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So, first off, if you couldn’t tell, my name is Abbey. I was born in Silvis, Illinois on March 28, 1983, and for any of you astrologers out there, I was born at 2:44 am.  I was raised in the Quad City area for the first few years of my life.  From birth to present, I have been diligently working to comprehend the meaning behind it all. For starters, I’ve always had a very special connection with nature. As a young girl, I was often exploring the woods, the leaves, the bark, the fruit trees, the garden, the dew, the flowers, the insects; I even have memories of talking to nature spirits. As I got older, and moved to Iowa, I was still an explorer of the outdoors. There was a small crick about a mile from my house, I loved playing there. I loved catching frogs and looking for snakes. I’ve always had a natural love for snakes that I never could understand, at least not until I started exploring my past lives.

But as the story continues, and as I became a teenager, I hit the beginning of a terrible turning point. This was the start of many unending years of severe depression that only really ended after I had children.  This experience of depression is a very huge part of my story, but I will only briefly touch on it here. In these teenage years, my mind started to open up in ways I couldn’t handle. I struggled to relate to people and the world, or my existence within the world. I was really closed off from people. I had a number of very terrifying experiences and then not so terrifying, but strange experiences with spirits, haunting me at night. During this time, I started really exploring spirituality and my relationship with God. I used to take very long walks on nearby nature trails, just to keep my head clear. High school felt like an eternity and I couldn’t wait to graduate and go to college. I hoped that college would bring some new found fulfillment.

I moved to Iowa City and spent a number of years studying at The University of Iowa. University life gave me a freedom that I needed and all the nature I could possibly want, but still did not relieve me of my depression. While I did make some very special friends in college, it didn’t alter my overall experience of life.  I still felt disconnected, bored, confused, and all around depressed.  I was looking for something more underneath it all, something that fulfilled my heart.  This feeling was what prompted various ways of finding fulfillment.  One of those ways was through drinking, which was a perfect escape route for me, and lasted about 10 years of my life.  I also picked up riding a BMX bike, which was another perfect way to relieve myself of my emotions.  Then too I spent two semesters of school studying abroad at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  This was my way of getting away from everything I ever knew, and this experience too was very helpful for me emotionally.  Then in between all of these pursuits, I never gave up on my explorations to define my purpose and connection with the universe.

If there was one thing I always had and that never gave up on me, it was God.  I felt God everywhere, and within and around everything, and that energy I felt was love and that energy was me, and it was more than the outside world could provide.  I had to find a definition to what I believed.  I explored spirituality by joining various local Christian churches, even an all-black Baptist church. Seeing as I’m white, this was a bit of a stretch, but it was truly a worthwhile experience. I also read the bible, took a class on Eastern religions, read books on various spiritual subjects – past lives, spirit guides, angels, auras, healing, etc, and I even joined Campus Crusade. I learned a lot about people, people’s relationship with what they believe, and I learned a lot about what felt right and what didn’t with me. I really left a lot of these endeavors as they were enlightening but not fulfilling. I learned the only true religion I related to was nature and ‘the energy of all,’ which became my definition of God.

All in all, I graduated college still suffering from severe depressed and disconnection, and I felt very much alone.  It is very depressing going through life not feeling like I related to human beings or they related to me, and where my most nourishing connections were with plants and some undefined energy that followed me everywhere, that I talked to and that talked back to me, but as far as I was concerned, it was all in my head. At this time, I was still drinking and I was still very much confused about life, but it was time to move on from college and to start exploring adulthood.

The same weekend I graduated from college, I also moved to the Des Moines area. My first day at work was that Monday, I started as a Telephone Collector. It was an extremely stressful and miserable job, although I still accomplished the work with all my heart and really cared about every customer I ever talked to. Working this job taught me a lot about money and the human condition. It taught me a lot about society and what human beings have created in this world of today. I struggled through this job for two years and was eventually promoted to a job in Litigation where I was still handling collection cases, but not in the same way. There was a lot more freedom, a lot more personal decision making. I found relief from the stress, at least for a time.

During these years I was heavily searching for answers through my past lives. I was also very involved with comprehending alien life and alien relationships with human beings on Earth. I was trying to uncover the human condition, the source of what is today, and the source of what makes me who I am. I also had this ultimate goal to find the true history of mankind through my past lives, as in, to find out where and how it all began.  After all of these years, I still haven’t gotten to that.  There is a resistance within my soul to go there yet, so I explored my soul as it’s wanted to share itself  through lifetimes on Earth and throughout the universe.  This is around the time I began this long, unending journey for an explanation to the reptilian phenomenon.

