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Did You Know?

I started providing Professional Psychic Services in March of 2016.  Since then, I've completed over 3,000 sessions.  Some of these I had the privilege of sharing with the YouTube public on both my Abbey Normal and Abbey's Psychic Services YouTube Channels. Other sessions I completed through Private Pre-Recorded Video, Voice Recording, or through Live Zoom Meeting.  

Abbey Normal's Wisdom Quest Testimonials

What is a Soul Rebirth Journey?

I offer a top-notch experience and have received incredible client feedback that I'm honored to share with you. 


As you scroll, you may notice, I had other names for the sessions I offered.  For instance, I used to call a 60 Minute Session a Soul Rebirth Journey.  This was due to the profoundly transformative nature of the session, as you can feel the vibrational effects, deep within your soul.  I had so many people ask me to explain the concept that I decided to simplify all session names to boring increments of time: 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.  I've also been so busy, I haven't added any fresh new testimonials in a while, which is something I hope to open up to again soon.  In the meantime, you'll notice a lot of the old session names associated with each testimonial, which gives this page a cool vintage effect!  

In saying all of this, I thank you for your curiosity.  If you feel your heart is guiding you to book a psychic session with me, it would be my honor to support you with any goals.  Whether they are definable or not, there is always a pathway of rebirth, at any increment of time.  My method provides Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Love to enrich your soul and your life!


What Are My Clients Saying?

Hi Abbey, I just want to first say thank you so much for this very powerful gift. You've helped me tremendously throughout my path in general, but this session with you was beyond words. I cried (and laughed) because of how spot on you were. That was more than what I could hope for and was surreal for sure by how accurate you conveyed my experience of reality. Much Love and gratitude. 


~ Rudy, 15 Minute Session ~

Omg Abbey, I am speechless at how I am feeling. I wanted to leave this comment here for everyone to read because I was in pain for 22 years with fibromyalgia and I had literally given up. I was waiting to die. I was sooo exhausted from the pain but I didn’t want to leave my kids. They are why I’m still here. Since this journey I am so excited to tell everyone that I am completely healed of fibromyalgia pain. How many people can say they were healed by Jesus. I am truly blessed to have found you Abbey and to have been given this special gift of healing. Thank you sooo much from my heart to yours we will always be connected through this wonderful journey and of course thank you dear Jesus for answering my moms call to heal me. Love u all and I can’t wait to see more soul journeys with Abbey, she is truly a blessing to humankind. Thank you again Abbey. All my love and gratitude.


~ Mary, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

I was in work when I knew there was a change within me and an amazing loving feeling within my heart. I felt so light too, I’ve never felt like this before, it was grand funny thing. I work with a lot of people, I just wanted to hug them all with love. My spiritual journey has truly begun, thanks to your amazing skills! I hope one day I’ll learn my skills and touch people just like you just did with me. I’m so happy, thank you! 


~ Steven, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

This is amazing Abbey, thank you so much for being you, for your kind, sweet, courageous heart that is willing to do this for me. I am so touched by it and so glad you went with your intuition and kept coaxing me out of my silly fear bondage. I can’t express how thankful I am for you. Your truly incredible and I love you like you are my sister. 


~ Avalon, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Abbey Normal is truly gifted. I have gotten readings from a number of psychics over the years, some real, some fake, and I can say with absolute certainty that Abbey is the real deal. The images and impressions that she communicated to me during her psychic wisdom video, beautifully represented my core essence and present challenges. She is also utterly charming, and it is absolutely delightful to watch her do a spiritual reading. She shows up with a level of compassion that only someone who has experienced true suffering can understand. However, don’t assume that Abbey will simply tell you what you want to hear. She is an absolute sweetheart, but if your soul could use a change of course, Abbey will let you know. Whether you are in need of spiritual wisdom or a healing, if you are a lover of truth and the divine, I cannot recommend Abbey highly enough. I hope that your experience is as magical as mine was.


~ Anna, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Abbey, you are such an amazing, young at heart, gifted psychic human being, your spirit is so pure, and gentle. Words cannot express, my session with you on my Soul Rebirth Journey, it was an experience I can never forget for the rest of my life. I keep listening, and listening to the recorded session, and I can never get enough of it. When Abbey connected with my soul, and telling me every word of wisdom she received for me, I never believed I had so much love in me, and the healing power that I have through showing love. Since my session with you, Abbey, I have been feeling overwhelmed and so emotional with love. Thank you for helping me know my purpose in this life, and I can't wait to have another session with you. I would encourage anyone to go beyond their mindset and try a session from Abbey's wisdom, and see whether they will not go back for more. It is a journey you can never forger for the rest of your life. Thank you, Abbey, once again, I am very happy to share my journey with the world.


