Meditation for Inner Peace

SLOW DOWN to Receive Love and Feel Loved Today!

It’s 6:25 am on 5/3/2018.  I’m awake and ready for my day, but I want to honor patience.  I feel like relaxing, slowing down my excited and ready pace, and allowing a meditation of wisdom to flow through me, as a gift to my body, mind, and spirit.  I want this gift to be for everyone who chooses to read this healing meditation.   I welcome you to choose to read this slowly, and now slower still, to read this at a very slow pace.  Taking in the words as though each one is holy, and full of healing medicine energy, worthy of receiving.  If you go too fast, you will miss the vibration of the most sacred words, provided to you today, to heal your soul, to heal your energy flows, to enhance the breathability of your spiritual atmosphere, to heal, You.  Can you take an hour to read a piece of writing that should only take 10 minutes?  I challenge you to try.  And if you can’t slow it down enough, then you need to read this again, and you need to work on slowing it down, even slower than before.  Get a stop watch and see how long you can expand the healing in this meditation.  Only the slowest readers receive the greatest blessings in this race, which is to expand the length of time you choose to receive love today.  Slow down the time, let time stand still, and now experience receiving love in a space of eternity, and now slowing down the pace even further, allowing love to be experienced at the core of your heart, building, growing, developing, and enhancing in frequency.  Take the time to slow it down.  Now go slower still.  It’s your turn to read everything that follows, in your own voice.  This is you now, choosing love for yourself today, and this slow and patient healing meditation is, You, speaking to, You, to the Universe and beyond, your conscious choice to choose Love.  Healing.  And.  Patience.  Now.

Let’s begin!

Hello Universe.  I want to heal now.  I ask my Spirit Guides, my Higher Self, the Angelic Realms, the Heavenly Realms, God Consciousness, and All that Is, Was, and Ever Will Be, to please share your frequencies of love and higher guidance with me today.  I experience you so high up in vibrations of love, but I know I also need grounding energy too, which is a whole, dense vibration of love that I am now choosing to receive.  I choose to connect now with grounding frequencies, and to feel the portal of density, which lies a very long ways below the bottom of the Earth, suspended in the ethers of the universe, a silvery blue orb.  I allow myself to feel exceptionally grounded into this orb, and from this orb, to grow into an infinite cosmic tree.

I grow upward from this heavy grounded orb, upward toward the Earth, and I grow through the Earth and beyond, upward toward infinite numbers of stars and galaxies.  I stretch out my arms now, which transform into many branches and I discover my many hands and fingers, growing into more branches of the cosmic tree, all reaching for the love of thousands of stars, shining their light and healing across the cosmos, and into my world, and into my soul.