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Open Heart Chakra & Activate Inner Child in Less than 5 Minutes!

If you need help opening your heart chakra and activating your inner child, I've got the perfect advice for you to do both at the exact same time, faster than you can say OMG. We are going to work with your psychic senses, using a technique that will be madly easy to master, and you will discover yourself as a powerful psychic healer within only a few minutes.  And this is not magic, this is real life, real spiritual energetic living.  I’m going to share some visualization techniques and then some steps to help you achieve success.  Once you've got this down, you'll be able to open your heart chakra and activate your inner child in a snap, whenever you want to refresh that beautiful energy. Now let’s begin!


Open Heart Chakra & Activate Inner Child

Allow yourself to feel your heart is smiling today, at different points in the day, whenever you think to see if your heart is smiling, you take a moment to visualize a happy face on your heart and feel that your heart is smiling, and see how long you can carry this energetic experience of happiness in the heart, everywhere you go.  And as the day goes on, you take a look through your feelings and sure enough, your heart is still smiling, and now hold onto that feeling while you work, or do dishes, or walk down the street.  See if you can multitask while you experience your heart is still happy and smiling.  And if you feel your heart has quieted the smile, just emphasize the happiness vibes and bring the smile back to life in your heart. 

This little technique will get yourself experiencing warmth radiating from within you and allow you to feel more open to the love that is around you too.  It’s going to get you working with your inner child energy and the gift of love, which is the portal to the psychic experience and spirit realm.  It’s all about Love.  And if this experience feels like too much effort, then slow it down, and give it a try once a day for 5 minutes or even 2 minutes.  The intention of choosing to focus love and heart and happiness together, is a powerful gift you can give to yourself each day. 

Again, it’s as simple as visualizing a smile on your heart and choosing to feel that this smiling heart is happy, and now choosing to feel that this smiling, happy, heart is You, everywhere you go. 

STEP BY STEP PROCESS (You got this!)

Open Heart Chakra & Activate Inner Child

So let’s go over this technique one more time, step by step:

Step One:  Visualize a Heart – And it can look like a heart shape or the look of an actual human heart.  See that it is abundant with healthy red color, and it is beating with vitality and strength.  If you can’t see all of these elements taking place at once, simply feel that they are all happening, and you can do this all in a split second, without the help of your mind or logic.  You just experience a Healthy Red Heart!

Step Two:  You’ve experienced the Healthy Red Heart.  Now draw a Happy Face on it.  It’s now a Smiling, Healthy, HAPPY, Red Heart!

Step Three:  Discover that this heart is in your heart chakra, that this heart is your heart.  Now take the time to feel what this heart actually feels like within your very chest. Be a child about it, feel the joy and laughter. Allow that feeling to radiate, to express joy, laughter, love, and even find this radiation of positive energy drifting into the smile upon your face.  FEEL this experience like a child feels a warm hug from a Mother or Father, or a child feels the joy of going to a big new playground, or a child feels a creative moment, playing with their best friend.  This warmth opens the heart chakra, allowing you to express and receive even more warm love, and this heart is your heart.  It is open and ready to express and receive more love, as it smiles and radiates LOVE, and as YOU smile and radiate love.

Step Four:  Experience this Smiling, Healthy, Happy, Red Heart is in your chest, and experience this at different times in the day.  Try to challenge yourself to experience it for 2 minutes, now 5 minutes, while you busy yourself doing a project, cleaning the house, taking a conference call, cooking dinner, taking a shower, walking into the coffee shop … etc. This smiling, healthy, happy, red heart, is not only within your chest, it is radiating upon your face.  Allow it to also be a part of your expression, everywhere you go.  Let’s see if you have the courage to share this expression of happiness with the world!

Step Five:  Repeat, as often as you’d like, in order to open your heart, bring to life your inner child, and experience happiness, joy, and love, each and every day, all the while, developing your psychic ability.  Remember, psychic ability is all about working with energy and translating energy into information.  So the energy we are working with is love, and we are translating love into an experience of such a diverse kind, and in the end, you are discovering yourself as a natural psychic and spiritual healer, using the frequency of love to heal your physical heart, your energy heart, your inner child, your soul, and the collective spirit of the human race.


This is a Light Language song, focused on healing deep wounds within the heart and into the soul. This healing is for all times, past, present, and future. Have an amazing day!

Hello Everybody! In this video I talk about love energy and the power of connecting with those frequencies in order to change your life and change the world. How do we create a loving world? We start by choosing to love ourselves and love others. This discussion isn’t superficial. We explore a very deep conversation on how you connect with the most meaningful threads of love within your heart. Once you discover those threads, now you can truly start to discover yourself. It is important to discover the love that you are, the love that you feel, the love that you believe in, the love that you desire to experience, and the love you desire to share. I don’t know of any vibration more valuable and more powerful than the vibration of love, which makes it so worth exploring, feeling, experiencing, and manifesting into your own life. When you manifest love into your life, now you are sharing that gift of love with yourself and now you are sharing that gift of love with the world.

I had a request, asking me to share advice on how to heal a broken heart. Sometimes the best advice is simply having someone to talk to. Time heals us. Time inspires us to explore our feelings and identities as we transform through life's very deep imprints, so deep we feel it in our very souls. I hope you enjoy this discussion, and I hope there are some meaningful tips in here to help you with your own broken heart experiences. I think we can all use healing, even if we we've moved on from broken heart moments, it never hurts to welcome in love, to welcome in tenderness, compassion, understanding, sincerity and hugs (which I'm sending you right now! :)

This is a powerful healing with Archangel Metatron, entirely dedicated to healing your heart chakra and your beautiful soul!

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