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Soul Stories & Poems


All of these writings were inspired by some unexpected motivation.  The story, ’The Red Rattlesnake,’ I wrote in one morning after a series of very strange dreams and events.  My mind kept telling me to write a story, and write a story, and it wouldn’t stop ordering me to write so I finally caved and agreed to write this story.  As for the poetry, many times I have woken up in the middle of the night and heard a poem explaining something to me about human beings and their connection with something natural.  It could be nature, it could be the body, blood, stars, love, anything of that kind.  I’ve heard many poems but very few have I written down, and the poems I have written down are only similar to what I remember hearing after waking up the next day.  

I haven’t received any new poems in a while, I think it’s time I tell the universe that I promise to honor the message and write them down so that they may be shared the way they were intended to be.  Regardless, the few things written below came from something ‘spirit’ motivated, meaning, the spirit world told me to do it, but they also came from my heart.


Written by Abbey Normal

An Aboriginal man came to me in a vision. He had a very dark bold face and straw like hair that came down around his chin. He looked at me with very dark eyes and dark skin. The colors of his physical being were like all the darkest browns of the Earth. He showed me a very large black snake, one that was extremely venomous. I felt honored to be in the presence of this Aboriginal man and his great gift of the snake. As the day passed, a Native American man came to me in a vision. His face was old, browned from the sun, and covered in many creases. His hair was black and bound in braids with two feathers. He looked very deeply into me. He showed me a long red rattlesnake. I accepted his gift with great honor. Shortly after this vision I was given a message from the universe, telling me that these gifts come as invitations, “Please honor their invitations by giving back to these leaders a gift which will come through you in a most sacred ceremony.”

That night, when I went to bed, I acknowledge the energy and request of a ceremony. I felt a confidence within me and an intense longing to honor these men. I was filled with joy as I relaxed and thought about them and the beautiful snakes they had given me. I felt ready to proceed. I took a few deep breaths and asked for Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all sacred directions to surround me in love and light. I felt my body moving with the energy of spirit and these tingling, electrical sensations slowly began to rise out of me and pour over me like a gently traveling brook. As I went into a deeper meditation I felt the energy intensify. I felt compelled to ask my angel guide to protect me and the ceremony and to help raise my vibration to the highest levels. I then asked for gifts from the Snake Goddess. I knew, deep in my heart, exactly what I wanted to accomplish from this ceremony. My heart spoke very intensely to the universe and I could feel my body vibrating with electrical energy. I felt my being connecting with higher dimensions. An intense release of energy occurred as I spoke my intentions to the universe. After all was done, I relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning, I was surprised to see that I had awoken in a beautiful garden. I observed that I was sitting in a barren spot surrounded by green leafy plants and shorter trees. I relaxed and felt peaceful there, until a sudden sensation overcame me and from within my sacred depths I saw a large black venomous snake emerged from my being. A second snake birthed forth, it was a long red rattlesnake. I was surprised that what had produced from this sacred ceremony were the same snakes that I thought were given to me in my honor and invitation. My intention was not to give the exact same snakes back to these leaders. That’s when a divine voice came to me and told me that I had misinterpreted their message. I was told, “These tribal leaders came to you in all humility, with a request for you to birth forth a snake of their choosing, one that would bring great peace, healing, and abundance to their land and people. The snakes they showed you were not gifts to you but were the snakes they were requesting from within you.”

I took some time to contemplate this message. I did not feel disappointed in my misinterpretation of things. I felt honored to have these visions and to share these snakes with these tribal leaders; these snakes which were divine creations, blessings that came from within my being as a gift to these men. I felt honored and a great joy from all that had taken place. That’s when I noticed three snakes slithering toward me in the garden, one white, one blue, and one green. I watched as these snakes merged with my body and coiled within me in three distinct places. The green snake coiled in my heart, the blue snake coiled in my throat, and the white snake coiled in my head. Mother Earth then spoke to me and told me that my gifts to her children greatly honored her on this day, and in return, she wished to honor me with a gift of three snakes. She showed me how the green snake was to heal my heart, the blue snake was to give me voice, and the white snake was to enhance my connection with the universe. I was overwhelmingly moved as these gifts were very meaningful to me and I was not expecting anything in return for what I had given to the two men in my visions.

