Amon Ros


The inspiration of Amon Ros was revealed to Joseph Bradley some years ago by the spirit realm.  It was revealed to him as a task that would one day inspire shifts of beautiful healing to take place across the planet, a healing of the human race and return to our true selves as pure expressions of Love.  Amon Ros isn’t just about Joseph or about Me, it’s about Everyone who feels a calling to share their voice and actions of love with the world. 

When I met Joe in February of 2016, Amon Ros was something he would talk about, a gift to help humanity and the world step into a place of love.  To me, Amon Ros stood for, We Are Love, and you’ll find that term used throughout my website and YouTube channel.  It’s a reminder of who and what we are, and a reminder of a loving calling, a task of Amon Ros within us all.

As a collective creation of souls and physical beings of pure light, I feel it’s important we remember where we came from.  Every single one of us comes from Love, and from within Love, we can choose the pathway of chaos and illusion or the pathway of balance and truth.  I feel within my own heart, Amon Ros is a task of remembrance and return to our truth, where our dark and light sides working in harmony once more, allowing us to express ourselves as the true, sacred and divine human beings we were created to be.

We are wise, caring, compassionate, loving beings of light in the universe, and I truly believe there is not a single person on the planet that does not resonate with this deep truth of our human race.  We Are Love.

In the spring of 2016, Joseph and myself and one of our close friends, we got together to jump start an Amon Ros movement.  A website was built, and we started by sharing weekly healing with hospitals around the world.  We weren’t really sure how to get our message out there, so we used the website as a tool to share what we accomplished in the week.  As the story goes, life happens and there was a definite shift of change in each one of our lives, more work to be done for our souls and human experiences, so alas, the divine time for Amon Ros had not yet come full circle.  The website was taken down and a long intermission took place.

In the Spring of 2017, Amon Ros came to light within our lives once more, this time with a unity of friends and the start of a new website and YouTube channel.  We offered to share healing and wisdom for those who needed it by creating a Q&A box.  Videos were made in support of those who requested help.  As in 2016, so too came a calling for us to return to focus on our growing and developing lives, which again rotated us away from the movement, the website was eventually taken down and Amon Ros returned to a state of silent opportunity.

It’s been 2 years now.  Amon Ros remains an inspiration for a better world.  Its divine time will come full circle when it’s ready.  For now, it is a beautiful reminder of the possibilities of love.  Although Amon Ros has awakened and fallen asleep again, it never truly sleeps within my heart.  Whether I call my work Amon Ros or Abbey Normal or Wisdom or Energy Healing, it is all a We Are Love inspiration and I hope anyone who reads this will find a We Are Love inspiration within themselves.  The world needs each and every one of us, not some of us, all of us to start caring about each other and the planet.  If we don’t start today, when will we ever start?  When is someday if it is not today? 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Amon Ros.  I want to thank you for all your love and support.  Have an amazing day!