This journey to comprehend reptilian aliens is eventually what created a life changing event that happened after I received an ordinary past lifetime as a shape-shifting human/reptilian creature.  I did not expect something so ordinary, that normal human beings, without any intentions, could live here among us, and their reptilian form has no explainable reason.  I expected something far more malicious, as I had been researching and contemplating this phenomenon for years, and then for it to all boil down to something so simple. I had come to the realization that I was never going to find answers, just through my past lives and through my mind alone.  I thought complex thinking would naturally lift the truth, but it doesn’t.  This put me at a breaking point, and I told the universe that I had lost my purpose. It had been to find truth through observation and deep contemplation, but I realized I was never going to get to a place of ultimate wisdom this way, that I needed a new pathway to enlightenment. This was a huge turning point, and I really did feel like I had hit a brick wall and there was no further I could go.  If my own mind was not enough, then how was I ever going to find truth?

It was only a few weeks after this conversation that a series of strange events took place, because the universe did hear me and did have a response to this conversation. I received a summons to jury duty, which I was to fulfill on 6/8/2012. Jury duty ended up being cancelled that day, but going back to work was not an option. The energy was so strong and so entrapping, like being caught in a spider web; I could not deny the calling of the universe. That day I made a decision that changed my life. I chose the path to spiritual enlightenment and went to Gray’s Lake, instead of taking the path to work. There is meaning behind this, because my employment discontinued after this event, which was okay, because this event was really a test to see how badly I wanted the spirit world over the real world.  I lost an expression of myself that day. The person I had once been, I was no longer that person after this experience I had on 6/8/2012. It was the most unimaginable, spiritually altering experience I’ve ever had and I will briefly try to tell you about it.

So on 6/8/2012, I spent a whole day at Gray’s Lake, eight hours, and experienced progressively intensifying energy that raised my vibration by exponential levels. By the end of this experience, I felt I was vibrating so strongly, I was losing my relationship with the world around me. I was feeling more spirit than human. I felt as though a loud sound was being rung throughout the universe, coming from me. At the end of this eight hour experience, a super transformation took place. I was lying on the grass, experiencing the sunlight through the branches of a large tree. This is where I received distinct directions that led me to my car, and then a drive to the natural world across the street. I parked my car near a small body of water. The experience there lasted maybe two minutes, and it was like a nuclear bomb of ecstatic energy just blew up inside of me.  It was all of my senses, and all of the natural world, and then my soul, and the soul of the universe, and the sensations were all connected.  Like the energy that creates stars was within me, and within me a star was born.  I was completely altered after that event and I can’t even begin to tell you the ringing sensation I experienced during and afterward.  I could hardly breath, the intensity was so overwhelming.

After this super event, I went to Subway, and then I went home as though nothing ever happened.I didn’t go back to work until 6/12, which is the day my employment discontinued, but all was right in the universe.  All was right about my decision making and everything that had happened because of it.  It was right because I followed my heart and chose enlightenment over illusion. I chose to change and that choice created a new person with new footprints, I couldn’t have possibly continued walking in those same old steps.  When I walked out the door that day, there was a white flower on the ground.  It was as if it was perfectly placed there just for me.  When I saw that flower, I could not deny the tiny voice, telling me that all was right in the universe and that this change was a gift.

There are so many more details to this whole story of mine, but this is only an introduction, so I will quickly sum up the rest, and I will tell you now that since 6/8/2012, I have been experiencing the spirit and the human world in ways I never had before, which also includes experiencing the alien world but I will tell you about that later. I have been learning a lot about sacred rituals, energy work, nature, and even about our human blood. I have been developing a better acuity to hearing and trusting the voices in my head. I have become attuned to various Reiki healing modalities and I would love to share those attunements with others.  And here I have this website, the biggest and most challenging introduction to my life.  For someone who has kept so much inside and who has been so withdrawn from sharing my true self with the outside world, this is a huge step for me.  It’s a huge step for me to find a way to share all of this information and to have confidence that it’s okay to share it.  I am used to people not understanding me, but it’s not a good enough reason for me to keep myself hiding inside of a dark hole.  I’m meant to be part of this world, I was born here too.  I’m not meant to be a seed that grew into a flower inside of the Earth, all flowers grow into the sunlight and that is where I choose to exist from here forward.

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