~ TJ, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Thank you so very much for the amazing healing experience. I just listened again and picked up more insight. I am much less depressed and not having as much pain and fatigue and getting better. I am now more motivated to explore my own healing abilities working with energy, light, color (maybe even geometric shapes!) So I was so excited that you received a unique type of healing for my situation. I also really appreciated your prayers and your kind and loving desire to help me and others!  You are precious.

~ Patricia, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

Abbey is a beautiful clear channel and loving light in the world. I know the real deal when I see one. My intuition guided me to her Youtube channel and I knew that I would have my first healing and channelling with her. It was beyond my expectations! My pain from Endometriosis has reduced dramatically. My chakras feel more aligned and knowing my past life has helped me understand my purpose in this life. I highly recommend a session with Abbey. It will change your life and perspective in a positive way. 


~ Lisa, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

I just watched the video of your healing, and it was so beautiful. The symbolism was really meaningful to me. You have a real talent for putting the images into words. I could see it all so clearly in my mind. I think that when I find myself afraid or depressed because of something I’m dealing with, I’ll watch this video and it will help me refocus. So thank you so much for that healing gift!


~ Allen, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

I really enjoyed the video. It was so fascinating, you were spot-on, I will definitely refer you to friends! Thank you again for such an awesome uplifting and inspiring look into parts of my soul that wouldn’t normally be seen. You are an Earth Angel!


~ Julie, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

The work Abbey has done for me has changed my life. Through several Soul Rebirth Journeys, a Chakra Removal, and clearing of an energetic attack from an unknown entity (with both herself and Joseph - who is equally amazing), my personal growth has been nothing short of miraculous. I didn't know what to expect at first, even though I am open minded, I am always skeptical. But the proof is in how much I've changed through three months of sessions. I finally feel strong enough to leave a toxic relationship, I'm becoming a better parent, and I'm getting to know who I am and what I am capable of in life. If you're considering a session, do it. You'll thank yourself!


~ Tambra, Psychic Development Package, Psychic Mentoring Package, Soul Rebirth Journey Package ~

Connecting with Abbey through our sessions (and through her YouTube channel) has brought healing, eye opening wisdom and inspiration into my life for which I am super grateful. She has such an authentic and warm presence with endless compassion and desire to spread love to all humanity (and beyond!). Thank you, Abbey!  


~ Alie, Psychic Development Package ~


Dear Abbey, I wanted to thank you for the energy work and the vision quest work you did for me 3 days ago. It was awesome! I am certainly going to setup a follow-up session. 5 Stars!!! You are awesome!!! The first two days afterwards, as you had cautioned, about all I did was sleep. Yesterday I slept almost all day and night. I am feeling much clearer today. I was able to do some good energy work on a friend today. It felt as if the energy flowed more easily as well as more powerfully so. I’m happy, lol. Aside from being able to walk again, the main reason I was drawn to your services was the intuition that you might provide insights to help me further develop my healing/energy work meditations, my present obsession. Thanks again Abbey! Your work was AbNormally excellent!!! Love and Peace, and a Big Hug! 


~M, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Hi Abbey, thanks for your wonderful session! You showed me different aspects of myself, and you helped me to balance those parts of me that were out of sync. More importantly, you managed to help me find the blockage that were preventing me from moving on, so that I can finally move on. Yassss! I also really appreciate your energy cos it's patient, encouraging, and cheerful, and all that wonderful goodness. I definitely got a spiritual upgrade thanks to you, so thank you!! 


Anne, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

I recently had my first-ever distance healing experience with Abbey and, from the beginning, I could feel the energetic connection she created coursing through my body and extremities. During our 15 minute session, Abbey instantly connected to my heart energy centre and was ushered, by 2 different creatures from my early childhood nightmares, to the place where my issues – self-hatred, absence of confidence, fear of living, etc. - began. I want to share that, after a few days I began to slip into that space and by the 4th evening (after receiving some surprisingly bad news in that area) was in full fear, even rage ... and doubt. Once I slept on the energy, however, I awoke the next morning with the knowledge that I need to heal my ROOT CHAKRA!!! And, until I do, all other healings will be blocked by my own fear. This download is a big deal, because I am no spring chicken and have somehow missed this in all the years I've been exploring ways to heal. I have been avoiding my root chakra all this time and Abbey zeroed right in on that. What a blessing; now I have direction again. What Abbey does for humanity is a precious gift that requires a great deal of Courage as well as deep Wisdom & generosity of Spirit. I am very grateful to have been guided to her YouTube channel and then to her website. Thank you, AbbeyFabulous, for doing so much for me in such a short time. I cannot wait to work with you again! Much Love, 


~ SandraDee, Mini Journey Healing & Wisdom ~ 

Abbey is an extraordinary channel with an amazing open heart whose joy paints the sessions with prismatic colors that gives the profundity of the readings even more brilliant contrast that will open up your body, mind, and soul to the next juicy level!!!  


