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888 Lion's Gate Attunement & Energy Activation 💚 You Should TOTALLY Read This!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

♥ This is an Attunement and Energy Activation to the 888 Lion's Gate.  You’ll find the writing full of symbolic meaning, while we follow along a soul story about self-discovery.  There are vast energetic upgrades within this writing.  Allow your heart to open and allow yourself to receive this gift of transformation and love.  If you find yourself feeling dizzy or energetically overwhelmed after reading this writing, allow yourself to relax and receive.  We are all working on enhancing the frequency of our spiritual atmosphere, and as we move into higher vibrations, it can take a little adjustment.  Drink plenty of water and smile.  You are Loved! ♥

Open Your Heart To Receive This Attunement

Today is 8/8/2018, it’s a Lions Gate day.  I hope you are all doing well.  I’m going to relax now, open my heart, and jump right into this energetic journey.  I just feel this movement in my heart and I long to share a deep message of love, attunement, healing, whatever the Lions Gate energy wants to share, that’s what I want to express!


Getting started, there is something of an intense emerald green energy that I keep experiencing and the triple eights are coming into my senses.  I see 888, in an intense and vibrant green.  My heart portal opens a gateway and these energies are received within my heart, within my soul.  Allow yourself to experience this visualization.  Allow the emerald green energy and the 888 energy to enter into the gateway of your heart and soul.  Allow yourself to receive these powerful energies today.  You are worthy and deserving!

The universe is opening up a new scene, a new experience.  There are curtains, spiraling together, one from the right side intertwines with a curtain from the left side.  When the two curtains blend together, they create a spiral of black and white colors.  I also see these spiraling curtains are looking much like the long pant leg of a man walking on stilts.  The pant leg is striped in black and white and moves in swishing motions as he walks.  I start to see sheep with white cottony bodies and black faces.  The black and white spirals, the oneness of the dark and light sides of ourselves, the meaning of creation is all intertwining in the movement of these images, and I am ready to discover more!

Suddenly, everything slows down.  Everything is relaxing.  It is all becoming slow, and relaxed.  Slow.  Relaxed.

There is an ocean with a dark and gloomy sky.  The water is dark, dark blue.  Beneath this water there is a golden treasure chest and it shines brightly beneath all of this murky gloom.  I take a long deep breath as I look down from above, observing this deep scene of dark, dark blue, and I welcome the energy to shift, to become bright and full of color.  I open my arms, I open my heart, and I welcome the sun to come out, the waves to calm their intense energies, for all elements of creation to relax, to be at peace.

As all the elements relax, as peace envelops creation, all of the colors shift.  I am in a world now of soft teal water, silky white sand, a blue sky, a yellow sun, and everything is at peace, in order and balance, in a way that is so inviting and healing to the senses.  I am still levitating above this scene, and within my heart, I choose now to descend down upon the sandy beach.

On the sand, I look around and I feel happy.  I feel simplicity.  I feel contentment.  I feel there is a treasure in this water for me and I am ready to receive this gift, this blessing from the ocean, from God, from within myself, I am ready to receive this gift now within my heart!

I stand, and I smile.  I enter into the water.  The water gets deeper as I walk out toward the bright and sunny horizon.  I take a deep breath and I descend beneath the waves.  I go deep under the water now, and I swim down, down deep.  The water is much cooler than I expected, and the water goes much deeper than I thought.  Yet still, no darkness.  Under the water there are vast areas of coral, lots of fish of all different colors and kinds.  There is so much activity and growth beneath the ocean’s surface.  I look around, taking in all the textures, colors, and movements around me, and I take hours to explore, and explore some more.  It’s becoming clear, this treasure is not so easy to find, it seems to be blending into this colorful, creative, vibrant world around me.

While I acknowledge that this treasure was easy to spot from the sky, and while I acknowledge this treasure is far more complicated to discover beneath the water, I am not quick to give up.  I continue to swim, and I swim with ambition and perseverance.  I will find what I am looking for.  My dedication to finding this treasure is unstoppable, until suddenly, something changes.  My heart starts to flash on and off with red and white and I can feel my heart is speaking to me.  My heart is wanting me to slow down.  My heart is wanting me to stop looking for treasure.  My heart is wanting me to go back up to the surface, to return to the sandy beach, to lie down and rest my body.  My heart is wanting me to close my eyes and listen to the ocean waves.  Listen to the sea birds.  Allow myself to experience the wise wind as it brushes across my body, as it speaks to me about creation.

