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des moine psychic Abbey Normal

Meet Abbey Normal

My role is to share enlightenment and healing through the gift of wisdom and unconditional love.  My deepest calling is to transform the suffering we hold within our human hearts and human perceptions, to help humanity see beyond the viewpoint of chaos and darkness, into the true reality and experience of love. Remember: Love is the only truth, the only thing that is real.

Thank you for being a part of this world with me.  I hope my many YouTube videos, blog writing, and psychic services can add more value and meaning to your life.  Have a beautiful day!


~ Abbey Normal

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Abbey's Psychic Services

Be prepared for a beautiful, life-changing experience when you explore a one-on-one psychic session with Abbey Normal!  There are a variety of psychic services for you to choose from.  All sessions provide psychic wisdom and distance healing to fill yourself and your world with more harmony, understanding, and love!

Explore a 15, 30, 45 or 60  minute session into ANY focus of your choice.  Live sessions are provided through Zoom Meeting.  For those who cannot visit live, Voice Recorded Sessions are privately emailed same-day or choose a Pre-Recorded Video Session, privately uploaded to YouTube, where you will be emailed a special link to access your completed session with Abbey Normal within 48-hours of your scheduled date/time.  


Energy Activation Paintings

Receive a one-of-a-kind gift you can cherish for a lifetime!  An Energy Activation Painting is a channeled piece of spiritual artwork that will heal and enhance your energetic vibration while opening you up to the deep mysteries of your soul!

This hand-painted gift is completed on stretched canvas, with acrylic paint, and personally signed and dated by Abbey Normal. A 30 Minute Soul Journey session is included with the painting to provide additional healing and wisdom.​ 

Learn more about Energy Activation Paintings by Abbey through visiting this YouTube Playlist on Abbey's Psychic Services YouTube Channel, or place an order now to receive your own Energy Activation Painting by visiting the Energy Activation Paintings page of this website! 

"Abbey, thank you so much for my Energy Activating Portrait! I truly felt its energy from the very moment I laid eyes on it and it continues to inspire new discoveries within myself literally everyday. I ended up hanging it on the wall next to my bed so that it is one of the first things I see in the morning. Thank you, again, for everything!"

-Amanda K.

Houston, TX



Activate your inner healer with a Reiki attunement.  Abbey Normal provides FREE Reiki Attunements to Usui Reiki or Kundalini Reiki along with instruction manuals to get you started! 



Connecting with Abbey through our sessions (and through her YouTube channel) has brought healing, eye opening wisdom and inspiration into my life for which I am super grateful. She has such an authentic and warm presence with endless compassion and desire to spread love to all humanity (and beyond!). Thank you, Abbey!

Alie, Psychic Development Package

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