~ Neo, Psychic Wisdom ~

A session with Abbey is more than just a fun and entertaining date with destiny (and it is very much both of these things!); it invites you, the divine creator of your own life, to take a peek into the realm of your soul’s abstract understanding of itself - its etheric role in the cosmos where we express individually but exist primordially as one ... that place of depth that, as an infinite being you always know is there but never fully perceive as a temporary actor on this 3D plane. Her vision of you, both empathic and empathetic to both your weaknesses and strengths, is actually more of a rendez-vous, a precious gift in which you get to participate, which taking place between you, the various interacting forces of your "spiritual atmosphere," and her calmingly pragmatic presence that takes your hand in hers as the two of you sort out the imbalances so as to plot out a harmonious path for you to travel once you part ways. A truly beautiful and sacred journey.


Jenna, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Abbey is the most amazing healer I have worked with yet and I have worked with quite a few. She has the awesome and very unique talent of, what I like to call, dreaming awake and she communicates the dream symbols exactly as she sees them. She is able to see deeply into your soul and pull up energies, fears, thought patterns that have been sitting in your energy field for who knows how long. These are things that you don't even know are there but they are causing problems in your life and holding you back from further growth. Since I began working with her (only a few weeks ago) I have had several mystical experiences and made so many shifts in a very short period of time. A few good examples of the mystical experiences I have been experiencing are: In my session she saw a dragonfly man who deeply loves me and is watching over me. I have thought about him a lot and about two weeks after she saw him I found a beautiful black and red dragonfly broach that had been left to me by my mother-in-law several years earlier, but I hadn't gone through the box until after working with Abbey. I was so excited and amazed with this broach as I felt the connection. The dragonfly man is manifesting in my reality. I have been wearing the broach every day since I found it. I had taken a picture of it to show Abbey. The picture was taken on a yellow blanket. Then, yesterday a beautiful bright orange and black dragonfly was circling in my driveway just above my car when I pulled into the driveway. I've been living here for 10 years and have never seen a dragonfly around here until now. I got out of the car and it kept circling over my head, diving and swooping. I was so excited and I was talking to him. He then landed on the tip of the antenna to my husbands big yellow Hummer. I talked to him while he was landed and he kept bobbing his head up and down. I had to go in the house so I kept the front door open and kept watching him and interacting with him periodically. The sun was directly above him and the light rays were shining down over him in my photo. He stayed for well over 2 hours circling, diving, swooping and landing on the antenna. She also saw me as a butterfly and yesterday right after the dragonfly appeared, A big yellow and black butterfly appeared in my garden and stayed for quite a while. I feel happier than I have in a long time and my relationships are much improved. Overall, my life has been peaceful and calm since my sessions with Abbey. I am so happy with my results and I am looking forward to her psychic development classes so that I can hopefully learn to work with the same technique. My session with Joseph was so amazing and deeply healing. He is magical and so accurate. He is deeply connected with Divine Consciousness. In my session with Joseph he was able to see exactly what is going on in my life and relationships behind the scenes. He communicates what he sees in dream symbols (this is what I call it) and his healing technique feels very Shamanic in nature. It's like he is entering the dream world, communicating exactly what he sees and as it comes up it is healed or brought to your attention to work on. In my session he saw me as a yellow and black butterfly. He also saw a huge snake that had been a difficulty in my life (a bully that I have been putting up with) and he threw it into the ocean during my session. The very next day I saw a dead snake on my walk and then I saw a big yellow and black butterfly that looked like a fairy. I saw another dead snake only a few days later and then yesterday I saw another big yellow and black butterfly in my garden. I believe this was a huge symbolic message for me and confirmation of what Joseph saw. The person who has been perceived as a bully to me is no longer bothering me. There were so many other healing experiences for me thanks to my session with Joseph. I highly recommend a session with Joseph. I am so much happier and peaceful now. I look forward to future sessions with Joseph. Much love to you Abbey and Joseph. You two are so magical. Thank you for doing what you do. You are so helpful to me for sure and I know you must be helping a lot of people.


