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 I absolutely love connecting with soul energy and sharing the divine essence of your unique design through the gift of a spiritual painting.  A Soul Portrait is a wonderful way to bridge the gap between the infinite spiritual universe and our physical human world.  When I connect with a soul through paints and canvas, spirit guides my experience, which tells us one-of-a-kind story about, You.

A Soul Portrait can take me anywhere from 3 hours to 40 hours to complete, depending on the size and the energy field I am painting.  This means it can take me up to 60 days to complete a painting. I’m a slow but steady artist, and I love to discover the energy of You, to share energetic healing with the artwork while I paint, and to know I am manifesting a spiritual gift that will change your life.

Most paintings share a singular reflection, while others may be several paintings within a painting.  This means I will paint a first layer image, and then I will paint over that with a second layer image, and so on until spirit indicates the painting is complete.  The most layers I’ve ever painted into a Soul Portrait are five paintings in one.  I find this has a lot to do with the reality that, as human beings, we aren’t just our outer reflection, we are so many layers of people, deep beneath the surface, people that we have been in other lifetimes and even on other planets.  The energy of these facades are painted then into the canvas, which creates a mirror of faces, behind a single pair of eyes.

Most paintings are a reflection of your Soul and Higher Self, but some are a reflection of a Past Life persona, a Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, or Soul Mate.  You can ask me to paint whatever your heart desires.  The end creation will be a reflection of what is the greatest gift spirit would like to share with you through this unique gift of Art.  Because I am not in control of the painting experience, it is entirely directed by the higher spiritual realms, so in the end, it is Their gift to You.

In addition to the painting, I also share psychic wisdom through a private recorded video.  These private videos are uploaded behind the scenes of YouTube, where I will share with you a personal link, just between You and Me.  If you feel inspired to share your experience with the world, I would be delighted to post your video to the public, but only with your permission.  Otherwise, all sessions are confidential.  You can enjoy watching psychic sessions I’ve done for other clients in the playlist below:


  • Soul Portraits are completed and shipped within 60 days from your order date. 

  • Domestic Orders: Shipping is included in the cost.

  • International Orders:  An additional invoice will be sent for the cost of shipping.  Any Duty Tax assessed at the arrival of International Orders, that will be the responsibility of the buyer.

  • All paintings are completed at a distance.

  • I do not need a picture of you to complete your Soul Portrait.

  • After placing your order, please visit my Contact Page, where you can share your heart felt intentions for your Soul Portrait.  Please include your order number and your mailing address.

  • Once your painting is complete, I will email you a photo of your Soul Portrait, along with a link to your private recording of additional Psychic Wisdom.

  • Soul Portraits are mailed 5-10 days after your completed service.  I will email you a tracking number so you can keep an eye out for your painting to arrive!

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