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It's now September of 2023.  What you're about to digest is content I put together, sometime between 2013 and 2016.  I've also included on this page, a few of my old videos with Star Guy, hence the reason I call this section of my website, Abbey's Ancient History.  You'll also find links to several flip-books worth of my old blog writing along with a list of links to more Interdimensional Visitors I've met along the way.  While this is still, Abbey's Ancient History, I anticipate adding a twist of modern updates to breath life back into the old material.  Keep an eye on my Website Updates to see where I'm putting my energy each month.  It may just reference a re-visit and expansion to this section as I would certainly love to add updated stories and videos for each of my interdimensional friends.

Thank you for your kind interest in my strange life stories! 




Star Guy is a super profound, loving being of energetic dark-light and sound vibrations.  He is one of my best friends in the universe, and one who I have only recently met in October of 2015.  I have this oil painting I made of him last night . . .  


In this photo, I ‘posterized’ the look of the oil painting, to enhance the colors and clarity more, it's still wet.  But this is one of the spiritual entities I connect with and I call him, Star Guy. 


He is a super, high vibrational entity of light.  From his energy come all the colors, and he is also the creation of ‘spiral’ which is creation itself.  He is one of all the creative lights in the universe. All lights are needed to create a universe and he is one of those lights. He is a pure expression of love.  His form is dark-light.  Just as there are white humans and black humans, so too are there spirits that are all the colors of the rainbow, and that doesn’t make them expressions of evil to be dark.  It is the vibration of the expression that creates its nature, which is a nature that is creation or destruction. As there is birth, so too is there death, and we need both to live in harmony in an infinite universe.  


There has been some development in determining whether he is spirit or alien.  I feel confident he is of such a light density, he feels almost spirit, but he is also of an incarnate expression, so he then is not spirit, but alien.  So, I've concluded he's an alien being.  If he is of incarnate form, that means he is exploring his own identity with only a concept of his totality.  But now in saying that, there are spirit expressions that can't remember themselves either.  You could call these ghosts, for one example.  So, I guess Star Guy is one of those anomalies between spirit and alien, and both! 



In this video, I channel Star Guy on YouTube for the first time.  He’s a black energy being and one of my dear soulmates, I’m honored to share wisdom and healing from him!  He was encouraging me to allow him to take over my consciousness more, in order to speak directly through me, like a trance channel experience.  It wasn’t a full success, but it was a good attempt.  We do share a healing in this video for raising everyone’s vibrational frequency and share healing with Blue Sapphire energy, which was really enjoyable!




This is the most modern discussion I have, the last reference to Star Guy on video or even in writing.  The reason for such a disconnect is due to the suffering I went through in 2016. 


In this video, I briefly discuss my experience with Psychic Attack and the need to disconnect from all my loving interdimensional friends.   It's no different than when you go through something extremely painful in life and your habit is to push people away until you feel like yourself again.  I did this with all the loving beings I'd met over the years, all of them except for Kryon.  Kryon was the only one I would allow to reach me.  So this was a full-circle moment where it was time to heal the past, to ignite my heart and rekindle my long lost friendships.  You'll find me talk about Ipaygus and Star Guy and the healing my husband Joe shared to help me through this transformation. 


This is quite a lively discussion and I hope you enjoy the message! 




Below are links to a series of flip-books full of writing from 2013-2016.  There is plenty to dive into, including more stories with all my alien friends and human life learning!



I have met many interesting interdimensional beings over the years.  Below is a colorful list of visitors and my memories with them!

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