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Reggie the African Alien

Reggie is entirely new to me; I have only discovered him over the last few days of January and first few days of February, 2016.  He is quite mind blowing as I didn’t have any intention of channeling an African Alien.  He has black skin and looks entirely human, but is of another planet.  He is extremely pronounced in his desire to help humans of a black skin tone to remember their birthright as a creation, but more so than that, to balance our relationships between creations of all colors on this planet.   But he showcases the sun as the Mother of African people, and really pushes that black people need to rejoice in the sun and the gift of their skin, and to rejoice too in the gift of their smiles, their song, and their dance.  This is the message he shared with me in the video I recently channeled with him.

Please explore my channeled video with Reggie to learn more.  It was a very loud and intense experience, channeling Reggie, but his messages are truly valuable and I look forward to sharing more.  Thank you for visiting my site!

It appears I never showcased my African Alien friend on my Google+ page. I’ve named him Reggie, although he’s told me many names he goes by.  I’m discovering there is far more to this entity than meets the eye.  What is a superior spiritual being, a very dark blue colored soul, a very loud expression that is demanding human beings choose to love each other. He shows himself in other forms he has taken in the universe,


one is this African man who assisted a great deal with pouring love and establishing balance with his people and their planet. He desires to do the same with Earth, to establish balance with people and planet.  I’m not going to lie, he’s almost too loud to tolerate, his energy is like the volume on super blast and it is overwhelming. The spirit world says its only on blast because of his desperate need to help and not being able to get the messages through, so what is a voice that finally found me is pouring into me like an avalanche of sound. Super imperative we create balance and love through spiritual understanding – not human evaluations or ego, but spiritual wisdom and understanding of the gift of variety and the joy that comes when we cherish all creations as unique gifts of love, whether they live on this planet or beyond. There is more to come from this super amazing being, and I look forward to the time when I can share it!

This video is to showcase the voice of a black alien whom I call, Reggie. He’s extremely loud and happy and joyful. He rejoices in the sun, each and every day. There is no sadness that he feels and he gravitates to Earth to share messages with humans of black color, to remind them of the purpose of themselves as a creation in the universe. Black human expressions exist in many places in the universe, and black human expressions are gifts of the sun. They are the balancers and harmonizers of the universe. Reggie was extremely loud and insistent on showcasing how black people smile bigger, laugh louder, dance harder, drum with greater passion than any other color in creation. He said that this is the gift of black people, and they need to be in oneness with themselves and in love with who and what they are as a creation. It is discussed in the video that higher dimensional beings were aware of the gifts that black people provide. What I’m talking about is Draconian Race and the manipulation of a planet. It has been imperative that black people be suppressed and potentially annihilated as a means to prevent their natural healing gifts of rhythm and joy from reaching other human beings, the Earth, and the universe. They manipulated other races into perceiving that their color was superior because it was more aligned with what is white light, and black skin then was more aligned with the shadow or darkness. This was the manipulation that has suppressed the natural expression of black human beings. This has to change, and Reggie is very loud and wants the black human beings on Earth to see and feel and know their birthright is a reflection of the sunlight, to rejoice in the sunlight as he does, and to feel alive and natural with the rhythms and sounds and laughter and joy that is entirely a part of the black genetic makeup.

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