When I went to bed that night, I felt a strange sense of nervousness and then a feeling overcame me. It was a distinct sensation that I was being called to conduct another sacred ceremony. Despite the uncomfortable feeling I had, I could not deny the calling of the universe and I accepted. I then relaxed my body and I asked for Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all sacred directions to surround my being within a womb of love and light energy. I then went into a deep meditation. I called upon my sacred angel guide to protect me and the ceremony and to help raise my vibration to the highest divine levels. I desired for only the purest and most loving energy to be present in the creation of my intentions. I waited for my mind to clear and allowed my heart to speak for my mind as I wasn’t entirely sure what this ceremony was to be about. I felt the energy from my heart and heard myself ask the universe for three golden snakes. I called upon the Snake Goddess and asked that these snakes be produced through me as a gift to our sacred Mother Earth. Once again, I felt an energy around me, vibrating intensely. I felt this intense tingling sensation, pouring out of me and surrounding me, and then more energy constantly generating outward. I felt myself reaching higher realms of divine energy until a sudden moment when a great release poured forth from within me. The energy was so intense that after it was released I fell into a deep state of relaxation and then I fell asleep.

When I woke up I saw myself surrounded by nature again and noticed I was, once more, sitting in a beautiful garden. I noticed a sensation of sacred timing, and suddenly watched a golden snake quickly emerged from within me. He set off immediately across the land with great speed, ferociousness, and tenacity. The second golden snake was coy and shy. She timidly came forth into the world, gleaming of love and feminine energy. She traveled slowly, exploring all the natural beauty of the sacred garden. The third snake was not what I expected; this snake emerged with a black face and a long golden tail. Instead of going forth across the land, he went up toward the trees to find his home between the Earth and the Sky. I was then told by a divine voice that these three snakes represented the spirits of my three children, my first born who is bold, outspoken, and energetic, my second born who is quiet, independent, loving, and feminine, and my third, born with thick black hair and unusually large perceptive eyes, and who possesses a deep connection with both physical and spiritual planes. I was told that these three spirited snakes will go forth to bless all of humanity by the will and direction of the Great Mother. I was so moved by this overwhelming and profound insight, I was struggling to catch my breath. Within moments I suddenly found my body quickly surrounded on all sides by a multitude of large snakes which merged and disappeared within my being. I heard the voice of Mother Earth who told me that she received my gift of the three golden snakes with tremendous joy and honor, and in return, she wished to honor me with a multitude of snakes to bless me with great gifts from spirit. I was called upon to speak intentions for the snakes that they may activate in accordance to my will and desire. I quickly stated that I wanted my life to be filled with an abundance of joy and that I wanted all the needs and desires of heart to be met physically and spiritually. I sat for a few moments to make sure I hadn’t spoken too soon, and that this was truly what I wanted. I came to a point of mental silence and connected with my heart. I felt this request was correct and then I heard my mind speak once more. I asked, too, that these snakes develop within me, a deeper connection with spirit and greater spiritual awakening that I may give back to Mother Earth in a more sacred and profound way. I then felt an intense sensation as the snakes activated within me; I was overwhelmed with sheer joy, reverence, and ecstasy.

On the third night, I went to bed feeling so moved by the gifts Mother Earth had given to me, not at my request, but from her heart. On this third night, I felt compelled to do a great dead for Mother Earth, to conduct a sacred ceremony in her honor. I felt my heart exploding with energy and feelings and I felt the ceremony quickly take off. All I could see and feel were snakes – snakes of all sizes, colors, breeds, and venomous types. The energy was intense and breath-taking. I called for Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all sacred directions to surround my being and honor me with their gracious presence. I asked for my sacred angel guide to protect me and the ceremony and to raise the vibration to its highest levels, that this ceremony would be the most profound and grandest of all ceremonies to honor our sacred Mother Earth. From the deepest depths of my heart and will, I asked the Snake Goddess to create an abundance of snakes, thousands of snakes. I asked that she create these snakes for me, that I may give them as a gift of love to our great Mother Earth. The ceremony continued. I felt a great union between body and spirit and an electrical charge was sent into the universe to create these snakes into being. The energy was so powerful and so moving that after all the intensity and after all the release of energy was done, I quickly fell to sleep.

When I awoke that morning, I found myself in an open space, under a large tree with a gleaming yellow sun. There was a great peace and quiet that surrounded my body, more so than I had felt previously. All was so hushed until a sudden moment, when the timing was most sacred, an intense spiritual experience took place. Pouring forth, from within my body, were thousands of snakes of every color and breed. These snakes were so many and so rapidly moving in the same direction. They were all vigorously traveling to my intended home for them, deep into the womb of our Mother Earth. So much had transpired; I sat there panting in exhaustion and spiritual ecstasy. Once I had caught my breath and relaxed I suddenly took notice of one snake that remained with me, under the tree and the light of the sun. It was a long, bright red snake that glistened and gleamed like a sacred stone. It was more beautiful and enchanting than any of the thousands of snakes I had given in my gift to Mother Earth. Tears came from my eyes as I stared at this overwhelmingly beautiful snake. That is when Mother Earth spoke to me. She told me that my love for her has brought a great healing to the land and all of humanity. She asked that I accept this special red snake as a token of her love for me and all of the gifts I had bestowed upon her and mankind. I was extraordinarily moved as I watched the red snake merge with my body and coil within me in the shape of a heart.

