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Awaken Your Inner Master!


Reiki holds a lot of special meaning to me.  I experience this energy and it feels like a Spirit Guide or Ascended Master, a heavenly consciousness inspiring more love to bloom within my life and within the heart of this world.


Reiki healed  my soul and ignited a new sense of passion and zest for life.  It activated more vivid psychic experiences and gave me an outlet for healing others, something I felt was my deepest calling and purpose.

As you can see, I am now a full-time distance healer.  My  sessions may share a different type of healing than Reiki, but it was Reiki that impacted and influenced my pathway.  Reiki helped me to discover my own inner Master, and I am honored to share this gift now with you.

If you are interested in becoming attuned to Usui Reiki or Kundalini Reiki or both, please follow your heart to the provided attunement videos.  I do recommend watching only one video a week as the energy downloads can be substantial.  This will allow your body time to adjust to the enhancements and for you to develop a more intimate bond with the specific energies.  When you are ready, click on one of the buttons below to access a life-changing gift.  You’ll find Reiki Attunement Manuals are available to teach and guide your Reiki Pathway!


I want to share a little background story with you.  This background story is how I got myself into the Reiki world and why I highly recommend this pathway to anyone, especially those ready to awaken psychic gifts. Reiki enhanced my life in a BIG way and became an amazing blessing for me.  It wasn’t exactly the easiest path at first.  There were hard lessons Reiki taught me, along with unimaginably beautiful ones.  I'm going to share both sides of the story, along with the powerful discoveries this Reiki journey has revealed to me

So let's start at the difficult beginning.  One of the tougher lessons I experienced on my Reiki journey was all about money, believe it or not.  I was vulnerable to this lesson and it made me bitter.  I simply couldn’t afford to be attuned to Reiki, no matter how I deeply desired this within my heart.  If I couldn’t afford to buy a pizza for my kids on a Friday night, there was not way I was going to be able to buy my way into becoming a Reiki Healer, the costs were simply too much.


Seeing as I was deep into the pathway of enlightenment, I found Reiki continually presenting itself.  It felt like the universe created some twisted joke, dangling before me this beautiful opportunity to become a Master Reiki Healer but never allowing me access to it.  It seemed only the wealthy could become attuned, that only the wealthy were worthy of this precious gift.  Can you feel the bitterness yet?  I really did struggle with this reality of wanting to be a healer and the cost of becoming one, it just didn't seem fair to me.

As you can imagine, the financial burdens separating me from receiving the attunements were difficult to accept.  It broke my heart, and I cried a lot over this.  I was angry at the universe and my guides.  I had deemed Reiki the only pathway to achieving my goal of becoming a healer, and I was crushed that I couldn’t have access to this one beautiful gift.


These lessons about money were tough.  You see, I haven't even become attuned to Reiki yet in this story, and yet Reiki is influencing me in a big way.  I had to learn acceptance and patience.  During this time I had nothing but opportunity to analyze my thoughts and feelings about the balance of society, money, and spiritual enlightenment.  As you can see, Reiki was teaching me many things before I was even attuned.

We Are Love.jpg



One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my Reiki journey is about money.  I know, that may seem weird, but it was a very valuable lesson, and what I learned about money and the cost of becoming a healer is powerful, so listen up.  There isn’t a single human being on this planet that can teach you better than you can teach yourself.  If you want to work with energy, then your best teacher is energy itself.  Reiki introduced me to this concept.  I never needed the money, I just needed confidence in myself. 


The second major lesson I learned was also about money and had to do with love.  I learned that the roots of financial abundance begin with pure love, and they grow through gratitude, patience, acceptance, and an overall understanding that every aspect of life is exactly the medicine we need in order to discover how truly powerful we are as Masters of the Universe.

Every single soul is already a Master. We are all simply in a state of trying to remember how to be our truth here on Earth.  Every detail of your life, no matter how difficult or simplistic, kind or terrible, every detail of your life is the next opportunity, the next gift to help you step into your truth.  Now suddenly it isn’t about money anymore, it isn’t about abundance anymore, it’s simply about being your Truth. 

