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Added aesthetic crackling fire to flip-book section.  Seriously, I freaking came up with this brilliant idea and it's actually a fun addition.  Kind of proud of myself right now! :D

Also, still working on cleaning up the look of the Alien & Spirit Being Section . . . it's taking longer than I thought it would, but I'm still on track to make my goal, dang it.  Will post an official update once it's all tidy and enjoyable!


CORRECTED: 2013-2016 Writing: Flip Books are now Readable on Cellphone, you can check them out at these links: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Metaphysical LibraryFinished Creating all Libraries - Basic Pages are Now Accessible

Metaphysical LibraryAnswered this Question . . .  (Haven't Added it to Library Yet)

What is the difference between soul and higher self, taking into consideration multidimensional of myself in a human body?

Abbey's Ancient History: Refreshing ALL Pages (Goal by 10/1/2023)
Homepage: Adding Abbey's Ancient History Section with Links (Goal by 10/1/2023)
2013-2016 Writing: Correcting Flip Books, They Aren't Readable on Cellphone (Goal by 10/1/2023)

Shadow Library: Building a Course on Demons (Goal to Have Completed by 11/1/2023)

Previous Month's Updates Moved to the Bottom of the Page


Watch this August video, where I talk about the inspiration to expand my website and how you can help in the process!  In this video I also provide a blessing for your life and insight into the August Energies.  Enjoy!


8/02/23: I've got some exciting news to share!  My website is expanding, so expect NEW THINGS on a super regular basis!!! . . .  Okay, maybe mildly regular basis, but you can count on me to work at the pace I'm capable of achieving from one day to the next, which I envision will be fairly progressive, and gosh-darn super regular . . . at least that's what my passion says, "In 60 seconds, I'll have 10,000 important things accomplished!' ... but then life has a way of saying it more realistically, which is too slow for the excited pace of my heart, so only time will tell!

My overall goal is to expand my website space into a super metaphysical library with everything I've ever learned over the years.  Yes, booking a session will continue to be 110% available in the Psychic Services menu.  In addition, my goal is to create a plethora of content that will offer 24/7 solutions for anyone stuck with any human or interdimensional conflict.  I will be building a tree with many branches, each one being a deep dive into a metaphysical school of learning.  My goal is to create short, and in-depth video and written content, guided by the questions I get along the way. There will also be video product solutions with workbooks to help you conquer any situation, and in time, I hope to include group workshops as well.  For now, check out my Patreon Community, for a live group experience and opportunity to join my monthly Psychic Development Workshop!

Seeing as my vision is grand, it may be years in the making, but one day at a time will become 10 years of progress before any one of us knows it.  So be sure to check back and enjoy the new and expanding content as it reveals itself in time!


8/02/23 UPDATE: I created a menu tab called, Library.  If you have a question or recommendation for expanding content, you'll see a Suggestion Box ready for your use at the bottom of the page!


I'll be starting on the Library of Shadows and will be building in the Library of Light soon.  Keep checking back for the latest updates.  Bye for now!




8/29/23: Metaphysical Library: Answering this Question . . . 

What is the difference between soul and higher self, taking into consideration multidimensional of myself in a human body?

8/21/23: Publicly Posted: Revamped Homepage

8/7/23: Behind the Scenes - No Public Posting Yet:

Building a Course on Demons

Revamping my Homepage

8/3/23: Website Updates
Metaphysical Library: Created Landing Page with Other Library's Coming Soon!
Library of Shadows: Began Content Development for DEMONS Section
Library of Light: Created Landing Page

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