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Services FAQ

    All Psychic Sessions provide both Psychic Wisdom and Distance Healing. I will be in deep translation of many messages and energetic discoveries about you and your goals for the session. Be prepared for a life-changing experience, sessions reveal so much! Watch Real Psychic Sessions On YouTube, Click Here! Whether we do a session live or pre-recorded, I will have my eyes closed the entire time. I will be analyzing and interpreting energy and speaking through what I am experiencing, based on your session goals. For live sessions, questions can be asked before or after the session is over. Sessions take up the entire booked time, so please be sure to book extra time if you’d like to chat. For those who cannot meet live, I provide pre-recorded video sessions where you will receive a link to view your completed session, which can be shared privately between you and me, or publicly on YouTube. Distance Healing is provided to harmonize and beautify your energy balance. You’ll often find me analyzing your energy field or the energy around your goals, describing what it feels like, looks like, and what it reminds me of, while I’m also talking my way through how I’m transforming different energy blocks. During a Psychic Session you may see me having weird reactions like crying, venting anger, rubbing my face in worry or agony, breathing in weird ways. This is simply me venting and healing your relationship with certain energy vulnerabilities within yourself. Psychic Wisdom is shared throughout the session. What I’m picking up on psychically will be described in as much detail as possible. We will be exploring metaphorical imagery along with meaningful soul stories for you to contemplate and parallel with different experiences in your life.
    Distance Healing is a gift of love that is shared between souls who have never met in the physical, where the intentions and energy of love shared are powerful enough to affect physical reality. I share this gift of love in the comforts of my own home and you get to receive this gift of love while you go about a normal day-to-day. We give and receive in joy and blessing, there is no stress involved from either side, no schedule re-arranging necessary. It’s awesome!
    A good rule of thumb . . . The more time you book, the more Psychic Wisdom and Distance Healing I can share to change your life. I offer 15 minute Mini Sessions for a quick refresh of your energy field or a quick peek into any question. If you are looking for a new perspective on life with a total revamping of your energy balance, I highly encourage you book a 30, 45, or 60 minute session. Again, the more time, the more impact the session will have.
    Distance Healing releases old energies, and to release old energies, they’ve got to rise up and out of your energy field. It’s like taking a clog out of a drain, where the clog is a part of yourself and so is the drain. You will experience the cleansing process, which can be felt in many different ways. Most clients experience energy shifts during the scheduled date/time of the session, and over the first 3-5 days and up to 2-3 weeks after a session. The longer the session, the longer you will experience energy shifts. Before a Psychic Session, even days and weeks prior to the scheduled date/time, I’ve had some clients mention they could feel me working on them, and some even experienced me coming to visit them in dreams. I have no conscious awareness of any of this happening, but it has been mentioned. These experiences are coming from clients who are particularly energy sensitive. Experiencing me doing energy healing on you before a session is entirely possible, because past/present/future are all working together at the exact same time. So, what is perceived to be a future date, can exist in any version of our present moment, at any time prior to a scheduled session. During and after the scheduled date/time of a session, one of the most noticeable energy shifts clients have is feeling more tired than usual. I call energy work the silent healer. Where you go to a noisy buffet, eat way too much food, and now you have to take a nap, energy has the same powerful effect. When you receive a huge surplus of Distance Healing, it can be like eating way too much food. The crazy thing is, you didn’t have to do anything to receive all this super energy food, it just appeared in your energy field and now your body needs to crash in order to digest it all. So you see, energy work is the silent healer and now you’re napping! There are other ways you may experience energy shifts. They can also feel like tingling sensations, feelings of energy movement within and around different parts of your body, warming sensations or chills, feeling suddenly amazing or feeling extremely emotional for no explainable reason, even feelings of rising anxiety. Vivid dreaming, enhanced concentration or difficulty thinking, headaches, depressive feelings, these are also energy shifts clients have experienced. If I’m doing Distance Healing for very specific parts of your physical body, sudden improvements do happen, but improvements also develop and enhance over the days following a session. Not everyone is energy sensitive, so if you have absolutely no energetic response to the session, that’s okay too, we are all designed to process our realties in different ways. So if you aren’t noticing any loud changes in your being, keep an observatory eye on yourself. Monitor your thoughts, your feelings and perceptions about yourself, the way you are relating to people and your life. You may notice yourself more peaceful, easier going than usual. You may notice you’re not as forgetful as you usually are, or maybe you’re oddly more peppy today, perhaps you’re smiling more than usual. You see, energy shifts doing have to be big bangs, they can be slight alterations in your normal flow, and there really is no such thing as a coincidence, so pay attention. Being perceptive helps to acknowledge changes are taking place, even if the energy shifts aren’t knocking you off your feet.
    A good rule of thumb . . . Imagine having three powerful 60 minute sessions verse one powerful 15 minute session. You have to decide what type of impact you are wanting to achieve. If you are juggling some serious life challenges, a single 15 minute session is going to give you something to work with, but not enough to revamp your whole situation.
    I recommend drinking more water than usual. Distance Healing is shared in every session, and energy work can be like running an invisible marathon inside yourself. So hydrate your body, it’s good for you. Tell the universe what you desire, deep down inside your heart. Don’t be shy, speak out loud about it, it’s powerful. It’s acknowledging what you want out of the session. It also reminds you of what you want out of life. The power of intention keeps the energy doorways open for change, and it has a way of influencing the energy flows in a session. When you make a single announcement to yourself, to your body, to your universe, the energies are prepared to align with your goals and dreams. This is also how manifestation is made possible. Next, get freaking excited. This a fun self-discovery experience. A Psychic Session is a one-of-a-kind gift to give yourself, it’s life-changing, it’s a totally magical event to look forward to. Celebrate, get your heart smiling. Be happy and proud of yourself for exploring a psychic avenue, it’s awesome! Finally, the next best way to prepare for a Psychic Session is just simply be you. You don’t need to burn incense, put on yoga clothes and fast for 24 hours. You don’t need to give up meat for the session to be more powerful. Just be yourself.