~ Diane, Joseph & Abbey Journey Experience, Soul Rebirth Journey, Journey Healing & Wisdom, Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, & DNA Activation ~

I have had several different sessions with Abbey from Soul Rebirth Journeys to Psychic Mentoring sessions and several one-on-one talks which have been completely amazing and spiritually purifying for me. My last session with Abbey was a 30-minute one-on-one talk and I have a 1 hour talk coming up next week and what I enjoy so much about these sessions is that Abbey is so open and accepting to hearing whatever is on your mind whether it be something good or something that you are having difficulty dealing with. She has such an uplifting spirit and a genuinely Caring Heart and because of this I always end up feeling very light and uplifted and like a weight has been lifted from my heart Soul and Spirit. So if you haven't had a chance to have a session with Abbey it's high time that you do so I highly recommend her service I promise you you'll be glad that you did!!! 


~ Jamie, Spiritual Advice, Psychic Mentoring, Soul Rebirth Journey, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

Abbey has amazing psychic abilities! She has a heart of gold and her words of wisdom resonate with me deeply. She is truly a rare gem in this chaotic world and I am so glad I got to know about her. I have plans to engage her psychic services again, as it is not everywhere that you get to meet someone like her. 


~ Charlie, Psychic Wisdom ~

Abbey, I just want to thank you so much for the healing it was amazing. The first day of the healing I was crying a lot letting go of stuff. The second day there was lots of crying too but it was tears of happiness. For the very first time ever it felt as if I was connecting with my heart. As if I could hear and feel what my heart truly wants for the first time ever. I feel so good now the only easy way to describe it is. I just want to crack open my heart portal and shine light of healing and unconditional love to the entire universe. I want to shine it so bright that it touches everything in the entire universe and shines right back into me. I have no doubt that there is a way I can achieve this. I don't know how but I feel so determined to make this happen. I want everyone to feel this good. Thank you so much Abbey you have helped me to get out of a dark place and find the light so grateful for you help. I can't wait for my next two sessions with you. Follow Up Email: Abbey, all of the healing and the psychic session I have had with you have been amazing. I feel so much better within myself and about myself. My confidence within myself and regarding my abilities is also growing. So glad that I decided to work with you. I feel awesome and I have now found my inspiration to be able to move forward. Thank you so much. 


~ Allana, Psychic Development Package: Journey Healing & Wisdom, Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, & DNA Activation, Psychic Mentoring Session ~

Thank you so much, Abbey, these implants were causing me great discomfort, it was affecting my life in a big way. I feel like I can be happy again, thank you so much!


Steven,  Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Abbey literally pulled me out of what could be described as a personal hell. I was being plagued with a negative entity, which in my deepest depression had felt welcome but did not want to leave and became abusive. Because I was in a lost place I was unable to clear it's energy on my own. Abbey was able to come into my spiritual atmosphere and get to the root of my pain which then in turn transformed me and my home space into a bubble of light and love. I knew Abbey was meant to be in my life and this was such a perfect introduction in my life. So needed, so serendipitous. Abbey is very much an Angel in this world and I am blessed to have experienced her love in resetting me back to the joyful being I am. I HIGHLY recommend her work if you have residual or even abusive entities in your space or life. I look forward to doing more inner work with her aid, and she has helped change my former negative Christian beliefs about Psychics to a deep understanding that her connections are heavenly. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your help, especially in how you were understanding of my personal situation. So much love to you!! 


Hollie, Spiritual Home & Land Cleansing ~

I have done a variety of sessions with Abbey after making contact through her website, including Animal Communication, a Soul Rebirth Journey, Chakra Removal, Psychic Wisdom, a "Let's Chat" session, and the Abbey and Joseph Journey Experience. Abbey puts her heart and soul into these sessions and brings forth deep healing wisdom. Each session provided me with profound insight which brought in peace and helped me to better understand the path that I'm on. She is definitely an expert in her field and I highly recommend any of the services she offers!


~ Natasha, Animal Communication, Soul Rebirth Journey, Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, & DNA Activation, Psychic Wisdom, Spiritual Advice, and Abbey & Joseph Journey Experience ~

I have known Abbey on her YouTube channel, and everything she shares, reflects deeply into my heart, so I decided to do a session with her and Joseph about a complicated situation. I received such a powerful Healing! They saw things within me so profound that I had not realized it, but everything makes so much sense to me now. They helped me to open my heart, to heal, to trust and to understand. My experiences with life are completely different now, it's easier, I enjoy it more, I am stronger and really creative because I love and trust myself so much more! I also feel a much more stronger connection and deeper understanding with spirit.My session with them has been a real blessing and I am infinitely grateful!Abbey and Joseph are divine healers and there is nothing more powerful than love! 


~ Laetitia, Demons, Negative Entities, & Psychic Attack ~

My experience was beyond words! You truly learn so much about yourself and Abbey is an amazing facilitator. I cried tears of happiness, felt amazing energy all around me the entire time. If you have been thinking about trying out a session with Abbey, please do not hesitate! Thank you for everything!!