It took some moments for me to collect myself. I then asked the Great Mother why she kept giving back to me. I wanted to understand why she continually bestowed such generous gifts when I had not asked for anything in return. In my mind and in my question to her, I showed her an image of how much she had given me already and reminded her how I had conducted these ceremonies from my heart, that these gifts were sincere, and without any expectations. I not only questioned her generosity but questioned why, after each gift I had given, she had given back to me in an even more profound way than I was capable of giving. That is when I heard her voice come to me through an image. In this image I saw a small child giving a gift to their mother. I then felt this energy of pure joy beaming from the mother who had received the gift. Then I felt a sensation telling me that it wasn’t about what was or was not expected in return, that it’s about an exchange of love, that when gifts of love are given, it is only natural for a gift of love to be returned. The image completed between the mother and the child, and I felt a warm exchange of love between the two of them. She asked that I share this message with all of humanity, that they may remember their Mother Earth in this same way. She also shared that she too desires to be loved the way she loves her children. In honor of her request, I agreed to write this story for all of humanity to read, that we may remember to love and honor our sacred Mother Earth, as she loves and honors us every day, whether we ask for it or not.


The End


Written by Abbey Normal

I make love to you,
By the big tree,
Under purple leaves and sunshine.

You make love to me,
On the beautiful beach,
In the most extraordinary way.

A sacred gift to our Great Mother Earth.

I wrote this short poem in 2012.  It’s not particularly easy for me to share; it’s based on a memory that I never had.  But every time I read it, I’m reminded of how important love is and sharing love with each other and with the Earth.  More takes place when we make love than sexual pleasure, it’s a spiritual bond you make between two souls.  It is also light and energy that is developed and it is extremely nurturing and healing for our physical bodies and for the Earth and for all of the universe.


The End


Written by Abbey Normal

It is time for a change,
It is time for the awakening of mankind,
It is time for the gifts of the universe to be shed upon us once more.

That we may we remember our sacred origins, breath sacred air, and taste the sacred fruit,
That we may become balanced and suffer no more,
That the blood of war no longer be shed, but the blood of the sacred womb, may it take its place.


Written by Abbey Normal

Just the other day, the family and I were taking a drive across town to run some errands.   Not much was being said and I found myself going into a deeply relaxed state where my mind started to take over very quickly and unexpectedly.  In this deeply relaxed state I was suddenly seeing and experiencing myself meditating in my favorite natural world, Grey’s Lake.  I was both within and outside of my body, so my experience was multi-dimensional. I saw myself sitting by my favorite tree, there was no real sensation of temperature, but I felt nature all around me.  I was sitting in a very specific Buddhist type of meditation position.  In this position, my arms were bent at the elbows and my hands were being held so that my palms were facing the sky. I saw bright white lights going through the center of my hands.  I was watching and experiencing rainbow colors that were penentrating my being in various ways.  The colors were so many and so everywhere that I couldn’t possibly relay to you exactly what colors were where.  In this very relaxed and intense state of healing, I felt an energy building in my heart that developed into a need to express intentions to the universe; intentions for healing and physical and spiritual growth.  Unfortunately, before I could fully proceed with expressing these intentions, my deeply relaxed meditative state had ended at the sound of a voice.  That’s when reality, the car and the drive and the days errands, all returned to me, and my peaceful escape was only so near as the horizon, just waiting for another time when I could rejoin my bodies sacred need to heal and connect with the mother nature and the universe once more.


Written by Abbey Normal

Your skin is photosynthetic,
You are like the flower and the tree,
You too need the light of the sun to flourish,
You too absorb the sun’s rays to heal and to grow,
Feel your connection with nature,
You are like the flower and the tree,
You too are a natural part of the garden of Earth,
You too can be healed by the powers of nature,
Call upon the elementals to accept you in their garden,
Call upon the elementals to heal your body as they heal the trees,
You are like a dying flower who only needs light and love to flourish once more,
Call upon the elementals to heal you as they heal the flowers,
That you may bloom once more and share yourself with the world,
You who are a most beautiful and divine creation.

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