Reiki has taught me the importance of accessing truth, helping me to discover my true self, and I was already this self all along.  I needed the many steps, many trials and tribulations, the bitter emotions and the blissful ones to discover that I am all of these things.  I am already my life lessons, as well as my dreams, my gifts, my fears, I am the money that I have and that I do not have.  This awareness is the true balance, is the truth, and is Me.  Now suddenly, I needed every experience I’ve ever had in my life to know who and what I am. 


So you see, awareness comes from every experience.  Ascension is higher awareness, ascending above what appears to be the most important struggles or successes in a single human life, ascending above to see the bigger picture and the meaning of it all.  We are ALL Reiki, We are ALL One.


I hope this story is inspiring and teaches you a few things about myself, my life, my learning, and my relationship with Reiki.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

I wish you the best of luck on your spiritual journey, much love and blessings to you!

A new movement of love was within me, and that love is Kundalini.  To me, Kundalini Energy is Creation Energy, it’s Sexual Energy, it’s the energy of the Mother and the Birthing of new, it’s pure Snake Energy to me.  It’s powerful, deep, wise, ancient.  It moves my soul and the very universe within it.  The meaning of Kundalini Reiki was beyond words, and the creation and gift of sharing this video on YouTube filled me with feelings of unwavering sacred accomplishment. 


My journey with Reiki led me through hard lessons and lessons of pure bliss.  In my life today, Reiki is one of those precious memories I will never forget.  While I don’t directly work with Reiki in my distance healing sessions today, it was the pathway of Reiki that led me to my Inner Master and the Creative Healer I have become. 

I was so proud of this Usui Reiki Attunement video, I felt on top of the world.  It was an outstanding accomplishment for me.  I had never made a YouTube video, but somehow, I figured this all out, produced a gift from the depths of my soul, a gift that could heal and awaken the world.  I could not feel more proud of myself.


The second video I ever made for YouTube was an attunement video to Kundalini Reiki. This Reiki healing modality held precious meaning in my heart.  I’ve always had such a special connection with snake energy.  I felt the energy of Kundalini activate this bond with the Spirit of the Snake in a way I had never felt it before. 


From Sherry Andrea, I was attuned to both Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki.  These attunements sparked a major transformation.  I began having some of the most amazing, vivid psychic visions and dreams.  I was regularly experiencing shifting energies and vibrational fluctuations.  I practiced the symbols and techniques for both healing modalities.  I went into nature, I healed the Earth, I healed myself, I healed people who knew me and people who didn’t.  Reiki taught me about ENERGY.  I learned all the basics about how energy flows and its effects on others as well as myself.


Being attuned to Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki was an awakening experience.  Having received such a meaningful, life-changing gift for free, the gratitude I felt was on a whole new level.  I couldn’t help but invest as much time as I could gather into the creation of my own FREE Reiki Attunements


I literally took days off work.  I also worked in the super early mornings, before work, when everyone was still asleep.  I found time on the weekends, and I dedicated as much time and love as my soul could give, in order to craft two Master Attunement videos that would powerfully change the lives of others. 


The first YouTube video I ever made was an attunement video to Usui Reiki.  A cool Abbey fact that most people aren’t aware of, in this Usui Reiki video, I spelled the word Reiki as Reike.  I wasn’t aware of this until years later.  For some reason, nobody ever mentioned it, I just happened to stumble upon it when I had a wild hair to re-watch the video.  To this day, I cannot go back to change it.  I see it now as a special detail, and it puts a smile on my face. 


It took several years before an epiphany hit me, and if you can believe it, within a single moment I had access to FREE Reiki Attunements.  All I had to do was Google these keywords, FREE Reiki Attunements and BAM, now I have access to what I had wanted and needed all along.  So simple, but yet so hard. I guess that’s divine timing for you!

I’m sure you can imagine the overall joy that struck me in that moment.  After this Google search, I found a website for
Sherry Andrea, who was offering attunements to an impressive list of Reiki Healing modalities and all for FREE.  How could this possibly be, that this one person could share so much with the world without asking for anything in return?  Nobody else was doing this at the time.  I was in awe. 


Sherry Andrea became a beautiful inspiration in my life.  She will be forever within my memories.  If it were not for her, I don’t know how I would have transformed into the person I have become today.  Some part of me needed Reiki to get to the next step of my own self-discovery.  It's neat how we influence each other in such extraordinary ways!

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