~ Patrice, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

After following Abbey and Joseph on you tube for a few months, and watching more videos than I'll admit to, I knew I needed to have my very own session with these two amazing healers. I am one of those people who can look at my life currently and think "Why am I so lost? What am I looking for? How is this great life I have, just not enough for me? What is holding me back?" It's hard when you feel pain and depression and self doubt for what appears to be no reason at all. I knew in my heart that I needed to heal, but I just couldn't figure out what I needed to heal from. What was it that caused such pain and disgust for myself? Abbey and Joseph took me there, in the most kind, gentle and loving way. They delivered messages, healing and encouragement, they assisted me in releasing past life pain and fear that was greatly impacting my current life. They helped me see that I am amazing, I am special, I do have a light side with my dark side, and that's ok. It is what makes me uniquely me. Since my session, I feel more accepting of myself, and those shadowy places I refused to go before, just don't seem as dark and scary. I can look at them, and still feel love towards myself. My self deprecating talk has ceased to exist, and my attitude towards myself has done a 180 degree turn, and in turn, has changed my family dynamic for the better. I now accept that my soul's journey is not about what I am going to get at the end, but the journey itself. I am here to learn and grow and change, and each step is important. They showed me that I am loving and caring, and that I have plenty to offer the world. When my session ended, I felt exhilarated, excited and so full of love, exactly what I needed in that moment. However, I knew I needed time to process all that was said, to allow my soul's release to happen fully, so I have taken my time to write this testimonial. I wanted it to be the results of the sessions, not just the immediate feeling I received after. I can't recommend a session with Abbey enough, and if you can, Joseph too. No matter where you are at, or what you think you need, they will deliver healing and guidance in the exact way you need to experience it. I have so much Love for Abbey, and i truly can not thank her and Joseph enough. No matter what you think you need, or where you are at, they will deliver the healing and guidance in the exact way you need. I love you Abbey and Joseph! 


~ Adahn, Abbey & Joseph Journey Experience ~

I absolutely loved my experience with Abbey, I had a live Soul Rebirth Journey session. I felt very powerful energetic work processing during the session. I feel like a lot happened, that I still have a lot to mull over. I listened to the video recording again after our session which was great as well. I love that Buddha came through. I do feel very connected to the Buddha nature and my (almost) daily yoga practice really brings me into the oriental Zen vibes. I keep wondering about the fact that I learnt the lessons of spending a life in a vow of silence. It was important for my spirit guide or higher self to make sure that I knew that, but I’m wondering if that means that the lesson has already been learnt so I can move on, or if I should revisit that state by maybe going on a 10 day silence meditation retreat. Like you said, I’ve been wondering about the purpose of going through all this without sharing it with others. What is the purpose of all this if others can’t benefit from it? I absolutely loved the wall of water. I do feel very connected with water. I have very vivid dreams of water all the time, tsunamis and lakes and the ocean . . . I love that 9 tall wise men were there. I’m super into school haha so I loved that scholars and wise men are behind me, observing. I plan on revisiting that space in further meditations. 


~ Jessica, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

I’ve had several sessions with Abbey. She will help you transcend and traverse all kinds of memories you have, and she is just amazing. You will watch each video she made, just for you, a lot more times than you’d think. I played the first video she made for me more than 40 times before the second session. Every time I watched or listened to it, my actual experiences, which I've forgotten for a long time, came up, and I was able to perceive the messages deeper or clearer each time. Abbey will encourage you to go beyond the line your mind has set. You won't regret connecting with her!!


~ Kaori, Psychic Wisdom & Soul Rebirth Journey ~

I purchased the Usui Reiki manual and the Kundalini Reiki manual. I did the Attunement gift that you provided in the manuals, plus I have been working on the Usui Reiki symbols like you suggested in the manual, to practice drawing them in my heart, mind, and in the outdoors where I'm most comfortable. I did not expect that I would have such an automatic feeling of the universal energy that came over me during the Attunement and also after reading your manual which has put so much clarity and understanding to Usui Reiki. Abbey, I didn't even think that this was possible, the overwhelming joyful love that is flowing out of my heart has been amplified by this Usui Reiki Attunement and manual. I think you are an amazing loving caring soul. Thank you so much! 


~ Jamie, Usui Reiki & Kundalini Reiki Attunement & Manuals ~

Thank you thank you thank you! Words cannot truly explain or express. I don't even want to try to describe what is going on with me and what I am feeling right now. I just want to be in it. You touched me in such a beautiful way. I am forever at your feet. I am forever grateful to you. Your love and light have opened something in me, that I don't fully understand yet. I have a lot of processing to do. You are such a kind soul. I am so thankful to you. I will cherish this experience and you in my heart forever. 


