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Clairvoyance, How to Develop Psychic Sight

I’m making this mini message to help those developing clairvoyance, understand the power of what they are seeing. Oftentimes, when you’re developing clairvoyant ability, you will see smudges of color and strange inconceivable objects. When what you see is hard to translate, it often inspires those aspiring psychics to give up on the development of an amazing gift.

I want you to know some very simple secrets that will change your whole world with the development of clairvoyance. The first secret is what you’re seeing is 100% correct. You start with the smudge or the inconceivable object. You have to experience yourself standing in an energy space when your human eyes are closed and your third eye is in a state of perceiving. Continue perceiving, this is your energy body actually developing a relationship with what you’re seeing so that it can make more sense to your human mind. What’s going to get you over the hump is for you to start speaking out loud about what you see – as best as you can. Keep your eyes closed and continue to watch the image shift and change as you speak out loud. It might sound something like this:

Okay, I’m seeing a yellow blur. It’s in the shape of an oval that moves like an ocean wave and there’s a bit of a hole in the center of it. Wow, I’m starting to feel emotional as I’m saying this right now. I don’t know why but I feel like crying. Okay, I’m just going to wait patiently, sit with my emotions and continue to watch this yellow thing. Alright, now something else is happening. It looks like a strange brownish colored shadow in the shape of a person. I can’t really see the person, but I keep thinking they are holding a candle with a single flame, and the message that comes to me is that they are helping to illuminate my gift of psychic sight. So, I’m going to sit with this moment, open my heart, and receive this energy illumination from higher beings of love and light.

Now, what happened when you closed your eyes and choose to take the time to sit with the image and describe it out loud to yourself, what happened there was your spirit eyes were moving through the image – actually journeying through an experience in order to help you understand yourself and your relationship with the infinite universe. It’s so, SO IMPORTANT, that you sit with the image, even if it doesn’t make sense and do your best to let it unravel and reveal so much more to you. You will quickly discover other psychic senses, like clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and so much more!

I hope this mini instruction helps. For those looking to expand their psychic ability with a professional, I offer Psychic Mentoring sessions to help. Please follow this link to learn more. Have an amazing day and thank you for visiting my website!

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