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~ Abbey Normal ~


Why Book a Life-Changing Psychic Service?

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I am a full spectrum psychic/energy healer, gifted with an ability to translate and transform the very fabric of every simple or complex puzzle within your known or unknown past, present, and future, and I can do all of this with my eyes closed.  Don't believe me?  See me in action on my Abbey's Psychic Services YouTube Channel!


It is my sincerest pleasure to help anyone who is reaching out for support.  When you book a session, you are introducing yourself to a life-changing individual, and that person is me and you!  Together, we will go on an amazing adventure with our friends, Enlightenment and Empowerment, through the open door of a major turning point within the cosmic mirror of your super existence.  You truly are that big of a deal. This is why it is a blessing to meet you and support you.  All energy goes both ways. What I can do to advance the harmony within you, advances it within me, within the world. That is why I say, "We Are Love."

As a Psychic, I listen to frequency patterns which translate into creative scenes that teach me about your energy balance as well as the balance of what you are wanting to achieve in life.  As an Energy Healer, I transmute the disharmony, as well as disconnect you from illusions, while amplifying the divine truth, with supportive guidance on how you can become your best self.  I can do this for your mind, your emotions, your physical body, your soul, all aspects of anything you can think of, because ALL is frequency, and I can't achieve my talents without the ability to translate and transmute frequency. 

So how is ALL frequency? Frequency is vibrational information, just like today’s date and time, your name and what you define as your life story, whether your definition is accurate or exaggerated, how you choose your words or held your words back, or felt unsure or felt confident.  How you communicate reveals the depths of your consciousness, unconscious and subconscious human expression, your chakra balance, and on and on and on.  Everything is a pinpoint of information.  Your inspiration to ask a question is a pinpoint of information, like unzipping a pocket in the cosmic mind of the universe, but in this mind, there is a full spectrum adventure waiting to be discovered and it's all about you.  So, when you reach out for support, what you say in your goals is the pinpoint and from there we work through the translation and transformation process of all the frequencies that come with it!

~ Abbey Normal ~


Check Out the Latest Client Sessions on YouTube!

All videos on my Abbey's Psychic Services YouTube Channel are completed client sessions.  These are clients who chose to share their experience with the YouTube Public. These sessions are provided to enrich and enlighten the life of the client as well as humanity!

I welcome you to embrace this opportunity to get to know what other human beings in the world are going through, what questions they have, and what wisdom and healing the universe has in store for them, which can also help you too!

  • Completed Psychic Wisdom & Energy Healing Sessions

  • Diving into ANY Client Goals: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, or Other

  • Enlightenment and Empowerment for the Client and Viewer!

Interested in Booking a Public YouTube Session?

If you're interested in booking a session and having it publicly shared on YouTube, select the Pre-Recorded Video option.  From there, you will have the ability to choose an Unlisted or Public YouTube Video. 


If the Public YouTube Video option is unavailable or I haven't posted your session yet, it means I'm juggling high volumes and am unable to properly prepare and share sessions at this time.  It may be a few weeks or a few months, but I always come full circle with sharing.  What I can offer during these times is an appreciation for your patience and kind understanding!


Have More Questions?

I created this Frequently Asked Questions page to offer insight into commonly asked questions!


What Are My Clients Saying?

This Testimonials page highlights many beautiful words I've received over the years.


Did You Know?

There's More than One Psychic Service Pathway!

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How You Can Become a Full Spectrum Psychic/Energy Healer Too! 

I work with a technique I call journeying, which introduces you to the tools you need to navigate your inner universe.  All that is within you is outside of you.  Through this beginning step you will learn how to activate all your psychic senses.  You will understand how energy communicates, how you can communicate with it while also translating what it's saying to you. As you work through what is inside yourself, you will learn how to navigate what is within others.  We are all part of the same mirror, and this mirror isn't just in one place, it's in every place.  The mirror teaches the sound of a balanced reflection and guides us to stepping through our barriers of human fear/ego and into a centered place within our cosmic heart.  

Side Notes: This is a FUN experience, zero intimidation!  The first session is always a little awkward as you will be learning how to journey. I'm here, I'm like a net that will catch you on your first day of cosmic, flying trapeze lessons, aka journeying.  It's only strange and new, but you'll see, by the end of the session, you'll have a basic beginning and you'll realize how fun this is.  I will also truly enjoy your company and the opportunity to guide you in this life-changing learning!

~ Abbey Normal ~

Receive Two Psychic Perspectives with Double the Wisdom and Healing!

Let me introduce you to my husband, Joseph!  We first met in February of 2016 and have been on quite the human and spiritual life journey.  We are both adept at translating and transmuting energy.  Any simple or complicated life circumstance, whether it's mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, we would be honored to provide an authentic evaluation with healing support to enlighten and empower your life.  When you book an Abbey and Joseph Journey Experience, you will receive two unique session experiences, provided through Pre-Recorded Video or Voice Recording. 


Learn More About Abbey and Joseph

Yukon Skies

Private Tours

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Receive an Original Abbey Normal Energy Activation Painting!

Let me tune into your energy field and put upon the canvas a mirrored reflection of deep soul impact.  See the painting as an open door into the cosmic universe.  When you look through this door, you'll see the expression of a loving being who is smiling and waving back. Who might this be?

I can't say what I'll be called to paint, sometimes it's a face from a past life, sometimes it's an angel or spirit guide, or a representation of your higher self, it might also be a reflection of a soulmate living on another planet.  After I complete each painting, I provide an additional 30 Minute Psychic Wisdom and Energy Healing session to discover the meaning behind the face within your painting.  I will provide channeled wisdom from this reflection to you, as well as an energy activation to empower your life. 


I am called to provide a tangible, visual gift from the spirit realm to those souls who feel guided to receive an Energy Activation Painting.  This is a gift you can cherish for a lifetime, and I would be honored to support you in unraveling the mystery of who is knocking at your cosmic door!