~ Mark, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

You are so magical, words can hardly describe how I am feeling after this session. My gifts for seeing energies are already starting to unfold and its only been like 6 hrs. You were 100% spot on, I have been really struggling with being in the physical because I feel so non-physical. I'm glad thats over. I have been waiting desperately for the money to get this session done and I feel like it was the best possible thing I've ever done for myself. Its been really hard for me to keep jobs because I just float all day long, I'm like here like present in the moment, but definitely not grounded into Earth reality. This has been truly eye opening and I really cannot thank you, your guides, and mine enough for giving me this experience. I will be back for a Soul Rebirth Journey in a month or so (;  

~ Tiawnna, Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, & DNA Activation ~

For ten years I have felt alone trying to understand what's happening to me and for the first time I do not anymore. I went to doctors, therapists, energy healers, meditation retreats, hypnosis, diet changes, etc etc fuging etc!! And you literally reached into my soul, lifted me up, dusted me off, straightened out my shirt, gave me a hug and showed me the way. I am forever grateful!


~ Joshua, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

I can’t thank Abbey enough for everything she has done for me, my entire family and my friends. It all started with a very special piece of spiritual artwork she had painted for me in the beginning of 2017. Abbey also had shared some very special messages and wisdom which was really the beginning of an incredible and mind-blowing healing and self-discovery journey. Ever since, Abbey has managed to help me face and heal some of my deepest wounds and fears. The energy work she does is so powerful and breathtaking. But she also has the beautiful gift to put her finger onto the problem and share higher wisdom about it. And in my eyes this is what makes her work so different to other energy healers. Because with the higher wisdom you get the opportunity to learn and grow immensely. Abbey is the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met. Her heart is so pure. She is honest and so incredibly wise. You can feel right from the beginning that she wants to make a profound difference in your life. She shines a spectacular and sparkling light on everybody. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me, my entire family and my friends. And I am very honored to be able to learn even more from her through the Psychic Mentoring Program. I love her so very much and I am so grateful for the love, wisdom and support she sends our way every day. Thank you for being you, Abbey.


~ Marina, Psychic Mentoring, Soul Portrait, Soul Rebirth Journey, Spiritual Home Cleansing, & Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, & DNA Activation ~ 

I would like to give my most heartfelt gratitude for your wisdom and your healing that I am blessed to have received. I couldn't have wished for a more informative and in depth reading that you gifted me, parts of which I am truly beginning to understand a year later. You truly are a gift to this planet and all of the souls incarnated here.


~ Brian, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

I'd like to express my deepest appreciation and thanks for the chakra removal session you performed for me. It was the most enjoyable and beautiful experience I've ever watched on a screen. 


~ Thuva, Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, & DNA Activation ~

I wanted to start by saying thank you for everything you do. You really are amazing and I personally believe your visions are coming through at 100% accuracy. I have suggested your services to a small group of people that received your services and they were amazed. When they watched the videos you made for me they called me and said they remember me talking to them about some of the same past life and visions that I have had from a few years past, that you brought back up in your videos. Just a short story... About 25 years age I learned hypnosis and started getting into past life. Had fun with it. Then at the end of 2012 I went to see someone that does Quantum healing hypnosis that Dolores Cannon started for terrible acid reflux and burning tongue and tinnitus. The doctors doubled my meds for reflux and nothing else worked. So I said what the hell ill try the hypnosis. Well after seeing I was buried alive by my mother now, in the 1800s I opened myself up and started healing myself. My valve that keeps the acid from coming up my throat started cooking like an iron rod as I seen tons of light pouring in healing my heart and belly also. But before the healing was totally finished I sat up and stopped the process.( I had a long ride home. Not very smart lol ) I am finished with doctors though. This is why you brought up about the tinnitus and burning tongue going all the way down my throat. For 3 days after the healing I couldn't sleep because all I could see when I shut my eyes was a much brighter light than anyone could ever imagine. That's when I realized we are 100% light beings. Even though that sounds kind of strange. I have had many experiences since this has happened. But anyway, I believe this may have been a good thing to not get totally healed in the long run to keep me searching and learning about new things out there. I had something close to the flu for the last month and on the Saturday you did the video it started going away rapidly. By Tuesday it was totally gone. I still hear some ringing and just a little burning of the tongue but things are very tame. Sorry to talk your ear off, I am normally not much of a talker. But I really really want to say thank you for what you do for yourself and everyone you come in contact with. You are wonderful!!! P.S. I will probably be contacting you again in a few months for a short reading on a few ideas I want to get started working with. Thanks for everything! 