    Tapping into your energy essence is easier than you know. I’m not working with my human mind here, I’m working with pure energy. In the energy realm, you are not a name or birthdate, you are a frequency, a non-duplicated, original, one-of-a-kind frequency. No other energy consciousness in an infinite universe has the same frequency as you. Your unique frequency is the inspiration that manifested our Psychic Session, manifested these specific words written into your goals, your frequency decided the specific date/time of the session. Your frequency is also your soul, and my soul and your soul are One. I can find you within myself in a single moment of time, simply by choice. My choice to discover you and your choice to be discovered by me is the intention that also brings us together. Pretty neat, huh!
    No. You can if you want, but it’s not something you have to share in order to receive a super awesome Psychic Session with me.
    Okay, deep breath. I’m going to give you an actual serious, in-depth explanation on how Distance Healing is totally possible and effective, beautiful and life changing. So how does it work exactly? First off, understanding that I Am You and You Are Me is step one in comprehending how Distance Healing works. Step two is understanding that time and space are merely an illusion, and that all of creation is One. As One, there is no distance, time or space that separates me from you and you from me. We are all in the Oneness, we are all connected, we are all pure energy. Your energy consciousness is unique, a one-of-a-kind splendor. You are a gift, a divine thread of pure energy amongst many, many, many divine threads of pure energy, all woven together to create the most awesome rainbow masterpiece, spanning all time and space, past/present/future. There are no two threads of pure energy that are even remotely close to the same, which means your energy consciousness is the only one of its kind. I get to experience the thread of your unique energy consciousness when I step into your energy field. I can find you by simply stepping within myself, within the rainbow masterpiece, and finding the part of me that is you. I find your thread and now I am within your energy field. You can imagine your energy field is much like a harp, full of finely tuned strings. Sometimes the strings get out of tune and now we experience the vulnerabilities that create our day-to-day life challenges. When your energy field gets blocked up with vulnerabilities, now we experience physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual issues of all various kinds. Getting the harp strings back into balance is the whole purpose of Distance Healing. When the harp strings are in balance, life gets heavenly. To harmonize the harp strings, you need love. Love is pure energy, love is the oneness, love is you and me, We Are Love. Walking through your energy field, I will see and feel the experience of you. Deep down beneath the surface of your conscious mind is more you than you can imagine. The deeper you feels more than you know at the conscious level. I experience this energy and vent it out for you while I describe what the energy means to me. I communicate with your deeper consciousness to help it learn how to overcome itself, which encourages the harmonization of your harp strings to stay balanced, not to slip back into the same old patterns again and again. I’m here to alter the energy programs that we all get stuck in. I teach your deeper consciousness how to see with a new pair of eyes, to learn how to move through specific vulnerabilities in a new and different way. I experience being you, and I help you to feel a new, more harmonious way of being. All of this is possible through the Oneness, through the rainbow masterpiece, through energy, through intention, through Love. Distance Healing is a powerful gift of love that will transform your life. A single session will give you so many perspectives on you and your energy field, you will have so much to contemplate and process in the days and weeks following a session.
    Psychic Wisdom provides precious meaning that deeply touches your mind, your heart, and your soul. Wisdom has value, it changes you. Psychic Answers are the art of providing an idea that satisfies a hunger, a desperation to know, a need to seek what is outside yourself in order to find yourself. Now the answer is an idea that crafts the rest or your month, your year, or even the rest of your life. You already have all the answers, it’s the Psychic Wisdom that activates what is already within yourself. You are a Master of the Universe, you are not a human being, that is also an idea, that is also one version of an answer, but the true wisdom is that you are a Master of the Universe. I am here to help you access your true self, your true pathway as inspired by your own heart and soul. You create your own reality. Psychic Wisdom activates you and opens you up to your inner power.
    Distance Healing is effective for ALL Mental, Emotional, Physical, Sexual, Spiritual ailments. ALL ailments are energy, ALL energy can be transformed from resistance into balance, from chaos into love. It’s LOVE that heals all things. In saying this, the total benefits are crazy many. With all the possibilities, there is no number to define the boundaries or limits of where you can go, what you can receive, and how Distance Healing can and will change your life, forever. A Distance Healing session isn’t just for the date/time of the session, it’s pure love that never disintegrates. It will be there to even help you in other lifetimes when you need love most. We as human beings cannot even fathom all the ways Distance Healing changes our lives, our souls, and the balance of the WHOLE universe.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Please give 24 hours notice should you need to cancel.

All Sales are final.  Fees are non-refundable but can be used towards another service of your choice within 30 days from time of purchase.

“No-shows” for Live Sessions forfeit the right to reschedule.

Abbey Normal reserves the right to refuse appointments with anyone she chooses. In this situation, a full refund will be returned to the purchaser.

Rescheduling Your Appointment: 

If you need to reschedule your session, please visit my contact page to request a change.


Any and all services listed on website are in no way, shape or form intended to be substitutes for professional medical or psychological attention.

Please seek a professional health care specialist when needed.  Abbey Normal will not be held responsible for any decisions made, or any actions taken by any client and/or participant. The client and/or participant are solely responsible for any and all decisions and actions taken in his/her own life.

Clients and/or participants must be 18 years or older to book a session, unless the session is ordered by a parent.  In this case, sessions will be provided to the parent first, who will then have to practice a level of discernment on whether or not they want to provide it to their child.

In booking an appointment with Abbey Normal at I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all of the terms mentioned above.

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