t very vocal before the wave, and now the vocalness of the people went completely silent, back to the way it was before the wave, so whether there are people or no people at all, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Jesus looks at me as I explore this alternative timeline with the wave of destruction and the silence of numb human beings, all disappeared now. He shows me that I am not looking hard enough. He shows me how each and every individual person is a vast universe full of experiences. He shows me how precious every single human being is in this scene, every single one.

Jesus reminds me of a day when I was out walking and I happened to see a grasshopper, squished on the sidewalk. I asked God if this grasshopper’s life had value or was it just a grasshopper, sunning on a summers day and life was suddenly extinguished by a bicycle tire … But there are plenty more grasshoppers doing the exact same thing, having the exact same experience.  And I told God, “I hope I’m not just some meaningless grasshopper to Him, that I hope I could have some meaningful value, in the vastness of all of the lives, over all the uncountable years and uncountable volumes of creations – insects, animals, fish, birds, plants, humans, aliens, spirits, angels, and so many things I don’t even know about, and yet, this grasshopper has value somehow . . .”

Jesus shows me this memory, and Jesus says, “Yes, the grasshopper has value, and every single human being in this image also has value. In fact, every creation in the universe is the most valuable creation, every single one of them. Every single creation is the most valuable creation.”

Jesus shows me the Eagle is the most valuable creation, and so too are all the uncountable Humans, every single one. Each one is also the most valuable creation, and he says that you too, Abbey, are the most valuable creation, and he says it to you too, The Reader – You too are the most valuable creation. He asks me, “How does it feel to have someone tell you that You Matter. How does it feel to have someone tell you that you are The Most Valuable Creation?”

I tell Jesus that it makes me feel good inside.

Jesus asks me, “Now do you understand how to take the thorn out of humanity?”

Jesus says, “People matter. Animals matter. This world matters. All creations matter.”

Jesus pauses, and then he says, very directly, “Love. Matters.”

You. Are. Loved.


I channel Jesus to explore his view on this idea, “Christ the King.” This message provides a raw look at our human race, and our resistance to NOT dive deeper. We all want an angelic image, a perfect dream; to go deeper than the perfect dream means seeing aspects of reality that influence discomfort. We explore the human race, human suffering, the meaning of ‘Christ The King,’ the manifestation of an apocalypse, and the true power of each and every soul to do their part to inspire Love in this world, the way Jesus too, walked a pathway to inspire this same Love and Healing to bring restoration, balance, and peace to our collective. I want to thank you all for taking the time to explore this message. It’s pretty tough and intense, but I feel very powerful and meaningful too. I wish you an amazing holiday season!

Jesus shares a powerful message, helping us to comprehend his spiritual essence and his experience as a human being on Earth. Jesus has a presence in our world. He is here to help us through our life challenges, to help us find the courage to choose love in every experience of our life.

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