~ Jim, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

I want to thank you for all the work and energy you have shared with me, you've shed a light on some things that have helped me understand myself and therefore heal and grow more. This last session came along while I was also making other big changes in my life, which is funny because you seemed to pick up on this during this session. Thank you for your suggestion of guiding me through the process of being more integrated with my psychic abilities, this is something I am definitely interested in exploring and working on as well. And, really, just thank you for being you! 


~ Tara, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Thank you so much!!! I TOTALLY understand and relate to the messages that you shared with me. Though hard to hear, I need to know these things on a deeper level in order to move forward on my journey. I appreciate your being there with your gift to help guide me on my journey and I look forward to another Soul Rebirth Journey session, as well as discovering who my spirit guides and angels are.


~ Janet, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help and guidance and love! I had no idea that all of that happened to Frank. That's probably why I've been absolutely ashamed of myself every day of my life because I was so closely connected to him. But I will move on from him. Maybe I won't have nightmares anymore either. I've had nightmares every night since as far back as I can remember. I really appreciate all your kind words and the motivation to develop my psychic abilities and I will definitely watch your video on Shambalah! Abbey, it has been an absolute pleasure! Thank you so much again for everything! I will be back again for a Soul Rebirth Journey in the near future! (Follow Up Email) I feel so, so, so much better after my session. I feel so peaceful and happy to be alive! I've also been dying to share that on the day of my session I had this huge scar that appeared on my left wrist. This scar was so deep. At the time, I thought I just had a humongous scar that I somehow never noticed before, but the next day it was gone, it somehow completely disappeared. I spent days examining my arms to see what happened to the scar but it is still nowhere to be found. The timing of this scar was so synchronistic. It appeared on the day of my session. Frank must have had a scar on his left wrist. I also don't believe I've had any nightmares since the session either! What a relief that's been! The name Frank is very synchronistic too because I named my cat Frank. I got Frank in 2013 and he's a very grouchy kitty! LOL! There's probably a connection there as well. The name Frank had been in my mind for years.


~ Bryce, Demonic Possession, Negative Entities, Psychic Attack ~

WOW indeed! I overslept today and had some very profound dreams... I had a deep conscious recognition in the dream state and I kept thinking "I've cleared so much!" Although I couldn't explain it, the feeling was so intense and the thought kept repeating until I woke up. I awoke with the lightest feeling and my intuition led me to check my email right away to see your message and video. This has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful for you, your guides, and the universe supporting me and holding space during this process. Such a beautiful feeling blossoms inside, a sense of deep profound peace and connection :) I feel so different although I can't quite describe it with language; I feel that it will take a little time to fully process and integrate this energetic shift. Feel free to share this session on YouTube. I chose to come back to this reality to share my essence with the world, and perhaps by sharing this video, the energy of the session may inspire or call forth others to let go of the old energies, heal what needs healing, and step into their true soul essence and infinite nature. Thank you again Abbey, its been such a blessing meeting you! Have an incredible evening :)


~ Zachary, Chakra Removal, Energetic Upgrade, & DNA Activation ~

WOW. this is the second installment of my feedback from you the other day and it is more incredible than I have the words for. Abbey your work for me, especially the last session, literally changed my life in a massive way. I was able to connect with the male spirit that was trying to contact me through your reading during my aya ceremony last night. He is my twin soul who you told me about one year ago. He has been trying to reach me for so long and I cannot tell you how amazing it was to cross into the infinite and be reunited with the soul I have been exploring the depths of all that is since the beginning of existence. Not only that but because of the message you gave to me and the questions you helped me to know how to ask, I remembered who i am and fully merged with and became my true ancient and infinite soul with the guidance of my twin soul. He showed me the billions upon of billions of lifetimes we have lived together all over the universe and dimensions and how far we have come in understanding and diving into the truth that lies within the void. What beautiful and divine creatures we are!! Through this experience I now understand why I chose to incarnate here on my own and what the potential for my soul is to bring some of this wisdom to earth to help liberate and teach more souls about who they are and what is. 


