A Psychic Mentoring session is a great way for us to work together on developing your Psychic Gifts, and if you are frustrated with Psychic Blocks, believe me, there is no Psychic Block we can’t overcome in a Psychic Mentoring session!  Whether you are wanting to develop your Psychic Ability for fun or are taking a more serious approach toward a future career as a Professional Psychic, a Psychic Mentoring session is going to change your life, your perspective, and open doorways you never thought possible. 

A single introductory session will get you actively working with ALL your Psychic Senses of Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell.  These are the basic building blocks of success for any Psychic pathway that interests you.  If you are interested in becoming an Energy Healer, working with the Spirit Realm as a Psychic Medium, working as an Animal Communicator, or even Channeling the Cosmic Realms, being able to translate your Psychic Experience is essential.  I will be introducing you to my unique Soul Journey technique which we will use to quickly enhance your 5-Clairs, your intuition, your confidence and trust in your own Psychic Experiences.


While a Psychic Mentoring session can be used for tips and advice, I encourage a majority of the session be focused on Active Development of your Psychic Senses.  Putting your Psychic Gifts into action is stepping into your own Inner Power and is the only true way to develop as a Psychic.  No amount of talking about being Psychic has ever helped anyone become Psychic, you have to choose to participate in the action of being Psychic.  Exploring a Psychic Mentoring session will give you a safe and loving environment for us both to work together to achieve your Psychic Development goals, and you will be so impressed by what you are capable of, even after a single session!


My goal with each Psychic Mentoring session is to show you how Psychic you already are.  Even if you are struggling with Psychic Blocks, you may be surprised by how easy it is to get passed any challenges in the way.  If you are having trouble with Clairvoyance and the ability to see into the Spirit Realm, I have techniques for us to overcome that hurdle, and I know we can get you past it in a single session.  If you are struggling with Clairaudience and the ability to hear your Spirit Guides, I have techniques for us to overcome that challenge too.  No matter what you are struggling with, working with my Soul Journey technique will give you the tools you need to become AMAZING at literally any Psychic Avenue you would ever choose to take.  We start first with the basics, enhancing the Psychic Senses, which then allows us to dive deeper into the translation of each new Psychic Experience, allowing you access to more unlimited possibilities for the use of your Psychic Gifts. 


One thing that is important for you to know, it is not impossible to become Psychic overnight or even within a one-hour introductory session, you just need an understanding of how Psychic Ability works and how to work with those Psychic Senses in order to tap into what is beyond our Human World.  If you are already beyond the basic level of Psychic Development, I would be honored to help you continue to fine-tune and develop your skills.  A single introductory session is perfect for an introduction of your Psychic Senses, the ability to work with my Soul Journey technique, opportunity to enhance your current skill set, and ask any Psychic Development questions you may have.  If you are ready to dive deep into your Psychic Development goals, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level Psychic, I highly encourage you to enjoy the benefits of booking a multi-session package!

Frequently Asked Questions



In an introductory session where we have never met before, the first 5-10 minutes can be exciting as we get to visit and learn more about you, your Psychic Development goals and intentions for the session.  Your intentions are the ultimate goal of what you want to psychically experience, and we will use these intentions to guide you through the development of your Psychic Sensory Skills while gaining access to a specialized Psychic Experience that you want to have.  That Psychic Experience could be a visit with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, it could be the development of Energy Healing techniques to assist with a particular Mental, Emotional, Psychical, or Spiritual Ailment or opportunity to have direct connection with the Chakras.  We can use your session to gain Psychic Perspectives on any current life issues or we can simply keep the intentions open and see what comes up. 


Once I have a feel for your intentions, I will teach you how to go into a Soul Journey state of Consciousness, allowing your intentions to guide you through the Psychic Experience you want to have while actively developing your Psychic Senses.  It will only take a few minutes to teach you the Soul Journey technique.  This technique will make more sense as you put it into action during the session, and by the end of the hour, you will find yourself understanding the flow of the Soul Journey state of Consciousness, and I feel confident you will be impressed by all you have Psychically Experienced and discovered.  After a single introductory session, you will be able to put into practice what you’ve learned, continuing to expand and enhance your Psychic Senses, all by yourself!


Additionally, in each Psychic Mentoring session, I do offer about 5-10 minutes of energy work at the beginning of the session.  So, for your very first Psychic Mentoring session, you will find us enjoying a little introduction and a brief discussion on how to get into the Soul Journey state of Consciousness.  I will then do a brief Energy Healing for you before we transition into having you step into your own Psychic Experience through the Soul Journey technique.  Additional sessions are quicker to start as we won’t need to spend as much time on the introduction and teaching of the Soul Journey technique, which means we will have more time for the unraveling or your unique Psychic Experience and development of your Psychic Gifts. 


I will be actively working with you during the entire session, so if you feel uncertain where to go or what to do next, or if you are having trouble with any of your Psychic Senses, we will be talking through these challenges as we go along and wiggling out the road blocks as we come to them.  You’ll find a Psychic Mentoring session is an easy-going, fun and interactive experience!