I must honor the calling of my heart, no matter how ambitious these intentions are, I must always follow my heart, even if it is to stop pursuing my dream.  I find myself back on the sand.  A part of me feels at a loss.  I didn’t want to stop searching, I didn’t want to let go.  I wanted to keep trying to find this treasure.  I sit down on the sand, and I’m still wet.  The sand sticks to my skin and I feel disappointed in life.  I tell the world, “Why can’t I get what I want?  I saw the treasure, I transformed darkness into light, I went into the ocean, I saw the vast underwater world, and now I am being asked to stop searching for this golden gift at the bottom of the sea, but why?  Why do I have to sit now on the beach, covered in sand, I don’t want to stop this quest, I don’t want to take a break, I want to keep pursuing this dream.”

The breeze brushes across my face, and I see a woman in the wind.  She smiles at me.  She creates a flower out of the lines of the breeze and she hands it to me.  It creates a gentle puff of air on my face, much like a kiss.  It even tickles my nose and I laugh a little.  My heart becomes sensitive, this feels meaningful to me, and I start to cry.  The wind blows me another breeze, and the breeze tells me that slowing down is the key to discovering the treasure.

I allow myself to take in this wisdom.  I take a moment to experience the inspiration to slow down. I take a deep breath, I let go of all of my initial ambitions, mixed with confusion, mixed with frustration and now tears, and I let it all go.  I choose to lay back down on the sandy beach, just my wet body and the sand and the breeze, the sounds of the ocean and the sea birds.  I relax my senses even more.  I let it all go now.  I let go of all of my frustrations, my dreams that I insist must be conquered today, this sudden feeling of defeat, all of my tears, I let them all go.  I take another nice deep breath and I relax my body even further.  As I relax, I fall asleep.

As I sleep, I dream that I am the water itself, and I am moving across, within, and around all the creations of the sea, from the tiniest plankton to the biggest whales, and all the sea shells, all the plant life that lives in the deep dark and up into the sunny surface.  I experience myself as all of these creations in both a continual and simultaneous moment.  I am amongst all of the tiniest particles of salt, of sand, of plants, and animals.  I am all the particles of matter that create water itself. I move through all things, and experience the movement within and around all things.  I feel peaceful, refreshed, rejuvenated.  I feel like the gift of water itself.  I feel purified, and a deep meaning within my existence blossoms.

I wake from the dream and it is dark out.  There is a large moon in the sky, and bright and glistening stars.  I can hear the sounds of the waves, still moving.  I am still lying on the sand.  I lift my arms and look at my hands, front and back.  I feel a deep meaning welling within my heart and it brings tears to my eyes.  There are no words, only feelings, only movement inside myself that I can’t define, an abyss of deep and powerful meaning.

I stand up and I look at the ocean.  I bow before the ocean and I say, “Thank you.”  Mother Wind comes to me and she blows me a kiss and smiles.  I bow before Mother Wind and I say, “Thank you.”

I do not feel within my heart, an inspiration to find anything more than what I have discovered inside myself, the power and connection with nature, with love, and with the deep meaning that interconnects it all together, and this deep meaning is creation itself, and creation is also, Me.  I am precious.  I am a treasure, and all of creation too, is here for me to treasure, as I am here to be treasured.

I take a nice deep breath.  I look up at the stars and the moon, and I open my heart to the universe and I say, “Thank you, Universe, for all you have shared with me in my life.  I feel blessed on this day, and so grateful to receive and experience this blessing.  I bow before you with all the honor and gratitude of my soul.  Thank you for being such a vast and divine creation, such a wise inspiration for my spirit and the discovery of my own inner beauty, inner light, and the treasure that is Me, and the treasure that is this world that I live in.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you.”


Hello Everybody! I channel Archangel Orion during the 2019 Lion's Gate Portal. We explore the question, "Who is Archangel Orion?" We discuss topics on Angelic Sexual Identity, Chaos vs Love, Buzzword Identities - Starseeds, 5D, New Earth . . . even the age old Meaning of Life!

PS Apparently his name is pronounced O-Ryan. I honestly had never heard of this Archangel until I came across him over a Google Search. Google didn't speak to me and tell me how to pronounce his name properly, so my brain put it into my own little Abbey Twang, something like OR-EE-ON. You'll get what I mean when you watch the video. Have a Great Day! :)

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