~ Lindsay, Psychic Wisdom & Healing ~

I had scheduled a 30-minute Journey healing session with Abbey and I really didn't have any idea on what to expect or what would come from this session. Abbey was able to enter my spiritual atmosphere and speak with my higher self and Spirit guides who helped her lead us down a path of Enlightenment and astonishment. Abbey was able to see that there was an amazing connection with Christ consciousness which is absolutely true, Christ is in my life and my heart!!! She was able to then do some amazing healing work on scars and wounds from the past that I have never let go of, and now they are behind me and they have been released and can no longer hold me down. My light Force and overflowing love for all things can now flow freely without any chains to hold them back!!! One of the most beautiful parts of this journey was learning about an angel guide who is connected with nature and me. The amazing thing about all of this is I have always had a deep connection with nature and Mother Earth and that this Angel guide is deeply connected with me and loves me with all her heart and she speaks to me through nature. Abby was able to describe how she looks and that she's a beautiful woman what her name is and that she's always been speaking to me and always will and that I can speak with her now that I know who she is through my higher self this is so enlightening and mind-blowing to me. Abbey is truly an amazing loving giving person that wants to help all of us with our human Ascension. I highly recommend that all of you that may read this take the opportunity to have wonderful and beautiful spiritual session with Abbey she is truly amazing. My spirit and body feels lighter and Freer ever since our journey healing. Lots and lots of love to all that read this!!!


~ Jamie, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

I have had a number of readings with Abbey in the last four months. Abbey is awesome! If you have seen some of her videos, I think you would probably agree. She is a beautiful person, totally positive in her approach to all the readings I have had. Abbey holds a lot of love in her heart. She uses this love to heal others with her energy work, access profound wisdom, and communicate this process in a clear and understandable way. I am really impressed with her ability to integrate everything in a reading: the energy work, insight, clarity, compassion, and the feeling of play and joy. Also, Abbey can sustain this state of love and focus for 90 minutes!! Here is a comparison. I believe Abbey Normal has a lot in common with Dr. Wayne Dyer. Both are connected to Source and express infinite Love beautifully, Although, they focused on different approaches to their work, Abbey brings an incredible level of compassion, awareness, wisdom, intelligence, and curiosity to this world, very much like Wayne did. It has been a privilege to work with Abbey. 


~ Jim, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Thank you so much. You are the light of my life. I deeply appreciate your help and healing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. 💙💚💛❤️💜

~ Clarissa, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Just a quick note to let you know how thing’s are going for me. It’s hard to describe but, Happy, Fantastic, Calm, Relaxed, even Mellow, comes to mind, but its so much more than that. The fear, that I had carried all my life has gone, and stayed gone, I breath easier, sleep better. I can see people around me “ just starting to notice something” but aren’t sure what it is. Pressures and problems at work have all but disappeared, there are little piles of crap that still remain, some with people and some with situations, but I wonder now what all the fuss was about. Abbey, you are the light of love in this world. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being my friend. 


~ Steve, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Thank you so much. I realize how profound the work that was done between you and Jesus for me was very profound in my life. It was very important and could have not been done if you were not a person who was true to the gifts given to you. I did feel very tired after the sessions. I found both very interesting. It has sparked an interest about who I was in past lives. Also, I love how Jesus has a sense of humor. Interesting that he turned me over and looked specifically at my right knee. Years ago I injured it getting bucked off a horse. I landed on a rock and had to walk home from the the hills. I had to drive myself to the ER for stitches and the spot has been tender ever since. Amazing...I just love him. Thank you!!


~ Dora, Psychic Wisdom ~

Thank you so much. Not just for that reading, but for all your work, thank you for existing. In case no one has said it, you are truly one of a kind and so very special and divinely favored. Not only because you are incredibly gifted, but because you truly embrace it and so selflessly share soooo much with out hesitation. It’s not easy to find people who have great things and are willing to share it with the world just because they can. You have made such a difference in my life and your work had helped me learn and grow and understand on a whole other level. I am forever grateful for crossing paths with you.


~ Rachel, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

You did a 'Soul Rebirth' healing session for me a few months ago to help with the immense pain I felt during my menstruation. I have had 2 periods since then, and i can say the pain has greatly lessened. I feel so much better now. The first time after, i still felt some pain, and the second one- which i just finished, I barely felt anything at all. It's like every time it gets less and less painful and more better. I just wanted to thank you for all you have done. I have suffered from them since i was 11 and i am 35 now. To finally get some relief is... you have no idea how wonderful it feels. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 


~ Melanie, Soul Rebirth Journey ~

Wow… I really do not have any words to describe how I am feeling. So happy I could burst. I truly feel blessed to have been guided to you. Amazing. Everything you said is me, my life, my thoughts/feelings/emotions. Honestly it’s all amazing. Thank you so much, Abbey… I cannot thank you enough… You have changed me… Amazing. 


~ Tamara, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~

Thanks Abbey! You are very gifted and blessed! You are right on the money with your insight!

~ Shawn, Journey Healing & Wisdom ~


Thank You for Taking the Time to Read my Testimonials!

Have a Beautiful Day! : )

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