Absolutely!  You are more than welcome to use our time as a Psychic Development discussion.  I would love to hear about your personal Psychic Experiences and where you are wanting to take your Psychic Gifts and Talents.  It’s always an honor to share what I’ve learned on my own journey, and we can talk about ANY topic, the Spirit Realm, Alien Experiences, Energy Healing, starting your own Psychic Business or YouTube Channel . . . there really is no limit on Psychic Development topics.  Just let me know what you are looking to discuss when you book your session. 


Yes, Psychic Mentoring sessions are only completed through Live interaction.  If you are unable to meet Live but would still like to focus on Psychic Mentoring topics, please visit my Abbey’s Psychic Services page and book a Soul Journey session.  I offer Mini sessions of 5 or 15 minutes, or more in-depth sessions of 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  Through a Soul Journey session, I can share Energy Work and Wisdom in a personalized, Pre-Recorded Video session, entirely focused on your Psychic Development goals.  


I get this all the time, people who want to develop their Psychic Gifts with me but carry this worry that they won’t have a Psychic Experience or there is this underlying fear of screwing up and feeling embarrassed (which is impossible, you can’t screw up a Psychic Mentoring session!).  One thing I will tell you, Psychic Mentoring sessions are SUPER FUN and SUPER NON-THREATENING!  We will actually get to hang out with each other, I will teach you how to go into the Soul Journey state, which is super easy to enter into, and instead of me taking you on a journey, you get to take me on a journey, and I absolutely love experiencing client journeys.  By the end of the session, you will be amazed at how easy it is to have a Psychic Experience, you’ll feel so proud of yourself, and you’ll also realize how not-scary-at-all that entire experience was.  I swear, you’ll have a blast, we’ll keep it positive, and I can help you through any difficult spots along the way.  You’ll do great and have fun at the same time!  

So seriously, if you are hesitating on booking a Psychic Mentoring session because you feel intimidated, then that’s the perfect reason to book a Psychic Mentoring session so you can face your fears, discover your Psychic Abilities with me, and have a lot of fun in the process!


Polices, Procedures, and Practices


What Are My Options?

All Psychic Mentoring sessions are completed through Live Zoom Meeting. 

No-Show Policy – If the Live Session appointment is missed, it is considered a No-Show.  Refunds and/or Rescheduled Live Sessions will not be provided.

Live Session (Completed Through Live Zoom Meeting)

Zoom Meeting Website:

Download Their Free App:

A reminder email will be sent as the date/time of session approaches.  Abbey will arrive within a few minutes of the scheduled time to allow for preparations.

Abbey will assist with setting up the live meeting to be recorded, but is in no way responsible to reschedule the session if there are obstacles preventing the session from being recorded.

Cell phones are not ideal for the purpose of recording live video sessions.  Please use a laptop, desktop or tablet if possible. 


Abbey is not responsible for the quality of the internet connection.  

It is recommended that clients schedule a Live Video Session with Abbey during an accommodating block of time to allow for an un-rushed experience. Scheduling a session during a lunch break or a limited block of time can cause stress and disrupt the session’s natural flow.

Discussion Time, if ordered, will immediately follow a session and cannot be rescheduled if the client needs to leave the meeting for any reason. Please allow for enough time just in case the session runs over. If discussion time has not been ordered, Abbey will thank the client for the experience and say her good-byes before leaving the meeting.

Sharing Your Live Session on YouTube:

If you would like your Live Session shared on Abbey's Psychic Services channel on YouTube, please indicate that at time of booking.  Abbey will then record the live session, prepare and upload the video.  You will receive a link within 48 hours of the scheduled date/time of your session.  Abbey cannot guarantee your session will post on YouTube, due to time constraints and the current flow of sessions waiting to be posted on YouTube.

Why Live Zoom Meeting?

Zoom is a professional live video conferencing tool.  Zoom Meetings are also easily recorded.  You can download the Free App Here before the date/time of scheduled session to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Recording The Session:

The client is responsible for recording the live session.

Abbey will briefly walk the client through how to record the session after both have arrived to the Live Zoom Meeting.  The client must ensure their device is ready for the video file, which will be around 1 GB in size.

The client will receive a downloading file right after the meeting is closed.  It will immediately download to the client’s device.  If for whatever reason the session cannot be recorded by the client, Abbey can sometimes record it to her cloud space and send the client a downloadable link. However, this is merely a possible courtesy, and is never guaranteed when purchasing a live session.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Please give 24 hours notice should you need to cancel.

All Sales are final.  Fees are non-refundable but can be used towards another service of your choice within 30 days from time of purchase.

“No-shows” for Live Sessions forfeit the right to reschedule.

Abbey Normal reserves the right to refuse appointments with anyone she chooses. In this situation, a full refund will be returned to the purchaser.

Rescheduling Your Appointment: 

If you need to reschedule your session, please visit my contact page to request a change.


Any and all services listed on website are in no way, shape or form intended to be substitutes for professional medical or psychological attention.

Please seek a professional health care specialist when needed.  Abbey Normal will not be held responsible for any decisions made, or any actions taken by any client and/or participant. The client and/or participant are solely responsible for any and all decisions and actions taken in his/her own life.

Clients and/or participants must be 18 years or older to book a session, unless the session is ordered by a parent.  In this case, sessions will be provided to the parent first, who will then have to practice a level of discernment on whether or not they want to provide it to their child.

In booking an appointment with Abbey Normal at I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all of the terms mentioned above.